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Saturday rehearsal of each cycle. we have the girls write something negative someone has said about them on a piece of paper, model the negativity down the runway, then rip it to show words can’t hurt because we’re all beautiful ❤️ .

song : @alessiasmusic #scarstoyourbeautiful choreography by @blackbeardedjesus

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Fellas, the majority of people don’t know what the word attraction mean...
•dictionary definition
attraction (noun): a quality or feature of someone that evokes interest, liking, or desire.

the dictionary doesn’t say that attraction is about physical appearances. it’s about what you can display and show a person. making someone laugh is one of the ways to make someone feel attractive towards you. most dudes are going through life thinking...
1. am i good looking enough?
2. do i need to lose weight?
3. do i need to put on weight?
4. do i need to put on some more muscle?

a woman can feel attractive towards a man appearances, but if that was the most crucial thing to women then the p**n industry would have grown and exploded because of women! women would have bought magazine of nude guys and m********e to that. but that’s just now how it works. what’s most important to a woman is how you make her feel when you interact with her.
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Bu şarkı çok güzel ve anlamlı :'(
*önceden diğer admincim çevirmişti ama yeni düzenle aynı olsun diye tekrar çevirdim ♡
🍄¦ alessia cara - scars to your beautiful

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Im so beautiful 😴😂
🎶 song: scars to your beautiful|
ılı.lıllılı.ıllı.ılı.lıllılı.ıllı.ılı.ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ
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@fckingmody_ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
chek for more~
love song? tag your friend ︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻
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Alessia watching a tribute video of her at last month’s @cwofame #alessiacara #tribute #canadaswalkoffame #scarstoyourbeautiful #honoree

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He has just as much confidence as if he never got burned. if he let how he looks destroyed his confidence then that means the fire won. .
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Isn’t it funny how you can listen to something time and time again but not really hear it? this was the case for me with the incredible ‘scars to your beautiful’ by alessia cara. i cannot even tell you how many times i had listened to this song without actually listening to it and it wasn’t until one day recently i happened to stumble across the video clip for it and it forced me to take it in and hear the message it was delivering. quite honestly, i was blown away and had tears streaming down my face watching it.⁣⁣
we already have so much pressure in life, why do we insist on placing more on ourselves? to look, feel, act, be, do things a certain way when, in truth, we’re perfect just as we are. there is no definition of normal, definitely none of perfect and no exact meaning of what ‘beautiful’ is and we should be embracing that because gosh d**n we are all freaking beautiful. we just need to see that ourselves.⁣⁣
i know it’s hard, it’s so freaking hard to look in the mirror sometimes and think you’re beautiful, it’s so easy to spot the flaws, pick apart the things that we hate. why don’t we just try and see the beauty that stares back at us when we’re in front of the mirror. why don’t we stop the self-doubt, the negative self-talk, the picking-a-part. why don’t we rebel against what society tells us we ‘should’ think, see or feel. ⁣⁣
not only do we need to be kind to ourselves when it comes to beauty and body image but we need to be kind to each other. less criticism, less judgment, less ostracizing. remember that everyone is fighting their own battles, everyone is their own worst critic and sticks and stones sometimes really hurt. it’s hard enough trying to ‘fit in’ to the mold we think we’re meant to fit into. ⁣⁣
the fact of the matter is, you’re allowed to love yourself. embrace you, you are wonderful, you are beautiful, you are enough…just the way you are. the scars, imperfections and flaws you see…it’s what makes you you, we all have them and we all see them on ourselves but it’s about time we let go of the pressure to be perfect. and you want to know the best bit? beauty comes from within, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.⁣⁣ ___________

