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Passando pra embelezar sua tarde 💓

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Truth be told, i went out of my comfort zone to wear that crop top hoodie especially knowing that i was going to be showing part of my stomach that currently has stretch marks & is loose due to having baby julian back in december.......but then my husband reminds me that i just had a baby 2 1/2 months ago; i should be proud of that & i shouldn’t be ashamed of my post baby body especially when my body is still not fully recovered and back to its norm. so to all my mamas out there....don’t be ashamed of your body after your baby, our bodies did an amazing thing called life. 🖤

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Postpartum isn’t glamorous...
it’s sleepless nights that bleed into early mornings
it’s leaky boobs, clogged ducts, and nursing pads that never stay put
it’s squishy belly’s and stretched skin .
it’s disposable undies, peri bottles, frozen pads, b****t pumps, nursing bras, and n****e creams
it’s uncertainty and anxiety .
but it’s also moments like this...
it’s those sweet cuddles in the wee hours of the morning. the quiet moments where it’s just the two of us... growing, learning, navigating this journey together
postpartum isn’t glamorous...but it sure can be beautiful❤️

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One week postpartum👶🏻💕just 3 weeks ago i took the photo on the left waiting in anticipation for easton’s arrival. our lives have yet again changed forever, and i can’t imagine life without him now❤️ raise your hand in the comments if you’ve birthed a child!🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️our bodies can do such amazing things and i am so beyond grateful for this body of mine, because even though it’s squishy right now and not the “same as before”, it is better because it has grown 4 amazing children for our family👧🏼👦🏼👶🏻👶🏻💪🏻 #postpartumjourney #1weekpostpartum

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Just lounging in my renard and elliott tights @renard_elliott. they breathe well when i run around like a mad women while mila is napping. ever feel like you’re trying to break a world record speed cleaning during naps? 😂 .
we’ve just been taking it easy this week and listening to what feels best for us and our bodies ❤️

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I went to register kaia for school yesterday. as i was sitting there filling out her form a woman came in with three children. one was kaia’s age, one looked to be around theo’s age and she also had a little girl sitting on her hip - she looked to be about 9-10 months old. she was speaking to the ladies at the front desk and asking their opinion about whether she should register her son now or wait because he is a november baby. in the same breathe, she said, “my husband passed away last year,” and finished her sentence - i’m not exactly sure what she said because i was stuck. i silently started crying, tears were hitting kaia’s admission form, i wanted to get up and hug her and ask her if she needed anything, a friend, a glass of wine, a babysitter, i really don’t know, i have no idea what i could have done to have helped because i have no idea what she is going through. i left because she was still talking to the admin but as i walked away i thought about everything i had complained about that day and how measly and pointless it all was. it put my entire life into perspective. i have never been around a stranger and heard those words being said, i related to her as a mother and can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through. i called matt and told him i loved him but what i really wanted to do was sit down with this woman and talk. i know it’s a long shot but i also know halifax is small - i’m really hoping you guys can pull through on this one and help me find her because i immensely regretted leaving without telling her how strong she was. she was undecided on the school she wanted to send her son too, and i am also up in the air with sending kaia there or to a french immersion school so i’m not sure we’ll ever bump into each other again.

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Bounced back like 2-3 did with 4-5 !
#postbaby #postnatal #wcw

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......wears animal print shirt, feels fierce af🦄💁🏻‍♀️ who’s ready to level up today?!?
let’s crush it!!!!
what are 2 things you are doing that are growing you in the best direction of evolving into your best self?
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Question: can you achieve a flat stomach without sit-ups and planks?? absolutely!! 🎉

team my low impact exercises with our wholefoods nutrition program to help you achieve your goals! it’s all there for you to achieve optimal success! no catches! just ask me how you can get started.

1️⃣ elbow to knee crunch x 15 each side.
2️⃣ squat knee taps x 20 alternating sides.
3️⃣ bug legs x 20 alternating sides. opposite arm to leg.
4️⃣ squat cross overs x 20 alternating sides. keeping this exercise bent over, will take the pressure off your back.
5️⃣ arm and leg extensions x 15 each side. opposite arm and leg. keep a neutral spine.

lock it in! and remember that even just one ☝🏻 round, your body will thank you for! 🤗

h a p p y s a t u r d a y!! 💋

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Made a promise to myself that i’d be writing and sharing more in my blog. first post of the year!! go check it out. blog link in bio. if you’re moved by it share and comment.
today i shared about affirming new moms and what the highs and lows of motherhood may look like. tribe, share with your mom friends. and moms-to-be.
i wrote these affirmations because i needed it in october while baby moon 🌙 was about 5weeks old. i hope someone receives this message and it gives them a sense of hope and affirms them. ✨💛✨
#empoweredbycathy #afitsoulrevolution

