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La veritá è che mi piace volare in alto! aspettando la masterclass di domani con @makeupbyariel #london #jessicapezzellamakeup
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Ariel shot of london bridge from the shard during blue hour. 💕
i know most of you will know this but for those of you that don’t, what i’ve learnt over the years of taking photos from viewing platforms is to set up your shot as close to the glass as possible and then get someone to hold a black head scarf behind you so that you don’t get reflection from the glass, or better still use a tripod if possible, then you can hold the scarf yourself, i’ve taken to carrying one in my camera bag, doesn’t take up any room and comes in handy. 🤗
after taking my shot i had two people ask if they could borrow my scarf 🤗 i was only happy to help and one of the reasons why i mention it here.
have a great weekend everyone. 💙

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Love the view,cheers🥂
#londonview #shard

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My nite view before going to bed! #shard #shardchristmaslights

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