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Can’t wait to go back here #danapoint

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Non importa quante volte cercheranno di buttarti a terra cercando di ridurti in frantumi. l’importante è riuscire a rialzarsi sempre con maggior vigore. i pezzi verranno ricomposti dandoti sempre più forza e splendore 🍀🌞

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"a place in perception" - oil on canvas - 25cm x 35cm this is part i of a small four part series of paintings i made while in italy. i'd say this my first actual oil painting and was a process i've been looking to do for some time now. the concept will unfold more within the subsequent paintings. but looking to work more in this vein.

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Monte sant'angelo in versione originalll
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My heart is the italian summer: masseria moroseta 💙puliga, italy #todolist #puglia #italy #travel #boutiquehotel @masseriamoroseta

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Nothing's more magical than god's wonders. ❤

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Natural world 🍃

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