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1. portada de revista
2. si me meto más me ahogo
3. hacía tiempo que no sonreía así
gracias, @ingridschramek .
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Bill gates isnt one of my fav people in the world but he does indeed have a lot of kangen machines and is conscious of how amazing this water is for health! the elite always know about the best of the best and its no surprise that hes got kangen💪🏻

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Namaste the f**k away from me, bloodmouths

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Stormy bath bomb from @pearlbathbombs
stormy is the pair to the rainbow bath bomb i previously used.
i loved this one. it's big and has a cute design. it smelled good and made my skin super soft. the water was a very pretty purple. i got a nice black stone ring. i would definitely recommend and would buy it again. i was hesitant to buy this at first but im glad i got it.
#pearlbathbombs #ringbathbomb #bath #bathbomb #stormy #cloud #blue #silver #purple #purplewater #blackstonering #stormybathbomb

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Y’all playing my man on platinum level. told y’all there are levels to this shit. #rkwater #purplewater #diamonds

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I think we all know what it should actually say: drink me i am chemically "alkaline" water with baking soda. chemically treated for deception and more profits. this will do nothing good for your health.

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This was a big game changer for me. i love not buying and having harmful toxic chemicals in my home. now i dont have to. my kangen machine produces my cleaning materials for me right in my home! 10x stronger than bleach too🤙🏼

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When she gives birth, her calf will typically be removed within 36 hours, so the farmers can steal and sell you the milk that is meant for her baby (exactly like how a human mothers milk is meant for her baby). wildlife experts say that a strong bond between cow and calf is formed quickly after birth.

following that callous seperation, the mother will bellow and scream for days, wondering where her baby is. the answer depends on the gender of the calf. if male, he will probably either be shot and tossed in to a bin, or sold to be raised for veal, which delays his death by just a matter of months. but if the calf is female, she will usually be prepared for her own entry into dairy production, where she will face the same cycle of hell that her mother is trapped in: forced impregnation, the theft of her baby, and a return to the cattle crush two or three months later

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《purple water》


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Live longer, have more energy, look younger. kangen is literally the fountain of youth! this water is so powerful. its not surprising the longest living people (people of the hunza valley) were drinking this water- water with an extra molecule of hydrogen, same as kangen water! for optimal health benefits get your today and dm me!

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I love dogs just as much as the next karen does.. but cows are absolutely beautiful 🥺🥰😍. and see the thing is, even if they were ugly i still wouldnt eat their corpse because animals are living beings and why the hell would i do that when i could just eat some pasta instead 🤔

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💜💜purple tea💜💜
💜black wolfberry tea is so beautiful and fill up my heart.🦁

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💜💜💜 giveway💜💜💜
canada/us only
you love purple? you love bathing?? you love selfcare?
you can win:
-purple bubblegum bathbomb..and
-sweet berries and frosted evergreen bathbomb! !! to enter:
-like this post -follow us @melissaminou
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thats it!!🙌🙌🙌 winner will be annonced on december 20!!💜 #giveway #giveaway #contest #bathbomb #bathbombaddict #bathing #purple #selfcare #beautiful #colors #perfume #picture #photo #concours #bathtime #naturalcosmetic #indie #brand #naturellementbain #bubblegum #berries #purplewater #lifestyle

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Bottled water is toxic. i say it all day everyday to yall, but honestly i see so many people drinking it and its so sad to see! bottled water is what we call "dead" water it is filled with chemicals and plastic that has been leeched in to the water from the plastic bottles sitting in warehouses, in trucks, out in the sun etc for long amounts of time! do something for your health and your future... dm me today and lets talk kangen!💙💦

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Big heads up!! this is why that bottled "alkalized ionized" water you be buying off amazon and in the store is a scam. yall shouldnt be drinking bottled water period- but buying bottled "ionized" water is even worse because theyre making you pay more since its "ionized". bottled water companies are selling you bottles! not water. remember.

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Well i didn’t think i’d be sharing my bath tonight 🙄😹😻. #catinthebath #bodysurfing #desperateforcuddles #kittens #plodging #purplewater

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I can definitely say i dont miss going to an office job and putting on my "normie suit" everyday! thank god for working from home 😫🙏🏼🙌🏼 laptop lifetsyle doesnt get any better! ask me how, ill put you on🙏🏼🙌🏼 #kangen #enagic #business #workfromhome #beyourownboss #millionairemindset #laptoplifetsyle

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Works wonders!💚🌱

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My girl power bubble bar has lost so much colour, it barley created coloured water when it was bright, so as you can imagine no colour in this bath just plenty of bubbles xx #girlpower #girlpowerbubblebar #girly #girlystuff #girlybath #bubblebar #lushcutting #lush #lushlife #lushlabs #lushie #lushlancaster #lushcommunity #lushmothersday #purplewater #purple #lilac #lushlabs #bergamot #cedarwood #ylangylang #benzoin @lush @lush lancaster @lush cosmetics @lush kitchen

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This pretty much explains the power and benefits of kangen water. this medical machine also lasts 40+ years. it has an iso medical certification for a good reason and also used in every japanese hospital.
everyone should be drinking this water. message me now to get on board before the end of the year to start you new year off right!

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Ionized alkaline water allll the way!!💦⚡ dm to get a kangen machine and produce your own ionized alkalized water at home!🙏🏼🙌🏼

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Plants are not sentient beings. i refuse to believe that carnis actually believe they are, nobody can be that stupid, surely😂😂 but then again..🤔

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Do you own or regularly visit a small luxury hotel?
does it serve kangen water?
great to see that the london @bulgarihotels provides kangen water to their guests, poolside in the spa area.
kangen water is becoming recognized as the water for wellness- being oxidant rich, alkalized for optimal physical wellbeing, and free from pollutants and contaminants.
however you dont need to visit a luxury hotel to enjoy the benefits of kangen water- models are available from small to large home use, and even for commercial business use. 📩dm me to order your machine today!

