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@minervawolf on film

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Keep starin at me sideways

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Sorry the month of june was so quiet on here. i took some time for myself, traveled to europe and took a moment to rest and get inspired again. i have a lot of different ideas and concepts im excited to work on this summer and show you all. if you’re around la and have always wanted to shoot with me please reach out and don’t be shy! im currently shooting my first roll of film ever, im painting again and i feel deeply connected to the divine feminine in a way i never have. thank you for your patience with me and thank you for supporting me and this project. ❤️

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Yo nunca te olvidare de ti, ni tu a mi. -11/12/17🌹

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Every single thing that i shouldn’t do seems to come so natural

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Almost there 💥 @sophiachawki / @lenis_models

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Monday (iii)

models: @ambraaromero & @snchz.10

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The yin to my yang ♥️☯️👭 @triciaxpain .
📸 @toxiclovephotography

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Summer film w @babiloniafromhell

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Monday (ii)

models: @ambraaromero & @snchz.10

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I just wanna go where i can get some space

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Monday (i)

models: @ambraaromero & @snchz.10

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Sippin’ gin and juice
laying underneath them palm trees

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