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Hi it’s rhia here for part 2 of my #instagramtakeover. as i was saying... i have gotten to experience and see so many amazing things. for example, my host family and i camped in wein🏕. it was absolutly beautiful, the hillsides were all vinyards and the town was like something off a post card 🏞. we've also visted places that were once under roman rule (also beautiful!) another plus is that my town is only 30 minuets away from düsseldorf, so i try to go there once a week. i get to see all of the cool cultures and try new things! one of my friends is an exchange student from brazil and she has shown me some really yummy brasilien food, like the pastel🍽!! i've been able to make so many memories already and i couldn't ask for anything better! #weareyfu #yfuusa #yfuexchangeexperience #yfustudyabroad #thiscouldbeyouyfu #natureisamazing #seeingtheworld #livingtheculture

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Bath time in the greatest infinity pool on earth 🌿. double tap if you love it ❤❤❤
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📍carlsbad, california

i would say i miss summer, but that would be a lie. just maybe missing these flowers a little bit..

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Coat of arms of amsterdam
the coat of arms of amsterdam is the official coat of arms symbol of the city of amsterdam. it consists of a red shield and a black pale with three silver saint andrew's crosses, the imperial crown of austria, two golden lions, and the motto of amsterdam. several heraldic elements have their basis in the history of amsterdam. the crosses and the crown can be found as decorations on different locations in the city.
in the coat of arms of amsterdam, the field of the escutcheon (heraldic shield) is red. the field is charged with three vertically ordered silver or white saint andrew's crosses on top of a black pale. the field and the pale result in three vertical bands in the colours red and black.
the crosses probably have their origin in the shield of the noble family persijn. the knight jan persijn was lord of amstelledamme (amsterdam) from 1280 to 1282.[1] in the escutcheons of dordrecht and delft, two other cities in holland, the pale refers to water. in analogy with this, the black pale in the escutcheon of amsterdam would refer to the river amstel. both the colours and the crosses are also found in the escutcheons of two towns near amsterdam: the village of ouder-amstel on the banks of the river amstel to the southeast, and nieuwer-amstel (now the suburb amstelveen) to the southwest. both villages were also the property of the persijn family.
the escutcheon forms the basis for the flag of amsterdam, but the bands and crosses are positioned horizontally on the flag instead of vertically. the three saint andrew's crosses are used in the logo of the city government[2] and also as decorations on the typical amsterdam bollards called amsterdammertjes.
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