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2 year skin update!!! sometimes i don’t realize how far my skin has come. it’s amazing what your skin can do! i’m amazed at these pictures, because wow. i can’t believe i did that! not only has my skin come a far way but so has my mentality about myself and skin grown so much. it was a journey of learning to grow, love and accept who i am no matter the conditions. acne or no acne. scars or no scars. i accept my skin and who i am.
i’m so glad that i found such a loving skin community. before, i felt so alone, ugly and not normal. this community has helped me grow in so many ways. i’ve learned to love my skin and self, that acne and scars are normal and do not define me and that i can do anything.
my scar recovery and skin glow up, i owe that to @banishacnescars . their products have done so much for my skin. i’m so glad i came across their ads when i did. they are one of my holy grails. i swear by them. i recommend @banishacnescars to everyone. their products are amazing and i could just go on forever about them. i feel so blessed that i am able to be a part of their team and represent a brand that i actually have been using for 2 years now and actually love. thank you @banishacnescars for healing my skin and letting me be apart of such a great team 💓🤩 -
-[ lisa5 ] for $$ off at @banishacnescars 💓💓😇 -
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Sometimes all it takes is the smallest shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reflection, or a new route to start to see new possibilities. ⁣

for me, all it took was a glimmer of hope—the 1% chance that doctors gave me of saving my leg from amputation was all i needed to keep pushing forward. the human spirit is stronger than we can ever imagine.⁣

i had the honor of being a guest on #definingmoments with @suzannequast and we laughed, we cried, and we shared our hearts.⁣

⭐️you are stronger than you think. we can rise up again and again.⁣
⭐️a morning routine to set your intentions for the day.⁣
⭐️why i’m only wearing one sock🙈⁣
⭐️the greatest lessons that my pain has taught me.⁣
⭐️gratitude is alchemy⁣
⭐️my husband says, “she just won’t die!”💪🏻⁣
⭐️yes, i still have pain, and fear, and sometimes even feel like giving up. but i don’t because of one thing—resilience. we all have it.⁣

⭐️link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻@amberlylagomotivation to see the interview!⁣

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You're beautiful as you are
but, it would be an ugly thing to stay the same.
we mush change for the better in this life.
-pierre jeanty

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Awful weather, but my jacket shines for you maine💋🧵shop the look on app
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Wear your scars with pride okay ❤️🌻
#brownskinnedgirl #hydrateandmeditate
#scarstoyourbeautiful #itsallgoodbabe😊❤️🌻

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Some lovely photos from the national entertainment awards on sunday 🎉🎉 girls you danced beautifully as always 🤩💃🌟 roll on the next event 💃🤩🌟 #contemporarydance #team #madeusproud #danceschool #performance #dancers #lldancefamily #awards #nationals #scarstoyourbeautiful

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Alessia watching a tribute video of her at last month’s @cwofame #alessiacara #tribute #canadaswalkoffame #scarstoyourbeautiful #honoree

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Deine narben erzählen die geschichte davon , wie das leben versucht hat dich zu brechen .. aber an dir gescheitert ist.
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#repost @topless_yoga
• • • • •
even before i had fully nailed down the specifics of how i would have my b***s cut off and put back on, i knew i wanted ink to cover the scars. it was obvious to me before i was even cut into that i was different now, and it would only make sense to look different too. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
how do you decide on a permanent coat of paint for a house you can’t leave? i waited years, thinking eventually i’d stumble across the perfect piece of art. i somewhat impulsively booked @madisonmclaintattoos who was only visiting my area for a few days, and supplied her with vague notions of what i wanted. we didn’t even have the design finalized on my sitting date. she freehanded on me with markers, making big, loopy swirls that followed the curves of my body. it was spontaneous and perfect. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
when i see myself, my body looks just right to me. it’s scarred, marked, uneven, and certainly unnatural. but i think i look exactly like i should🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Out of suffering has emerged the strongest souls;
the most massive characters are seared with scars.
this is because scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.
cc. @eloquent_deelia 📸 @apex4real_ 💄@melech_king
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Reasons to love your short height💜
1. we’re always front and center
2. we always have leg room
3. our bodies completely fit under a blanket
4. we’ve never hit our heads on the ceiling
5. we’ve learned how to get creative with our wardrobe
6. our height helps in certain games and contests
7. we can fit more clothes in a load of laundry
8. heels are our best friend
9. you’ll never be taller than your date