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Première soirée fille entre adultes #3months #postbaby

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11 months postpartum & i want to be honest!! i am guilty of posting pictures with my best angles & often flexed but the reality is that i don’t look like that most of the time. i work out and love fitness but i do not want to give a false representation of postpartum recovery anymore.
advice all over the internet tells moms how to “bounce back” , “snap back” or how to get their body back.
that type of advertising is doing us all a disservice. we fail to remember that postpartum women are getting little sleep, experiencing hormonal shifts, healing post birth, all while attending to a new baby. so setting these unrealistic expectations can leave us all feeling deflated, defeated, and depressed.
things need to shift, especially in the fitness community. it's not about getting your body back, it's about figuring out how to move through life in this new body that you're in today and more importantly how to attain a positive mental state.
we need to all be more real on social media.
so here i go, i am dealing with pelvic floor discomfort and probably need rehab for it.
i have stretch marks on my lower belly, legs and b**t that are new and was editing out.
i also have cellulite now. my upper abdomen is starting to tighten but my lower abdomen is loose and pudgey. i’m tired of posed angles, smoothing skin through facetune. im tired or seeing and i’m tired of setting false expectations for moms and soon to be moms.
let’s use exercise/nutrition to nourish our bodies and strengthen our mentality not to try to achieve unrealistic aesthetics.
so to you mamas out there, remember that you're a powerful, incredible human being just the way you are today. you're strong and resilient and your body—whatever size it may be—nurtured and birthed a tiny human, be kind to yourself. i know i’m trying to be.

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Day 2 #realigmum || rome wasn’t built in a day! it can be hard as a mummy to keep the house s**c and span... my advice is don’t. your baby won’t benefit from an immaculate house or your ocd tendencies (guilty as charged 😅) but they will benefit from you investing that extra time into loving and nurturing them 🥰

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Wie ich ja immer sage, braucht es auf alle fälle zeit in der rückbildung.⁣
aber nicht nur die. ⁣
auch die äußeren, und natürlich inneren, umstände sollten so gut wie möglich in einklang stehen.⁣
die grundbedürfnisse müssen ausgeglichen sein, damit es einem gut geht und man gesund bleibt.⁣
essen, trinken, schlafen, atmen, sich bewegen.⁣
danach kommt das ganze nochmal mit qualität.⁣
gesund und genug essen und trinken.⁣
gut atmen und durchatmen.⁣
sich so bewegen, dass es den körper fördert, aber nicht überfordert.⁣
dann kommt noch das umfeld hinzu.⁣
stress vermeiden. das kann man heute fast kaum noch, also irgendwie so reduzieren, dass man auch entspannung finden kann im stress. sich täglich seine kleinen auszeiten nehmen.⁣
das soziales umfeld. ⁣
lärm ruhe. ⁣
spaß und inspiration.⁣
und noch viele aspekte mehr.⁣
nur um ein paar dinge zu nennen.⁣
es ist oft nicht einfach alles auf einmal in ordnung zu bringen. aber es ist besser irgendwo zu starten als nirgendwo 💕🌸😊

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Here is life these days 😘😫🙌🏽 not much glam for the gram but reality! keeping it real.🌺 tooth brush in mouth, kauwela nursing, & learning to multi task 3 weeks post delivery & everyday brings a new challenge. 🤯 there are lots of emotions & hormonal fluctuations these days😫 honestly just making the best of it starting with my mental outlook & good quality nutrition. post partum is real and many mothers post birth experience moods coming on strong especially with minimal sleep & though it's not discussed much it should be.
it's a longer road to recovery than expected & a longer wait to train the way i want to but i am often reminded i am just blessed to be here breathing & even have the opportunity to complain ":) so i will wait patiently. 🥰 i am grateful for these experiences now and many to come moving forward. looking forward to 4pack ab view sometime in the future 🤔 but for now i will enjoy the view & learn to embrace #bodypositivity & acquire the patience needed.
what i find most profound and rewarding are not the end results but the road built & endurance created that will navigate the path i choose along the way. so here is to my journey & your present moments. i encourage you to embrace your recovery without giving up in the process. trust the process & of course happy aloha friday to friends, fam, and my very special ohana. love you. here is a bit of #reality #forthegram
#postpartumhemorrhage #postbaby

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Summer sale as low as $19.99 on all latex waist trainers. promo code: summer
catch our sale while supplies click the link in our bio & shop now. #mybodyrocker #sale #waist #ericamena #postbabybody #postbabyworkout #postbaby

