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Lately i’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude at all of the beautiful places i am fortunate enough to travel to, and all of the new and exciting cultures i get to experience. but with the privilege of travel also comes the responsibility to participate in activities that are ethical and sustainable, and do not involve exploitation of people, animals, or the environment. we need to always consider the impact our choices have on others- the second two pictures in this album are a nearby enclosed shallow ocean cage for “dolphin encounters”. captive dolphins are kept constantly hungry so that they are easier to train and will perform on command for food. in the wild, dolphins travel thousands of miles a year in their “pods”, a highly complex social/family unit. in order to capture a dolphin or two, often times the rest of the pod is driven ashore and killed. dolphins born in captivity in these small shallow pools only know a life of swimming endlessly in circles, experiencing constant hunger, eating dead fish instead of live food, and performing tricks even when hungry and exhausted. please leave the animal abuse out of tourism and appreciate dolphins in their natural habitat - go diving, or see them from a boat, just don’t pay for animals to be held captive and exploited. for you it’s just a photo, for them it’s a lifetime of misery and abuse. without customers, these horrific businesses will cease to exist. 🌊🐬💙

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Back in the depths of winter got me thinkin about this place last week! 🏖😎

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Colt, greg baldwin’s @flyfishroatan german shorthaired pointer gets the best seat in the house on a run around roatan, honduras and digs interspecies cooperation while releasing a hard-earned permit.

from tffj 9.4.
photos: nick kelley @ngkelley

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#roatan is such a beautiful gem, we had so much fun on the island, i’m already planning to go back!
i have a new trip, it’s coming out today! we’re headed to #hongkong and #phuketthailand this september
i’m giving access to people who have gone on trips with me in the past 1st dibs!
then i’m releasing it to my email subscribers 2nd.
y’all know it’s first come first served, and i can already tell ya it’s gonna sell out! 💎
have a great day! be kind and remember you’re a bad bitch! (or you’re just dope fellas 😂)

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🇨🇴/🇪🇦:⁣ esta ha sido mi casa en roatán durante ya un par de días. 🧘🏼‍♂️un lodge en la playa más larga y virgen de la isla, con su arquitectura caribeña, colorida y única en el mundo. 🌴⁣

como dato curioso 🖖🏼: roatán compite con las igualmente caribeñas turcas y caicos y jamaica. también con santorini (grecia🇬🇷), bali (indonesia🇮🇩) e incluso con una española, mallorca🇪🇸. y sobre todo con maui, en hawaii🌋, que este 2017 se ganó el puesto número uno de las mejores islas del mundo según el portal tripadvisor. ⁣

como les dije: en el caribe es único. y nosotros los latinos no tenemos que ir tan lejos para estar en uno de los mejores destinos del mundo (cosa que a veces nos enseñan). ahora lo te tengo que hacer es aprender un poco de creole 😋. ¿qué parte del caribe está en tu lista?⁣
👨🏼‍💻 www.viajandoconberbeo.com
🇺🇸/🇬🇧:⁣ ⁣ this has been my house in roatán for a couple of days now. 🧘🏼♂️a lodge on the longest and most v****n beach of the island, with its caribbean architecture, colorful and unique in the world. 🌴⁣

as a curious fact 🖖🏼: roatán competes with the equally caribbean turks and caicos and jamaica. also with santorini (greece🇬🇷), bali (indonesia🇮🇩) and even with a spanish, mallorca🇪🇸. and especially with maui, in hawaii, that this 2017 won the number one position of the best islands in the world according to tripadvisor.⁣

as i told you: in the caribbean it is unique. and we (latinos) do not have to go so far to be in one of the best destinations in the world (which they sometimes teach us). now what i have to do is learn a little creole 😋. what part of the caribbean is on your #bucketlist?⁣
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