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They're off! a record fleet of yachts from around the world kicked off the 10th edition of the 2018 rorc caribbean 600 in antigua, predicted to be the fastest and possibly toughest race in the ten year history of the 600 mile classic. to follow the race go to caribbean600.rorc.org #regram #caribbean600 #rorcrc600 📸@rorcracing / @roddyacqua

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#regram from @_kosmi with @madewithregram app . . . #madewithregram 두사람 __ regrann from @g_jcw_carrot - "two people" sung by our actor @jichangwook sssiiii #niasagitta#💘💘💘💝💝💝# - #regrann #지창욱 #jichangwook #チチャンウク #池昌旭 #두사람

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In full bloom 🌸🌼🌺 #regram 📸: @emselter

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So good, it’s glowing! 😉 #highbeam #regram @eggeu #benefit

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🖤🖤🖤 thank you @stefanbeckman @steve__mackey #johngosling @patmcgrathreal @guidopalau @kcdworldwide 💥👊💥👊💥 #coachfw18 #nyfw ✨ #regram @wwd

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More like getting 10 years of my life back. #regram from @difficultmommy @difficultmommy @difficultmommy

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Dat tree wit all dem beads. how long has this tree been the bead tree? (#📷 @atimsmiles #regram)⠀ ⠀ thanks for using our hashtag #nolanewsgram!

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2018.2.20(tue) * cheese terrine...❤️ . . またまた焼いてしまいました😍 . . ドハマり中のチーズテリーヌ🍰 . . 色んなアングルで撮りましたっ📷✨ . . いつもより少し温度上げて焼いたら、焼き目濃いだけじゃなくてシワシワになっちゃった😅💨なんでだーーー😱 . . . 相変わらず安定の美味しさです😋❤️ . . . #チーズテリーヌ#cheeseterrine#チーズケーキ#焼き菓子#坂田阿希子#おうちおやつ#おうちスイーツ#おうちカフェ#カフェ#cafe#パティシエカメラ部#instafood#regram#macaroni#locari#kurashiru#kaumo#lin_stagrammer#cookingram#sweets#cotta . . .

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Ecco la nuova rs18 di @carlosainz e @hulkhulkenberg 🏎🇪🇸🇩🇪 livrea in linea con il 2017 🎨 dove può arrivare quest’anno la @renaultsportf1?🤔 #regram #skymotori

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You had us at cookies and cream. but we'll take the mascarpone and chocolate while we're at it. #cafelife #cookiesandcream #nomnomnom 📷 #regram from @fakander 💜

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If you're in brooklyn, ny, nava member and grant recipient, taloi havini @taloihavini is discussing the activation of history and the socio-political dimensions in her work at international studio & curatorial program (iscp) tonight at 630pm. #artsagenda #regram @iscp_nyc see you all at 6:30pm tonight for a brooklyn commons talk with resident taloi havini and brooklyn-based artist ulrike müller image: taloi havini, 'bougainville totems autonomous: naboin, nakas, nakaripa, natasi,' 2003–06, stoneware, acrylic, and steel. tune in to iscp's facebook live to listen to the talk if you can't make it to iscp! #ulrikemuller #feminist #activist #taloihavini #brooklyncommons #iscptalk #activation #history #iscplife #brooklyn @taloihavini @creatensw @_aaausa @nava_visualarts @nyculture @nyscouncilonthearts #edwardscharitablegivingfund major support for this program is provided by @viaartfund taloi havini received an australian artists' grant through nava to support a six-months residency at iscp in new york developing new photographic work and researching the pacific collections within local museum and gallery archives. the australian artists' grant is a nava initiative, in 2017, made possible through a generous donation from penelope seidler am @penelopeseidler

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#regram of m.arch. student work from of medium intensity workshop @slkkoetter ***work from the workshop: moriyama house - gabriela alvergue @gabialvergue , benjamin brannan @thebranimal35 and sigen chen. workshop with @erikherrmann @ashleymbigham and @jeffhalstead @taubmancollege

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How is everyone on this beautiful day? ☀️ so stoked to finally see beautiful weather. maybe winter is finally gone and we can actually enjoy this nice weather 💁🏼‍♀️😍❤️💕 #kcbeautyjourney #ferrumcollege #springishere #regram 📷: @kcbeauty18

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💙💙💙 #regram @thefancysister: for the past almost 5 years i have been very picky about what i put in and around my body. whether it is food, makeup/beauty, cleaning supplies and more i only choose things that are chemical free and safe! insert @lovebeginswithl tampons! i recently tried this brand from @target and fell in love! it feels really good to use a product that i don't have to worry about at an affordable price! one of my life missions/what i want to be my legacy, if you will, is to make the world more aware of living chemically free. one of the ways i have naturally healed my severe anxiety is through the switch over from gmo and chemicals to and organic and safe life!!! so i just wanted to give a shout out to a brand i really love that i think is doing amazing things! when i got into this business i wanted to do a bunch of sponsored content but realized really quickly that i need to be picky af about what i choose to talk about. my promise to you is to never talk about a product or service that i don't 110% back and believe in! i have turned down so many paid opportunities because i don't stand by those products and i don't believe in talking about it unless i do love it! p. s. this is not sponsored i just wanted to throw that out there! i bought these myself and will buy them over and over again! i want to know, how many of you are living a chemical free life?