reasons to love your tall height💜

1. not only do you get to eat more, you need to eat more.
2. if you are tall you even get your own holiday.
no joke! international hug a tall person day. an entire day devoted to showing love to tall people.
3. height is not only an advantage as an adult.
think of all the benefits tall people have as children. they were never held back by height limits at the amusement park. bring on the roller coasters if you dare!
4. tall people are always chosen first in sports.
something about those long legs and arms
being tall means your baby f*t probably spread out more quickly than your friends
5. you have more fun in swimming pools.
6. your head is usually above the crowd.
7. as a woman, you can wear flats.
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There is always a lesson to be learned from the dark times. your scars tell stories #scarstoyourbeautiful #maturin #lessons #beautyinside

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The sweater’ game on 🧶🏂 screenshot to shop on app #liketkit #ltkunder50 #ltkholidaystyle . all under $50🤷🏻‍♀️

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Have you heard of the saying "the wounds go away but the scars remain".this clearly states that unlike wounds, scars leave a lasting impression that could last and haunt you for a long or a lifetime. a scar could be anywhere on your body. it could be on your face, hand, leg or any part of the body. scars certainly make most people insecure. it makes you lose a tiny bit of confidence. to those to whom it makes no difference, hats off. you guys are an inspiration. but, to those who feel a simple scar can make you look any less beautiful, you are wrong. scar is not something to be ashamed of. be it big or small. you could have had that scar by a surgery/injury/accident or anything of that sort. none of you would have wished for it. none of you would have thought you'd ever have it. but now that you've got it, you should learn to embrace it. embrace your scar.
i repeat you don't have to be ashamed of it. if you've got a scar it also means that you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. a scar is not just a reminder of a wound it is a mark of overcomers. isn't that something to be proud of?
have you ever seen any war veteran being ashamed of his scar? no!! these men always boast about their scars keeping their head high. yes they might have got their scars by fighting a battle for their nation. but haven't you?
you fought a different small or big battle of your own. and this is a huge thing for you. be proud of yourself. scars have the strange power to remind you that your past is real. it reminds of how strong you are and what you have overcome. it is a symbol of shows the uniqueness that nobody but you possess. it also shows that you are not someone who gives up easily.
so from now feel more beautiful if you've got a scar. never let anyone make you feel any less beautiful. a scar doesn't define you. stand out from the others because of your confidence and not because of low self esteem.keep your head high and this confidence will naturally add beauty to your face. remember scars are beautiful. and i believe the best people all have some kind of scar.

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Zero efeitos e totalmente in nature pra falar uma coisa da parte de deus pra vocês:
não to mandei eu? esforça-te, e tem bom ânimo; não temas, nem te espantes; porque o senhor teu deus é contigo, por onde quer que andares.
- josué 1:9

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Thank you god on repeat❤️⁣
please don’t forget feel sorry for what we’re facing, but remind him what he’s gotten you through, or what he’s pullin you through right now.⁣⁣
did you know that if you were born in the last 10years with transposition, they can actually surgically correct the flipped vessels of your heart 😳 how amazing is that!? they can flip flop your backwards heart! if you were born in 1987 with transposition, you lived with it, as long as you can. a lot of babies that were born in 87 or before with transposition didn’t live to see their first birthday.⁣

last night i watched a story of a lil girl who is about my girls age going though something very similar that i’ve been battling for 32 years. watching how strong she had to be as the nurses took her away from her parents to prep for surgery, oh my god! watching the little girl wake up from her open heart surgery, so scared, in so much pain, and just wanting to sit on her moms lap, but all the tubes wouldn’t allow it. it brough back some serious nightmares when i was a kid. s**t that is so traumatizing for a kid. s**t that should be a nightmare, but is real life. i felt for her and i felt for her parents. i still remember how alone and scared i was when the nurses would take me back to that table at 6 years old, and strap me to the table at my wrist and ankles. you feel so alone and you only want your mom and dad at that point, but they don’t let moms and dads come back to the operating room for obvious reasons. tubes, hoses, cords, machines galore, to this day it still scares the s**t out of me and those memories of being a kid always come back to me. ⁣⁣
i’m not asking for sympathy, i’m asking for you to be thankful that you went through the hard times or are going though them, and your kids don’t have to. because, man i don’t know if i could watch my girls go through what she and i went through. pray that you were given the opportunity to go through hell so they don’t have too. hold onto them and thank god on repeat.

