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This gorgeous baby goes into development today 😍😍 @thegroomeinn

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Get your wooly hat and gloves ready❄️🧤 somerset house ice skating is back. this is what i like about london, no matter how early the sun sets there are plenty of enchanting experiences to ease the greyest of days. what a better way of reminiscing than opening a personalised keepsake box with all your festive memories. .
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World kindness day may be over, but if you think i’m going to celebrate only one day out of the year, then you have seriously underestimated my enthusiasm for spreading kindness. 😋
so, here’s a story from me:
step. breath. sweat. step. breath. sweat.
these three sounds, like the ticks of a metronome, propelled me forward at a steady pace for 780 kilometers on the french route of the camino de santiago. and yes, sweat—droplets emerging even at 7:00am, well before the peak heat of the midday sun, accumulating and dropping from my brow like a pebble thrown over a rocky cliff, rolling down, down, down until finally making an audible landing on the straps of my pack—is a sound.
step. breath. sweat. for 30 kilometers from logroño to nájera. step. breath. sweat. we had made good time that day and had arrived at the municipal, donation-based hostel one whole hour before the doors opened. but that also meant one whole hour of waiting in the blazing heat in order to secure one of the 90 beds available. breath. sweat. sigh.
just as i had slipped off my hiking boots, my sigh of exhaustion and frustration at having to wait in the sun was interrupted by the beautiful sounds of a jota, a song typical of the aragon region. it came from the mouth of an elderly man and, although he tottered feebly up to each group of tired pilgrims to serenade them, his song was strong and unwavering. he kept us all mesmerized and smiling until the doors of the hostel opened.
he’s 88 years old, i would later find out. and comes every day.
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My favorite things in life : some tea, good books and nature.

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72 hours left of our @indiegogo ! we are 167% funded so far. thank you to everyone who has contributed 🦋 #createyourreality #starwateryoga

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Less than 72 hours left of our @starwater.yoga travel yoga mat indiegogo fundraiser!!! if you have been thinking about it, now is the time 🦋 visit the link in my bio to get wholesale prices on these beauties ✨ we are now 167% funded. thank you everyone 🙏 #createyourreality #starwateryoga

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“i think the reason why twenty-somethings are so fixated on age is because we feel a pressure to be a certain way at 23, at 25, at 29. there are all of these invisible deadlines with our careers and with love and life. we feel so much guilt for essentially acting our age and making mistakes. we’re obsessed with this idea of being domestic and having our s**t together. it’s kind of sad actually because i don’t think we ever fully get a chance to enjoy our youth. we’re so concerned about doing things “the right way” that we lose any sense of pleasure in doing things the wrong way. live now and make mistakes. live in the present and grow up in the process.”

i came across this quote this morning during my daily quote reading session (all about that self-love time) and i just had to share. i’ve definitely felt this pressure, but i try to remind myself that it’s okay to do things differently. •
have you ever felt society’s ticking clock?
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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas! ✨❤️ if you know me, you know i have a long term obsession with @yankeecandleeu and i’m excited to reveal their latest today’s special value on @qvcuk ! this 5 piece collection of 2 large jar candles, 2 medium & 1 small is in a choice of scents including peony, black cherry, lemon lavender & black coconut. however i wanted to choose a festive scent so i went for my absolutely favourite christmas eve! i burn this every single year in the build up to christmas and just lifting the lid brings up festive memories now. 🕯💫 to share the love of your favourite yankee fragrance this christmas with friends and family, this collection also comes with 5 gift boxes too. which is fabulous as jar candles are usually so difficult to wrap, believe me i know! 🎁 at only £36.00 plus p&p it’s fantastic value considering 1 large jar is usually £23.99 so i would 100% recommend snapping it up if they have one of your favourite scents. it will be live on air on @qvcuk this friday the 16th of november but available to buy online right now! i will leave a swipe up link in my stories for you 🎄 #yankeecandle

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Eilidh has two friends over after school for dinner. this is the only clean {and quiet} corner of the house 😂

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Hoping to get this hoop listed in the shop very soon. this picture was taken the other day when it was bright and sunny, today has been so wet and wild and too dark to take any decent pics. tomorrow hopefully.🤞

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When we craft our luxurious wool socks, we do it in a sustainable and caring way. 💛 we gain the best possible natural fibres whilst respecting the animals we're so passionate about. look good and feel good! 💛 visit the link on our profile to discover more...

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I can’t think of anything more comforting on a cold autumn day than a bowl of hot soup accompanied by a slice of sourdough baguette. this one is a parsnip and bramley apples soup. it was so quick to prepare and really delicious. the bramley’s tart flavour is what made it taste so good. i find bramley apples really versatile and they can easily be used in different recipes both sweet and savoury.
here is the recipe:
30g butter
2 small onions
600g bramley apples
600g parsnip
vegetable stock
double cream
cook, blend, roast some parsnip shavings until crisp, top it up and add a drizzle of olive oil.
it doesn’t get any better than this 😋
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There's nothing like being treated by a dear friend @kate_johnston_nail_technician . thank you my love. quite simply....thank you ❤❤
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Finally, a bright, beautiful fall day after so many days of clouds and rain. hope you’re enjoying a lovely day wherever you are.

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