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I wrote this in bed march and edited it while sitting in a train station in london this morning. life is weird.

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The dead school of art; //

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They could look to the inspired for inspiration, those that now prayed to the rain, followed the way of the water, baptisms in droves in the lakes and in the flooded areas along main street. they claimed god was creating a new sky for them. out in their long white robes gesturing towards the heavens from the drink. the reverend turned to his people, painted with words some little slab of holy light up in that sky that to the non-believers had no color save gray — “revelations 21:23. ‘and the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon to shine in it: for the glory of god did lighten it, and the lamb is the light thereof.’
the able bodied made it down into the water and they prayed and some of them the reverend held and a woman brought down her two children and with handfuls of the dark water the reverend baptized them. they sang. the reverend in his white slicker dances, sings. jabs a fist into the water and comes back with a fish and he holds it above his head in his fist. sacrificed it to the rain. claimed it had died over and over again and still it swims. he dips the fish back into the water and sets it free and smiles a wild and knowing smile and those around him claim him holy, powerful, and he tells them “that’s not true, that’s not true” and then he blesses the rain. #writingcommunity #writers #writersofinstagram #creativewriting #writersofig #writersofinsta #fiction #prose #fictionwriter #fictionwriting #fictionwritersofinstagram

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Tuesday, june 12
8:15 p.m.

over thinking;
yesterday my father asked me to either be completely in it or to not even think of it at all, don't let anything hang in between, he added.
he said that when i wasn't able to carry the 'sari' rather traditionally and decided to just fold it on me in whatever way comfortable
here i am today not wearing a sari but only loose pyjamas, engaging in introspection, thinking of how his daily talks are so profusely bonded with life lessons,
how just normal conversations with him are so much inflicted with wisdom,
thinking of how a mere act of wrapping a sari can be a metaphor for living;
"wrap the life on you in the best way, not the comfortable way, because comfort won't you give u best life, a lil discomfort with grace will!"

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Your thoughts are the stars in the night sky// the night sky never gets tired of its stars. it never gets bored of them. no matter how long the stars stay there, it never stops them. but when a star is there for too long, when its beauty, its light can no longer be handled by the sky, it shoots it.

thousands of people make wishes when they see that shooting star.

lonely wishes for love, lovers wish for eternity, eternal wishes for something new, new wishes for attention, some wishes for happiness, smile and what not.

everyone has something to take from the star. something or the other.

similarly, your thoughts. they are the stars if your mind is the night sky.

no matter how long a thought stays. let it be. because one day it will be so strong and beautiful that your mind will shoot it, shoot it in words.

thousands of people will read it. lovers, lonely, eternal, sad, happy. everyone.

and you know what will be the best part?

they all will have something to take from it. something or the other.

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Forget about dust from #forsoulslikemine. link in bio.

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The trick is to breathe,
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You're a sky with satellites; a poem
you're a sky with satellites
and i have only signs for you
you're a sky with satellites
and i'm trying to connect with you

if you want,
respond back
be it either with a goodbye
because if this is us
what good is it
what good is this if you dont stop
and i can't fly,

you're a sky with satellites
and i am your heart and lungs
how do you stay away
knowing i might be the one
if you want,
respond back
be it either with a goodbye
and if you want
signal me,
and i'll tune into our song
because if this is us
what good is it
maybe the song will bring up
what we hide,

if you want,
disconnect with me
i will throw all these wires
because if this is us
it is no good
as we'll end in a dreadful fire
so dear, disconnect with me,
before we burn down the skies
float away
to some far away place
so that i can learn
that we were never tied,


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The broken ones,
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