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無印良品のスキンケアはコスパの良さと種類の豊富さに定評があります♩ 「敏感肌シリーズ」の化粧水だけでも“さっぱり”タイプ“しっとり”タイプ“高保湿”タイプから選べるので自分好みの化粧水と出会えそう♡ 50mlの小さめサイズで自分に合うものを探してみるのもありですね◎ . 化粧水/乳液(敏感肌用しっとりタイプ)¥260(tax in) . . photo by @a____mer . #mery #regram #instagram #photogenic #instagenic #instagood #instalike #repost #instacosmetics #cosme #cosmetics #skincare #careitem #muji #無印良品週間 #スキンケア #基礎化粧品 #保湿 #乾燥肌 #敏感肌 #化粧水 #乳液 #無印良品 #化粧品 #コスメ #プチプラコスメ #女子力 #女子力向上委員会 #女子力アップ #コスメ好きな人と繋がりたい

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✨ a highlight so bright, it may be brighter than our future 😂 #regram via @louise.keane #glowup #highlight #highlighter

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Sappy post alert: in the fall of 2007 i started my freshman year of college. on the first day of concert choir i met a beautiful ginger lady named meagan (with an a). we immediately bonded over a mutual love of jesus, musical theatre, and food. eventually we became roommates. together we had countless sleepovers, game show marathons, road trips, countless snack times, and lots of sleeping pills. we took vsu by a storm. and now this morning i woke up to the best text message: this beautiful ray of sunshine has become a mommy. #gideonbrian, you are so loved. auntie liz can’t wait to get her hands on you. you have the best mom in the world, and i love her (and you) to moon and back again. truvy’s beauty shop has a new client, y’all! ••• #regram from @meagan_mayne because i can’t be there. ••• 🐽🐷🐮🐶🐱🐭🐰🐤🐣🐔🐥🐴🐝🐏🐑🐓🦃🐾🦔🐇🐀

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Kesendirian mungkin bisa memberikan kekuatan untuk menjalani hidup. tapi untuk menjadi seseorang yang kuat kamu tidak bisa sendirian😄🤔 . . #goodmorning #selamatpagi #ngelamun ☕ ☕ ☕ #bangkukosong #alfa #alanu #batikmodern #followforfollow #regram #pecihitam #likeback #🙄

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Hace unos años leí un libro de consejos de negocios de donald trump, recuerdo una parte que decía "si quieres aprender a hacer pan debes ir con un panadero" la moraleja es simple, si estás por tomar una decisión y no estás seguro, pídele el consejo a la personas más adecuada, luego crecí y me comencé a dar cuenta de que los adultos casi siempre terminan pidiendo consejos a la persona menos indicada, es así como los sacerdotes que dan consejos para que los matrimonios prosperen, que es eso? qué sentido tiene? un sacerdote jamás ha estado casado, que puede saber de convivir con una mujer! el ser más complicado y sujeto a hormonas de toda la creación! bueno, en mi tienda 4 de cada 10 ventas no se concretan, ajá! no se concretan porque ocurre lo siguiente, llega jose manuel con ganas de comprarse algo, tiene toda la intención de gastar hoy en el, nada de guardar para que la novia el fin de semana coma sushi mientras el dice "no no yo con un té verde estoy bien, ya comí" no! esta vez el quiere! pero vino a comprar con su pana ricardo de jesus, mal vestido y envidioso, su pana entra con una gorra de los tigres desteñida, y que le queda chiquita, sino sabe calcular el tamaño de su cabeza y una gorra ya comenzamos mal, también tiene una franela que dice g****o metida por el jean con correa de cuero, las franelas por dentro le están permitidas solamente a señores de más de 60 años, porque en esa edad ya se sufrió bastante y es una señal de rebeldía. los jeans bota ancha y sin ruedo, y zapatos mocasines de esos como con una bolita con faralao de cuero, pues si... jose manuel le pregunta a el! a ricardo de jesus, y la respuesta inmediata es "a mí no me gusta" man! tienes una franela manga ranglan rockabilly en tu mano! y le preguntas a él pana de la gorra de los tigres que lavo en la lavadora! porque esa gente hace eso, lava las gorras en la lavadora, y los mocasines bolita faralada de cuero, yo no sé quién inventó ese zapato y tampoco me importa! (ahorita chequeo eso) pero por favor, puedes estar seguro que a ricardo le puedes preguntar sobre el significado de la vida, sobre algo espiritual, si se viste así es porque está desprendido del mundo material, pero de moda no!

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Red is all ways a good idea ❤️ #selfie #foto #ootd #look #boanoite #goodnight #regram #dinner #jantat

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California dreaming 🌴💕 #regram @florenceolette #dcmoments

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Tea tuesdays. matcha soft serve on my mind.

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