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Or as henry rollins said " i wish i had the courage to let go of what is killing me." it's the big step i'm trying to small step into. it's the hardest journey of my life. 💛

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If you are following me it means you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse. the problem that most face are trauma bonding, so you find it hard to leave and become addicted to the abuse combined with love bombing 💣. in order to break free you have to go no contact so it means you have to stop entertaining the clown. it will be hard but it does get better once you have overcome the withdrawal symptoms. *
visit my website in my profile if you want one to one support in your recovery. *

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Music has the power to heal. many of our veteran music therapy retreat participants felt their lives changed for the better. describing feelings of hope, peace, relief, and happiness, 83% showed a clinically meaningful reduction in their levels of stress and anxiety. #connectingveterans #ptsd #musictherapy 📷: @marcusserranophoto

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Four things that k**l your productivity

over time i have noticed four things that commonly stop my business clients from being productive.
these are personal reflections and i hope they will be a starting point to help you examine why you do what you do and how you do it.
1) that everything is equally important. the truth is it simply isn’t. you can not have 15 number 1’s on your priority list. you can only have one most important thing. and that is the thing you should be working on.
2) multitasking is just not true. you cant to it. it is physically impossible. your eyes can only look at one thing at a time. your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time.
3) will power is an endless resource in your life. i’ve just never found this to be true. depending on the task and even the time of day. depending on my energy levels or my stress level, my will power is strong or my will power is weak.
4) we all need to live a balanced life…wow, you’re awesome…in my world i’m swimming or drowning…thats the only true multitasking ! life is a river not a pie friend.
. .
courtesy of @drjohnaking🙏
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Accurate #potofgold

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Past is the past #420pm

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🌊 i am the passenger | #iggypop ⭐️

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ptsd has been acting up real f*****g bad lately!
fuck off flashbacks! 🖕🏻
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