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Land cannot be owned, bought, or sold. she does not belong to us, we belong to her. we are born out of this land; we spend our lives on this land as her guests; and after death we go back to that same land. . . .” (nomalungelo i. goduka)
grateful always to dance on this land that has been the life and love of so many generations and peoples before us 🌿
sending our prayers to the earth through magic and movement with @thewildearthproject tribe 💚
📷 @beashotthis
written post by @brighid_rose xx

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Womban ❤

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🌿breathing into harmony
❤breathing in co vision
🌿dreaming through one unified breath ❤birthing magic through connection
🌿weaving truth through movement
photo by @beashotthis


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Together we told stories of our fierce and wild nature.
our dance was the communicator to communicate messages of freedom, connection, and liberation.
we pounded the earth with the intention to remind others of her power and potency.
we danced, we sang, we expressed our wisdom and truth through intentional movement.
we rose.....we will continue to rise.

photo by @nomakimphotography at @boomfestivalofficial

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photo by @pawelwieloch backstage before our performance with @yoni_oshrat at @boomfestivalofficial

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So many women in history shook it up and changed systems just by being exactly who they were... even if at the time, it was unpopular and they weren't recognized as they are today.⠀
remember to be who you are, no matter what.⠀
your impact and your legacy reach farther than you know.⠀
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✨special announcement ✨
join us for an evening celebrating yogi bhajan’s birthday.
monday 27th august 6.15 - 9pm
traditionally 2/12hours of long ek ong kars are chanted in celebration and as a sign of respect, gratitude and deep love. we have decided to hold a celebration on monday 27th august when we gather as community (his birthday is actually on the 26th which it will still be in america!). .
the long ek ong kar meditation was the first sadhana that yogi bhajan taught his american students when he came to the west.
it is a foundational practice of kundalini yoga.
the chanting will be maintained for 2 1/2 hours and sat ravi will begin to tune us in at 6.15 on the dot.
everyone is welcome to join and a link to book is in our bio.
“through this meditation, you will master the power of prana, pavan siddhi, until the breath of life becomes your own. it will give you the power of vac siddhi, the power of speech. what you say with the breath shall happen. it is hard labor. do this jaap, repeating it again and again until you reach 1/10th of the day: 2 1/2 hours. your faces will be bright and beautiful and you will settle the accounts of everyone you know.” -yogi bhajan, a year with the master, july 20, 2000

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Featuring earthangel, @magaofgaia rocking her @cross.pollen goddess cape. maga is a women’s leadership coach who teaches women how to harness their creative potential by harmonizing their relationship to their menstrual cycles. maga is one of my dearest sisters and we are so blessed to cocreate magic together through community, experiences, and song. thank you maga for the light language you channel from the sacred return of the bird tribes. thank you for helping me to empower native peruvian women by adorning yourself with this piece of regalia and being the cosmic queen and light warrior that you are... i see you and i love you.
#lightwarrior #earthangel #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #cocreation #birdtribe #sacredsisterhood #lightlanguage 📷: @thewell_multimedia

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Master teachers appear in all forms, shapes, and sizes! this incredible feathered friend in the garden is the calmest birdie i’ve ever met. she let me move so close to her and pat her feathers. her delicate chirps, blinking eyes, and calmness remind me of the true strength that resides in presence. while seeming so delicate and vulnerable her power is in her openness, trust, and receptivity rewarding me with her presence as she commanded me to stay in my heart presence with her. how often as humans do we go into self-protection as a result of our minds drifting out of the moment to the past or future. as a result we can suffer and struggle in the moment, not with the moment itself, but with our resistance to it. in all my life she is the first undomesticated bird who has embodied the grace it requires to fully surrender to the moment. in all my 3d illusion i could seem much bigger and stronger than her, but in her quiet strength and courage, and higher dimensional awareness, she sees past the surface, and i am humbled and reminded that we may appear in different forms yet we are all equal - in essence. this empowered knowing can only be found within each of us and when we are being from that consciousness, size, form, and all outer sign posts of power are immaterial. -
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Yoga itself is not only a physical practice, but a lifestyle lived off the mat as well 💫 #yogalifestyle #yogaofthemat

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Things i’ve done wrong in the past week:
i sat in bed all day(literally) for 3 days last week.
i went out drinking multiple times last week and felt like s**t the following day.
i ate foods i would never normally eat. i’ve been vegan for a year and drunkenly ate chicken, tuna and cookie cake 🙊
and to top it all off, i overate, which also had me feeling like s**t the next day.

