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Boutique41pub@gmail.com ... let's talk about your self publishing goals & execute the plan!

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This!! i'm not a celebrity by any means nor do i plan to be... just insipring others to keep going while changing lives! ❤❤

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Coffee cups// coffee cups, blue eyes thinking too much.
aimlessly writing poetry.
cities, towns, running around.
heart-breaker, heart-reader, heart-finder;
won’t let anything define me,
won’t let anything own me,
books with words i wish i could write,
the stories never told right.
shoulders back, head up, i am enough. •

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I've started a new dry point series dedicated to kendo - you can read a bit more about it on https://steemit.com/ href="/ig/user/oficinastk">@oficinastk
tomorrow at @sabado.feira i'll bring the first three out of eight (#1 of each); drop by to check them out and the rest of our stuff. if you're into cryptoart, i'll be very glad to show you some wonderful stuff!

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We recently hosted the third indie author conference & showcase, a free conference for writers and a showcase of local self-published authors for readers.

in this video is cici lamar, who wrote her first novel in the william n. skirball writers' center, located at our south euclid-lyndhurst branch.

the writers' center is a welcoming space for writers for all ages and levels of experience. discover all it has to offer - private writing rooms, laptops, writing workshops and a special collection of materials on the art of writing - by visiting http://cuyahogalibrary.org/write.

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A restock of books in the shop from local author fairley taylor on local wild flowers, vegetables, garden flowers, tree superstitions, and fruits all very informative with stories of folklore, history, myths, magic, herbal and medicinal uses for all plants and trees around us. fairley’s next book will be published in november really looking forward to reading it. .
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Here is a photo of me talking to a devilspawn, sorry a swan. i had no food so he left quickly thus shattering my temporary illusion that i am some kind of elf or fae who can communicate with animals.
📷 @hannah.elizabeth.photo

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Holy crap! i now have 520 books blocking up my dining room. i know they have been ordered for a while but until they arrive it doesn’t seem real. it’s now real. very real. i won’t sell that many books out on tour so i have added 200 of them to my personal website and i am bundling a book with a beanie which i think makes an excellent xmas gift. if i sell all 200 i will be able to pay the invoice for all the books. well that’s the plan anyway. as i repeatedly point out i am not a published author. i am independently published which basically means i published my own book. i designed the cover, marketed it,sent it amazon etc. i even wrote it. if i don’t sell all these books i have no one to answer too but me. but do you know what? i am going to sell them all. 200 through my store and the rest out on tour. this is not negotiable. the book has done tremendously well so far so i see no signs why that won’t continue. it’s all about self belief and being able to visualise the end goal. which for me will be seeing my dining room wall again. i believe i will see it again and soon. onwards.... #selfbelief #authorlife #selfpublished #everest #everestbasecamptrek #everestclimb #booktour #believeitachieveit

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The cold air this morning let me know that fall is here finally and it’s time to whip out the warm cozy clothes i packed up when the seasons changed last year.
it’s amazing how time just passes by and seasons keep doing their thing. it’s a reminder that they don’t stop....are you?

are you in a different place this season and time of year than you were last year? if for the better - great!! if not, that just means you have work to do!
small steps are better than no steps at all. so keep stepping and change with the seasons and most importantly grow because the time will keep passing by. ✍🏾 📷 @denisebensonphotography

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