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Mon petite lapin 🐇 (our favourite nursery rhyme)
super soft towel from @thelittlegreensheep can’t deal with the ears 💘 (gifted) #thelittlegreensheep

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Postpartum is hard!! my husband said at the hospital i should’ve taken a picture right after birth to compare but i couldn’t. i was so disgusted with what i saw, it looked like i still had a baby in my belly..but...he was on the outside...but i’d do it again as i’m so in love with our little nugget!! 1 week, 1 day post baby and things are moving quickly somewhat back into place quicker then i had anticipated. which i’m shocked because i haven’t moved much as my v is still in some pain!!😮. i thought pregnancy was hard...but that was a walk in the park compared to this saggy skin, my hour glass shape is no longer and mess i am currently(i need a shower🚿 too 😂🤷‍♀️) but things will get better and tighter with time!!!😄 hang in there all the mamas out there struggling with your post baby body!! try to stay positive we are beautiful and all are doing amazing things by making our lil humans!!😘😘 they are so worth it!!!❤️🥰😍👶🏼
. .
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You've grown and birth a beautiful soul. your body has transformed in so many magical and painful ways, and it continues to be a source for your child.

love it. embrace it. accept your new body.
. 💚 💚 💚 💚

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A lovely, honest review from emily who purchased my fitmotherhood program.⠀

emily wasn't new to the postpartum world, but found that it didn't matter when it came to starting the program. ⠀
she started off at phase one which focuses solely on the core and pelvic floor and connecting that with the breathing. ⠀
she has just begun the second phase and is finding it easy to read, digest and perform.⠀

thank you so much for your lovely review emily.⠀

if you are interested in finding out if my fitmotherhood program is for you, then check out either the link in my bio, or the highlight story 'fitmotherhood'.⠀

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Soooo i always record my weight on fridays and thought how cool it was to land on the last day of the month again too... except #leapyear 🤦🏻‍♀️ i already did this calendar though so we’re just going to roll with it 😆
officially 45 pounds down and at my pre-pregnancy weight with my third baby just under five months later. that is huge for me. all through diet alone—i just started working out last week. nutrition is so important!

#postpartum #postpregnancy #postbaby #boymom #fit #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitfam #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #beforeandafter #weightlossmotivation

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::fitness friday::
oh ya know, just trying to get an ab workout in with a baby that wants to snuggle.
i’m sure she’s thinkin, “mom that face your making is quite entertaining!” 🤣
did you get a workout in today?
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want your kids to eat the leftovers in the fridge?
make this salad 😂
they eventually tried it and several really liked it. very quick and easy, will be making again, especially when avocado goes on sale.
recipe called for avocado, chickpea, green onion, cilantro, feta and lime juice. i completely forgot the cilantro (in my fridge) and subbed lime eo for the lime juice. will probably make it again tomorrow and not forget the cilantro next time 🌱

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It's still february! that means it's still time to save 15% off any purchase. that's right. no minimum needed!⠀

just enter the code heart15 before completing checkout!⠀

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Zo 2.0
we welcomed our 4th member to this world 💙 ~ zohaan ansari 👼 (watch video for his glimpse)
hello there instafam.
thank you for all those who messaged with concern on my absence.
yes, zo junior arrived on 23rd february - and totally rocked our world upside down in every essence since then (and will continue to here on , inshallah) 💙
all of us are doing fine - alhamdulilah - dealing with a few postpartum struggles that come with the package 😊 the sleepless clueless nights, postpartum healing, nursing challenges - et al.
so continue to keep us in your prayers. 💙🙏 will soon bounce back.
lots of love.

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Your 🎉 f r i d a y 🎉 reminder that 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝑪𝒂𝒏 𝑫𝒐 𝑰𝒕! 💪🏼 •

whatever your goal, you can totally do this. ✅ •

18 months ago (the left) i was like 10 months pregnant thinking i’d never be “me” again. fast forward to now - that badass on the right - she proved the old me wrong. and she proves it every day. 🔥

whatever your goal, go after it with consistency and reckless determination.💕

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Some people might be too embarrassed to show off the second picture but i have no shame in my game. it is what it is, i’m a tired a*s mom that never shows myself self love. but remember what i promised myself for 2020? all the self love. i painted my nails, and my toes, shaved my legs and chopped off all my hair yesterday. t’was a good day. major shoutout to one of my besties for making me feel real, real nice. off i go to hang with matt. 🍆 💅🏻 #selfloveisthebestlove