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In my own opinion, i don't look cute, nice in this picture😁😁 what i like about it is that my little brother took a picture of me unexpected and it came out good for an 8 year old❤️ love you theodore mpofu

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Waiting is so much better than settling... settling causes pain in the long run...
when you wait, the right things will happen at the right time...

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I am all for plastic surgery to better your life. let's talk about it !
after 23 kg weightloss my skin started hanging and really bothering me during workouts especially. i would always wear long sleeves to cover my loose skin that would hang more and more the more weight i lost. not to mention the mental pain it was causing me, i felt insecure and unhappy with how my body looked although i was feeling healthier the skin was weighing me down literally. after years of being bothered by my arms i had the excess skin removed. its time to flash the scar on a post instead of posting the picture where my scar can't be seen.
for some plastic surgery is not a choice but a necessity. will the scars get lighter ? most likely, even so the difference in quality of life is night and day 6 months post operation!
the scars remind me of just how hard i have worked and how far i have come, they are a part of my journey and where i have been, thought i would share something more personal today. .

#normalizescars #notashamed #fatloss #looseskin #looseskinremoval #scarstoyourbeautiful #scar #scars #plasticsurgery #weightlossjourney #weightloss #skinremovalsurgery #arms #thereisnogoingback #postop #postoprecovery #myfitnessjourney

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I was asked the other day "aren't you ashamed of your stretch marks?"
for years i struggled with that issue, but surprisingly at that moment my sincere answer was a big no.
those scars are a part of who i am, they represent all the pain and struggles i've been through as they are also a symbol of my humble victories in this lifetime. it's easy to judge when you don't know someone's background, in total i had lost over 50kg at my lightest/heaviest. no hard feelings though.
my scars don't show much(maybe) in this bad pic, but i wanna do photoshoot showing them sometime soon. #scarstoyourbeautiful #scars #stretchmarks #selflove #g*y #gayboy #gayasian #gaysian #q***r #afterweightloss #proudofmyself #fitness #fitnessgoals #sixpack

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"memories as a purpose"
hey december.
remember me?
i'm the one with whom you played weird knock-knock game. from nowhere and you always knocked my life down. you knocked with the new feelings on my door when i was literally enjoying the golden days of my life. i threw that out and what you have done you have again knocked out someone's life to made me welcome that feeling again. okay...okay, i have accepted that finally with all the love i had in my heart and dear december you made my life even worse by knocking and tearing my heart and courage one more time.
so what's your plan this time? you know what? i have a surprise for you.
i'm going to start collecting our memories together. i hope you will knock on my door with a new chapter.
#december #memories #memoriesarenotbad #scarstoyourbeautiful #positiveway #everythinghaspurpose #lovelife #lifeisbeautiful #newventure #newbook #newcollection #newme #unbreakable

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He has just as much confidence as if he never got burned. if he let how he looks destroyed his confidence then that means the fire won. .
#firefighting #fires #burns #burnsurvivor #scarface #scarstoyourbeautiful

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🎖badge of honour
some say scars are tattoos with better stories, i say they are a badge of honour. tattoos are planned out, the precise design and exact spot on our bodies. while scars are uneven, unplanned for and unattractive.

i have 3 very lengthy scars running down both knees. my scars are battle wounds of the fights i’ve fought and the wars i’ve survived. it literally took me blood, sweat and tears to get to where i am today. i will have a long fight ahead of me. but seeing those imperfect lines on my knees remind me every day that i am stronger, more tenacious and hopeful than i’ve ever thought to be.

so wear yours with pride and honour. they show that we’ve lived and that we have endured and survived pain and adversity. they trace our life, like a visual memoir - deeps. short, long. thinf, pale, jagged and rough.they are living proof of what a warrior you have been and still are! 🛡#kneedyaf
if you haven’t yet, headover to my blog to read about my story. link in bio.

