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Little break between two shops. x

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Beautiful #regentstreet #flags!

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Tourist things

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Late night strolls 💕

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I was wearing my lovely outfit from @vivienofholloway for a special occasion last weekend. it is an amazing brand that produces clothes in 40s and 50s style. i first got a dress to go to a wedding from them and now decided it is time to try more causal styles. love the pencil skirt, was not easy for me to find it in usual shops, but this one fits perfectly. adding a bit of vintage charm to london sunny weather. #london #regentstreet #travelling #travelphotography #vintage #girl #vivienofholloway #outfit #phdstudent #researcher #academic #academiclifestyle #phdlife #dayout #pencilskirt #лондон #великобритания #винтаж #стиль #винтажныйстиль #простиль

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That golden hour though 🙌🏻🌆 #goldenhour #london #regentstreet

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Dear monday, to say i’m not impressed is an understatement. after deciding to scoot in to london on the scomadi and getting totally soaked in the rain, i then settle into work and have a lightbulb 💡 reminder about an hour later to pay my weekly parking charge (a massive £3.50). then when i go to leave, a kind gentleman or gentle lady has put a little note and demand for cash on my bike. 😡 i’m assuming the little yellow rain jacket is so it doesn’t get wet. very thoughtful. 🌧 ok, not too bad, my fault i suppose, i should have paid as i stood there rather than do it in the office in the dry. so i head off on my journey home, only to run out of petrol in palmers green. oh just a 0.8 mile walk to the esso. walk down hill, buy petrol, lose 3 pounds in sweat (+bonus!), walk back up hill, 0.8miles, fill up, get on bike, ride home. another reminder to self, not to rely on the petrol gauge🤬. well monday, you didn’t disappoint. but you didn’t beat me, because i don’t dwell. it’s now tuesday, it’s almost sunny, i’ve got a new prospect meeting today and you were yesterday. today is fresh and new and great. enjoy tuesday everyone! #regentstreet #oxfordstreet #carnabystreet #mayfair #soho #scomadi #scootering #scooterlife #londonscooters #scootercommunity #parkingticket #londonlife

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Location: london, uk
photographer: @omnistyle
live on: omnistyle.co.uk

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Everything you could possibly need to start your tuesday strong at the neat café on regent st💥

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리젠트 스트릿 뒷골목에 위치한
고든램지 레스토랑에서 디너. #heddonstreetkitchen #regentstreet

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Hamleys christmas decoration showcase 2015 down regent street. #chrismaslights2015 #christmaslights #centrelondon #regentstreet #christmasatregentstreet

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