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Do you guys have any fav affirmations for when youre smudging?🙏🏼

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Leave cow t***y juice for the baby cows! we are the only species that consumes another species secretions😷🤢 its not meant for us. interspecies breastfeeding is scary. btw youre not lactose intolerant.. youre just not a baby cow.

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Hemp growers are obsessed with kangen technology! •stimulates germination
•improves seeding development •assists plants in nutrient and oxygen uptake
•plants will grow faster and healthier
•prevents oxidation of plants
•grow more potent plants •increases your yield
treatment and prevention of pests: by alternating the 2.5 and 11.5ph waters, you can also k**l russet-mites with no residue because the water just evaporates! 11.5 water also gets rid of powdery mildew as well!

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No such thing as a "humane" killing/slaughter!

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Do you really know what is in your drinking water? your little brita filter or refrigerator isn't doing anything. keep falling for the marketing scam but it's only making your body more and more acidic and creating more illness.
i have never felt better in my life than i have these past 7 months of drinking kangen water. my thoughts are more clear and i have so much energy. its cause i am giving my body what it needs. i'm not giving it this chemical cocktail (tap water)

i just want everyone to benefit from this water. please message me if you want to know more!

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You do not want fake alkaline water that has been sitting in plastic and is only "alkaline" due to all the chemicals they had to put in it to make it so! this is artificial. real alkalized water is what you want . and it is made so naturally by electricity! kangen mimics nature. kangen water is an anti-oxidant. so it is actually turning back the clock.. anything you eat or drink that is oxidizing is aging you.
did you know you would have to eat 5lbs of blueberries to equal the amount of antioxidants in one glass of kangen?
real alkaline water does not sit in plastic bottles and stored away in warehouses and shelves for months!🚫 switch to kangen water for real alkaline that has real health benefits💦💙

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Got a new lava lamp for the accommodation office today.... so relaxing to watch the lava bubbles swirling around #lavalamp #lavalampbubbles #retro #yellowwaxbubbles #purplewater #relaxingtowatch#floatinglavabubbles #thecubeloughborough #thecubefamily #studentaccommodation #crmstudents #loughborough #lborouniversity #lborofamily

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Colour explosion!!💜💜
#purplesky #purplesky💜 #purplewater #purplesunset #sunsetphotography #sunset

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I wish i could show you how truly shimmery this water is... ⁣

#bathwater #shimmer #glitter #glitterwater #endwater #purple #purplewater

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He titulado las fotos:

1. portada de revista
2. si me meto más me ahogo
3. hacía tiempo que no sonreía así
gracias, @ingridschramek .
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Unicorn tear bathbomb! happy early birthday to me!!! #bathbomb #fragrancejewels #unicorntear #colorful #purplewater #bathday

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The view from atlantis. the view from afar. ancient experiences, sun setting into rainbow waters. marina, golden gate. looking toward neptune, dreamtime.
#bayarea #sfbayarea #views #visions #sfbay #goldengate #goldengatebridge #imagination #thesun #sunglow #glow #purplewater #purple #expansion #rainbowwaters #starseed #avatar #lemurian #atlantean #lyran #annunaki #ancientones #titans #andromedans #andromeda #soul #spirit #soulspaces #colors

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The milk that is meant to grow a calf into a full grown cow is being stolen by you , a grown a*s human. the calf then is taken away from its mother that they need and being turned in to veal. all for you. do you really think youre so above these beings that you can do whatever you want with them? interspecies breastfeeding is so scary. you arent lactose intolerent, youre just not a baby cow btw😜🐄

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Dairy is scary🤢😱

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Jillian michaels is an expert in fitness and wellness. she doesnt get behind anything unless its the real deal and she believes in it ! she has absolutely no financial incentive from talking about it. you need to wake up and understand how important it is to feed the cells in your body the best water!
📩dm me and we can get yours ordered today before the holidays

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Karma will be paid for the dead bodies you consume on a daily basis. consume life. living water, and living foods. drastic life changes will occur💚🙌🏼 dm me and lets get you drinking living water , not dead water drained of all things beneficial. dm me for help with a vegan diet too📩

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*or for you

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Just use loose tea!! its so much better for the environment, tastes better, and is healthier for you because you wont be consuming harmful micro-plastics!

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Are bodies are composed of over 73% water. its no wonder people are walking around sick all the time. wouldnt it make sense that its from the fuel (water) you're putting in your machine (your body). with us being made of so much water it should be utmost priority for you to put the best water in your body. the dead water you drink is making you sick. you should know whats in ur water always thats why my kangen water 9.5 is the only water i will drink!

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Tap is crap, and fluoride is death. remove all fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, hormone disrupters and many other impurities with a kangen machine and the prefilter. *dm for the best few videos that teach you everything and to get your machine today
🙏🏼about a 30 min watch and youll pretty much know it all✅

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Purplicious bath and some hits from 1998! features: karma bubble bar from @lush_ausnz and a cute little pudding bath bomb! #bathandbeats #lush #lushau #purplewater #bath #hitsofthe90’s

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So pround of this super bathbomb 💜💜💜 swipe for demo👈 i just add it to my web site 🙌🙌🙌 if you like glitters and candy scent...just sayinnn...loll
link in bio
@melissaminou .
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