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This has been on my mind & my heart for a while now.

every time i hop in the shower, i feel my armpits. this was the first unknown symptom i had, sore, tender lumps in my armpits. every shower, cancer holds a gun to my head, as i check my armpits for any irregularities. as i check my chest & groin for the same irregularities (even though i had no cancerous lymph nodes in these spots)

every shower, as i soap my body and my hands run over all of my scars, cancer holds a gun to my head, giving me flash backs, memories i want to forget, memories i want back, the life we had before cancer was even apart of our life, i want it back.
met with my surgeon today for my post op check up from an ileostomy reversal. his wish for me? “i hope to never see you again” in the nicest way possible.

today, i saw my scans again, from january 13, 2018. today he reiterated to me, how lucky i am to be alive, how lucky i am to be able to put this in my rear view, to close this chapter, to move forward with a healthier, better, stronger future with my family.
today, he told me that my ovaries were actually the size of footballs. 🏈 two of them, living, feeding, dying in my abdomen.

today, i’ve put behind me the story i’ve been writing for the past almost 2 years. sadly, cancer will always hold a gun to my head, because there is no getting past almost losing everything.
below, are some pictures from this past year - from a significantly prolapsed stoma to new scars, to the scans i had in 2018. this is my story, this is my life. cancer can & will hold me hostage because the fear alone of a relapse is deafening, defeating, & heart wrenching.

you know that i am always open for answering your questions, that i have always been an open book about this path in life we’ve been given. 2 days from now, 2 years ago, cancer was living inside me at the same time our unborn daughter was still growing & developing. we are both, living, breathing, walking miracles.

#cancer #cancersucks #burkittslymphoma #survivingburkitts #theropeswithlinds #lifeaftercancer #glimpseintomylife #lifestory #cancerstory #fuckcancer #hostagetocancer #scarstoyourbeautiful #scarsarebeautiful

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You don't have to change a thing, the world could change its hearth🎼💖 #autoestima #amorpropio❤ #scarstoyourbeautiful

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Today my scar turned into a teenager. 13 years ago today was the day that i didnt know but my whole life would change forever, i've had numerous looks and comments about it that diminished my self esteem but overall it made me into the person i am today. it made me realise how little i cared for the comments that were made. that they didnt matter and they shouldn't matter. as long as i loved this scar, they couldnt hate on it. i owe my whole life to the doctors who quite literally gave me a second shot at life. they never gave up on me. i made this realisation a few years ago when i realised that i shouldnt waste this life. i should live it to the fullest. if anything, these last couple months have taught me is that life as a whole is never guaranteed and too many people take it for granted or waste their life. so i've gone on hikes, climbed mountains, learnt how to ski, took the chances that i may not've taken and tried my best to do what makes me happy and not to worry about what anyone else has to say. if you live your life they way you feel happiest and dont change for anyone then you wont look back on wasted years.
what happened?
this night 13 years ago i pulled a jug of kettle water down onto my arm while waiting for a bottle. an absolute freak accident that nobody could've predicted. everyone sprung into action to apply cold water and phone nikki to take care of ben and keeley and phone the ambulance to take me to hope hospital. the ambulance team got there so fast to take me there. once we got to hope hospital they assessed the situation, stabilized me, gave me fluids and phoned alderhay hospital. alderhay did everything they could from the moment i got there to the moment i left and even after. they took many photos, changed the dressings, got me a room and monitored me making sure i was without pain. they were the ones who operated on my shoulder to place the skin graph. after it had healed they let me out soon after in bandages until they got they compression vests ready. they kept my spirits high and made sure i was happy and healthy. ****read comments for rest****

