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Un amanecer desde el faro de maunabo. ¿lo has visitado? 🇵🇷🌊💡
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#3ceovertake正仿貨差別 -

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Here's the story:

right before thanksgiving this restaurant i freelance for (the drunken horse nyc) through my business @awildflowerproject said they wanted to start to do live music. i immediately said, "my sister is a great singer she can be the first to try it out!" so we were in the back of this tiny bar and there is one table of strangers and one table of my friends. i'm introducing her to everyone saying she's going to sing and the table of very nice people say, "we are musicians, we can't wait!" then after she was done a woman sitting at the table comes up to erin and i and said, "that was great! come see us at msg in feb! email me for tickets." that was michael bublé's executive assistant...and we freak out in excitement. then yesterday finally comes and we have no idea where the seats are walking into msg - we have to pick the tickets up from will call...they are floor tickets. about half way through he starts talking about shower songs and i just knew he was going to ask someone theirs. so i start yelling, "she can sing! she can sing!" and then...the rest is what you see here from my point of view! amazing experience. i can't explain how excited and proud i am of my sister. we’ve been bublé fans since we were little and this is all a dream.

thank you for all of the support! please keep sharing! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ follow @misserinnancy
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Please tell me y’all seent it 😂😂😂

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🌹 2 woke not 2 t**e 🌹

dope image by @ayako666 via @marijuanart_ 💚

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Hay algo en estar en la orilla entre seguridad y peligro que te llena de vida. 🇵🇷💙
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Obedience driven vs results driven
special thanks to everyone who attended our midweek service. we pray you were blessed! visit our website if you missed the sermon or just want to re-watch.
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''nothing can dim the light that shines from within''
it could be you:)

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