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Друзья, до Нового года смогу принять заказ, расписать и отправить этот комплект, осталась только одна основа -заготовка в этой гамме. #работа_tochvtoch
Кружка керамика, 350 мл, 850 рублей.
Диаметр тарелки 27 см, 3000 рублей.
#икеа #новыйгодблизко🎄🎁🎉
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Interesting to see top 9 posts of 2018! a lot of fun memories and reminds me of the variety i’ve found. i love seeing other people’s selections too so thanks for sharing. thanks also to everyone who’s shared or helped with info (historical or otherwise) over the past year. i love learning and hearing from people about the history of items and am happy when i can share things i’ve learned with others too 😊. thanks again to everyone for their friendship and beachcombing camaraderie in 2018! looking forward to 2019 ❤️.

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Thought my buddy wanted to chill on the beach but he was dead. #deadcrabseaglass #seaglass

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I hope you love my new pink sea glass pendant, set in a golden rose silver chain and bail 💘

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#seaglass #seaglasslover #dragonseggs
beach walk just caught the last of the sun's rays 🌗

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J - jewels
i’ve found both gold and jewels on the thames foreshore. these are my jewels: smoky quartz, aquamarine, a large cultured pearl, a large cut sri lankan garnet and a smaller cut garnet, amethyst cabouchon and a small cut amethyst. they are sitting on a bed of natural garnets, one of the river’s best-kept secrets. they’re not naturally occurring, but i’ve found them at four sites now. one theory is that they were used industrially for cleaning (garnets are very hard), another is that a sack fell off an east india company ship (but that doesn’t explain why they at more than one location), and that they’re rejects from the jewellery industry that have been washed down the drains (about 10% are jewellery quality). the only thing that is for certain is that nobody really knows why there are garnets in the thames.!

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