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This scar marks a r****s fermoris release.
your r****s femoris is a bulk muscle located in the superior middle compartment of the thigh and is the only muscle in the quadricep group that crosses the hip.
a r****s fermoris release is done in patients with cerebral palsy who exhibit a stiff-knee pattern. the r****s fermoris is transferred across the thigh to help bend the knew to overcome tripping and failing. this surgery increases range of motion and improves gait.
i always walked with a stiff left leg. my dad would always call me “pata de palo” that’s spanish for stick leg. i grew up thinking that i walked ugly and wrong. after this surgery, i just wanted to prove to my dad that i could bend me knee to make him proud. little did i know that no matter if i bent my or knee or not, i had to make myself proud, not him.
looking back, i am so proud of all the pain i endured, i am so proud of how far i’ve come and how far i will go. sometimes we care too much to live for others standards and forget to to accept our own reality. 📸 @ikigai_foto

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Conserving energy with a chronic illness 💖 i was asked to write about this last week for #crohnsandcolitisawarenessweek and ironically, i was too knackered to write about it 😂 i was also asked how i deal with ongoing fatigue, as well as knowing when to say yes and no to work and social events. the short answer is - it is a constant juggling act. i am always having to plan my diary according to how i think i will feel. sometimes this is easy (ie always try to avoid a run of evenings out for example or packing too many activities in without any rest), but sometimes it’s not so straight forward..especially with work and social plans that are more last minute (ie, life!) whilst you can try to plan your diary around your energy and your illness, ultimately you can never guess how you’re going to feel on any given day, which means things will get cancelled. and let me say - that is ok. it’s taken me a long time to learn to be honest and say i’m too exhausted/poorly to attend something i’ve already committed too - but there will always be another drinks, another dinner or another event.
my simple top tips are:
1. plan rest into your diary
2. be open and honest as much as you can with friends, family and colleagues
3. don’t be afraid to cancel and never, ever feel bad
4. prioritise your energy for things you really want to do (work, trips, particular social events for example - like me in rome and my work trip to glasgow and now i will have to make up for the energy used!)
5. when you do have to rest, make it as enjoyable as you can - by reading or watching netflix. it’s necessary but doesn’t have to be boring ✨
what are your top tips for dealing with fatigue and conserving energy? #abellyfullofcrohns

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Craters don't diminish the beauty of the moon in your eyes,
your acne patches shouldn't either.
beauty is not skin deep. acnes are normal and very common among adolescents due to biological reasons. it is petty and irrational to try and bring someone down because of their acne or pimples. find acceptance in your skin, because that's when no words, no remarks or baseless judgements will get to you. flaunt your skin, it'll shatter their will to bring you down.
edit, picture credits @jigxxaa
caption credits @anvimahajannn
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Our scars can be revealed even in the most hidden places. scars are beautiful if they are meant to be seen. show me your scars and i will show you mines. #scarstoyourbeautiful

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Gut ein jahr ist es jetzt her, dass die drähte raus mussten, nachdem sich der ganze arm entzündet hatte und ich ihn nicht mehr bewegen konnte. die worte “wenn sie ihren arm behalten wollen, dann machen sie jetzt keinen sport und nehmen das antibiotikum! verstanden?!” ...haben damals wirklich gesessen. 😱 insgesamt 1,5 jahre sind seit meinem radsturz jetzt vergangen. was ist der aktuelle stand zum arm: beweglichkeit zu 99% zurück und belastbarkeit auch halbwegs, aber schreiben kann ich leider nicht mehr ohne schmerzen. doof fürs examen - mal schauen wie ich das geklärt bekomme. achja: und wetterfeinfühligkeit 🙄👵🏻 aber alles in allem: ich hatte trotzdem eine menge glück! 💕😬 da hätte so viel mehr passieren können....und hey: so badass-narben hat auch nicht jeder, huh? 😜
bis april heißt das jetzt aber trotzdem: verzichten auf alles mit sturzgefahr 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ #bettersafethansorry - gut, dass meine snowboardsachen nicht hier in frankfurt, sondern noch in arnum stehen!! 🤣 sonst hätte mich @jens.hub bestimmt doch noch überredet bekommen... 🙄 ich kenn mich doch! aber man soll sein glück ja auch nicht zu sehr herausfordern! 😬
da ich etwas angeschlagen bin lieber etwas ruhiger heute - lernen und yoga! 😉 #listentoyourbody .
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. don’t cry over the past. .it’s gone.
.don’t stress about the future it hasn’t arrived.
.live in the present and make it beautiful 🖤.
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This is me #insecure. i was a few days post op from my hysterectomy and i had a scar across my stomach and was still swollen. i was told to take the picture anyways because one day i will be proud of it. i’m thankful that i did because i am proud of how far i have come from this photo. #hysterectomy #scarstoyourbeautiful #bnicole