my point is:
we’re going to f**k up.
we’re going to make mistakes.
but that shouldn’t stop us from going after our goals!

i’m not here to make myself look perfect.
i’m not here to just show you a highlight real.
remember, we’re all human.
we all make mistakes.
be easy on yourself.
above all, keep putting one foot in front of the other.
no matter how many times you f**k up you can always dust your shoulder off and get right back on track!
take a deep breath.
let go of whatever is weighing you down.
repeat to yourself: i’m sorry, i love you, please forgive me, thank you, thank you, thank you.
today is a new day and you have the power to make it a great one!
i love you sister 💖

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If you look closely we are all the way around you and we need you to express yourself with all that you are so that we can actually find you. #soulfam #tribe

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Prenatal yoga public classes:

♡ prenatal yoga + float aug. 29th 6-8pm @isospa

♡ 4-week prenatal yoga series tuesdays starting sept. 25th 6-7pm @pranashantiyoga

♡ prenatal yoga with saje natural wellness september 30th 2-4pm @pranashantiyoga @sajewellness

♡ 4-week prenatal yoga series saturdays starting oct. 27th 3:30-4:30pm @pranashantiyoga

find tickets and more information in the link in my bio!

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“a circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. if you have one, embrace it. if you need one, seek it. if you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. hold on. love it up. get naked. let them see you. let them hold you. let your reluctant tears fall. let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. you will be changed. the very fabric of your being will be altered.” – jeanette leblanc

surrounded by the loving attention and trusting presence of your sisters, you are given the golden key to unlock your own wisdom. women come to circle for so many reasons: to heal, to grow, to learn who they are, to feel a part of something bigger, to find true friendships, to release self-judgement.
no matter what you’re seeking, you will be offered precious gems, and if you open yourself up to receive them, you will be forever changed–in the best ways!

soul muse circle is this friday.
my yoga space thirlmere

tickets available at www.musesisterhood.net

so look forward to sharing space with you there x link in bio beauties #sacredsisterhood #musesisterhood #womenscircle #risesisterrise #womensupportingwomen

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Whoa, i am honored, humbled and blown away by these amazing goddesses!
friday night’s red tent was lit!! 🔥

30 powerful women of all ages (from 11 to 60s!) gathered to share their love and sisterhood, to heal, release the old and make way for the new, and held manifesting space for each other’s dreams and desires.
a friend of mine from high school who i haven’t seen in 18 years since i lived in chicago came to circle with us! her tears of appreciation and reflection of how far i’ve come touched me deeply.
our youngest sister, an 11 yr old whose single father gifted her this opportunity to circle with the women for her birthday, asked poignant and profound questions and played full out.

we were initiated and performed a scared w**b rites ritual that was so healing and beautiful.
we boldly held each other’s hands and danced through the lion’s gate portal leaving behind all that no longer serves.
together we are rising.
magic truly happens when women gather and i am deeply honored and grateful for this sacred work. 🙏🏼 can’t wait for the next red tent!! love you sisters!!!! 🌹❤️😘

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Hello beauties! ☀️💕🌸✨ in honor and celebration of @mother.make.me reaching the awesome milestone of 4k, i've come together with 30 of my favorite shops and artists to bring you a giveaway of epic proportion 🌊
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#mood as i prepare to head out on a sacred bachelorette extravaganza in the mountains in honor of @risingwomenleaders!
so much magic is about to be made with all of these incredibly powerful womxn in honor of our dear sister's transition into a new phase or life.
@karenprosen @wild.song.weaver @anne_louise_cole . .
#sacredsisterhood #newwavebachelorette #cacaoverrbooze #ceremonyoverstrippers #natureoverbars . .
📷 via @thewombrevolution

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<3 another reminder, thank you.

in the past weeks i've spent some time with other pregnant women and midwives here in italy, the climate was mostly about fear: fear of having diabetes, fear of eating salad because you can get toxoplasmosis, and the most terrifying exam: glucose curve. i had never done this test, and it felt like i could die from what other people were telling.

i went to the hospital and found a beautiful nurse that took care of me, yes drinking a glass of super sweet thing but it was more then manageable, just a little tiring.

please let's be aware of what we pass on to other women, we are sisters and we need to take care of each other. thank you for the lesson. <3 #sadhana #sacredsisterhood

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"my dear sister, you are a goddess, a fierce warrior queen and a priestess of the earth. when you remember this great truth, i pity anyone who tries to take you for granted or underestimate your strength." - ara
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#repost @the_goddess_circle_ara ✨🙏✨

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