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Has you summer vacation/ break from school started? comment if yes or no and where you are from! my last day of school is the 7th of june🤗💙#shawnmendes #mendesarmy #shawnfragrance #shawnmendessignature @shawnmendes @shawnaccess

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Haha who feel it??

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He’s a snack🤤🤤😍

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#latamneedssignatureii ! estaremos a partir del día sábado 8 de septiembre a las 17:00 hora chilena (horarios extranjeros segunda foto) twitteando a todo lo que da en twitter pidiendo que la segunda edición de este perfume llegué a nuestros países, lo organizamos netamente para hacer un llamado, y en el proceso deberán mencionar a @shawnmendes @andrewgertler y @shawnaccess. también estaremos haciendo dinámicas para intentar ser tt y esperamos conseguir algo! y por supuesto su participación. cualquier duda o consulta hablar vía mensaje directo. "proyecto" creado por @shawnmendes scl #latamneedssignatureii #shawnmendeschile #mendesarmychile #shawnmendessignature

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I thought this was fitting since it’s my birthday and illuminates birthday :) also see if you can spot the spelling mistake haha. ❤️

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I need one of your hugs. nothing else. just your arms around me will make everything better. i want your arms to me my home. your hug would put all my broken pieces back together. even tho it‘s just for a second. you can‘t imagine how often i close my eyes and imagine the moment of you hugging me. you‘re so tall and i‘m so short, means when i hug you, my head will be in your chest. i wanna hear your heart beating, this will be my favorite sound for the rest of my life. your smell, i hope i can remember it forever. your soft hands holding my back. just hearing your breathing is everything. please please make this moment happen. i love you so much and your hug would save my life. 💔

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