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Part 2 of 10....
list of my favourites 💖
5th- like that song tbh🥰
4th- one of my favourite punjabi song😍
3rd- not a favourite but i like it😊
2nd- she needs no introduction 😎💖
1st- two of my favourite latino queens😍
comment your favourite?😁
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🎬-Голодные игры сойка-пересмешница. часть 2

comment 12 star 156 2 hours ago

Us normal vanners could prolly never afford this, but hot d**n is it sexy.

comment 4 star 190 2 hours ago

Alex and baby tashi! @arod

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i proudly present „the coolest gift“ for xmas18!
there‘s nothing better than a good fragrance on your skin?
with the cool water fragrance by @davidoffparfums you will bring a smile on the face of your loved ones.

#thecoolestgift #davidoffparfums

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#sexy of 2018. if i will ever be on a magazine cover, i promise to wear this outfit lol 😂 because why not?

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