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Burn survivors can become frustrated that they still have issues with scarring after their initial burn injury has healed. hypertrophic burn scars (raised scars inthe area of the original burn) are the most common complication of a burn injury and can limit a survivor's ability to function as well as affect their body image. it is difficult to predict who will develop scarring. research shows that less severe burns that heal in less than 14 days generally have no scarring. more severe burns heal in 14 to 21 days and put you at a risk of scarring. burns that take more than 21 days to heal are at very high risk for scarring and may require skin grafting.

why do scars form?
scarring is related to age, ethnicity, and the depth and location of the burn. scars form when the dermal or lower layer of the skin has been damaged. the bodyforms a protein called collagen to help heal the damaged skin. normally the collagen fibers are laid down in a very organized manner, but in hypertrophicscars these fibers are created in a very disorganized manner, which gives the new skin/scar a different texture and appearance. scar healing can take a longtime. scarring usually develops within the first few months after the burn, peaks around 6 months and will resolve or "mature" in 12-18 months. as scarsmature they fade in color, become flatter, softer and generally less sensitive.

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scars are not injuries, a scar is a healing after an injury, and it’s what makes you whole.” it’s time for you to see beyond the scars and see yourself for the beautiful individual you are and to show the world your worth and all you have to offer
#worthy #youareenough #scars #behindthescars #loveyou #loveyourself #godcan #godcanhealall #youareenough #youcan #christian prayer #love #better #strength #bethere #godlovesyou #healing #scarstoyourbeautiful

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My scars tell a story, they’re a reminder of a time where life tried to break me but failed. they are markings of where the structure of my character was welded 🧡 @stevemaraboli #biiawareness #explantsurgery #empoweringwomen #scarstoyourbeautiful

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I had to write choppy with this because i wanted to write the first thing(s) that i could think of when it comes to my skin — a part of me i’m still trying to love. check out my community platforms here @scarredandfree | @shadesoforng

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“you should know you're beautiful just the way you are”💁🏻‍♀️
#alessiacara #scarstoyourbeautiful

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No scars to your beautiful
we're stars and we're beautiful✨
❤️#beach #autoestima #cabofriorj #alessiacara #scarstoyourbeautiful ❤️

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Hi! mi name is daniela and i'm from argentina! i love alessia more than i love myself so that's why i made this account lmao. follow me for more quality content like this (alesaia is a whole quality content's already guaranteed)

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You are beautiful the way you already are.
cover of scars to your beautiful by @alessiasmusic
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There is beauty in the darkness and in the struggle. diving deep and to the core. there are gifts and growth and stunning parts of you yet to discover. like gems in the darkest parts of the earth have to dig deep and go there to find them. but if you do, even with the all the scars you may procure, you will have become even more beautiful and more full than you could ever dream. #scarstoyourbeautiful #gems #darkness #light #growth #infjgirl #learning #soul #beautyindecay #learning #transformation #velveteenrabbit #cancer #lupus #beyou #humbled

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If you don't heal what hurt you, you will bleed on people who didn't cut you. ... when i look around me, at the state our world is in... one thing is very evident... our communities are in turmoil & its mainly because our people are hurting!

if you have lived life even a little bit, you have probably experienced pain & chances are you did not get away without any scars. .
so the truth is need to give yourself the chance to heal so that you do not become who hurt you! .
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photography 📸by @justicenashphotography .
mua 💄 @indoni_yamanzi_make_up
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