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I joined the beachbody community 3 years ago, not because i wanted or needed to lose weight - but because i needed something in my life that was going to help me stick with something & that i could actually be passionate about it [chronic let’s try this pinterest workout and another new diet-er]. after having previously ventured into a million and one different fitness plans, diets, online businesses.....everyone around me was probably rolling the heck out of their eyes thinking yeah okay🤪, we will see. ⠀

i knew other people were going to doubt me, which is why every single day for the past almost 3 years now - i’ve shown up. i’ve done my workout, i’ve completed the program, i’ve gotten the results. when i discovered that this was exactly what i needed to provide me with something i could be consistent with, and that i really truly enjoyed that was making me feel amazing....i knew it was going to stick, and i knew i had to share it with others. i so desperately needed this, and finding the consistency and lifestyle i have now has completely transformed my life & my body [clearly🤪].⠀

i don’t share about this to say “heyyyy look at me, i’m consistent 🤩👋🏽🤪😂”....i share it because i know how it feels to finally find something that works. to finally find something that will make health, fitness, showing up, and being your best self more fun. to finally find something you can do for you instead of making excuses. so hey girl, i’m here to show you that it’s possible to actually stick with something & get the results you’ve been wanting - but you have to be willing to put in the work.⠀

with an upcoming new week/new month/or even just a new day - you have a new opportunity to just s t a r t, are you going to take it? 5 more spot available to kick off march strong together by being eachother’s biggest cheerleaders. you in?💪🏼

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Dejeuner !! omelette/dés de dinde
salade !! 😄
#requilibragealimentaire #pertedepoids #postbaby #postgrossesse #nonauxkilos

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been pretty quite on here the last week or so.
went back home to surprise my parents last weekend which meant i've been up against it this week with the house work etc.
i was in such a good routine with it all and it's amazing how a weekend away can really throw you out! no drama tho, this weekend is set to be horrid weather so no better excuse than to get all the housework done, ironing and washing baskets cleared and get back on top of my game 🙌
also, nutrition on point this week and i'm definitely feeling the benefits thanks to our 21 day challenge, next one starts 9th march if you wanna get involved! thomas will be 14 weeks on sunday, mental how fast it's going😱 first holiday with him in 11 weeks. let's see if my abs will make an appearance 🤞😍 #postbabybody #postpartumweightloss #postbaby

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Outdoor exercise provides a mental health boost beyond that of indoor gyms. moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood (barton and pretty, 2010). exposure to sunlight enhances vitamin d production, which may be partially responsible for this mood-enhancing effect (kerr et al., 2015).
research also shows that as little as five minutes of outdoor exercise can improve self-esteem (barton and pretty, 2010).
one of the greatest benefits of outdoor exercise lies in its inherent opportunity to connect with mother nature and your community. .
to join our outdoor sessions designed for mums in willoughby or lane cove follow the link in bio or send me a dm.

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Roast veg for dinner tonight. add a little quinoa, feta, beetroot and your fav dressing 🤩👌🏻⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#resultsthroughnutrition ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#weightmatinance ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#coldpressedaloe ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Say this...instead of this...
follow @ebabyzoom for more.

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Hear me out...
i know i just had a baby but somehow i feel like she’s just growing too fast and time either needs to slow down or i’m just going to have to keep having babies😂
we always said we wanted two children so when i brought up the idea of three to my husband i could just see the flicker of fear in his eyes🤣👏🏼 (at this point he’s already outnumbered 3 to 1 so idk if his little heart can handle another🤣)
what about you? all girls too? all boys? both!?❤️

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A week after lucas was born ➡️ now. slowly getting there! #postbaby

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The beauty of rose quartz crystal. is a stone of the heart. a crystal of unconditional love. it carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace. it speaks directly to the heart chakra, dissolving emotional wounds & fears. sending all you beauties healing energy 💫
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Wow...yea not the picture i had planned for tonight but after watching that dang @hallmark commercial about motherhood (head to my stories to check it out) i decided i wanted to add a little more raw, real, and in the moment type of content on here. kids are flipping exhausting. they make you so happy and frustrated all within the same breath. there’s nothing more incredible than being their mom and these moments of them being little are fleeting. @hallmark does it again, making this mama cry over a 3 minute commercial 😭😅 ,
#hallmarkdoesitagain #hallmark

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#tbt this mom committed herself to moving 30mins a day after having her daughter. she transformed her mind and body in a way she never thought possible. this momma is me! as i embark to second postpartum journey, i am excited to see how my body responds. to look and feel like my best self. .
#fitmama #fitmomlife #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #transformation #hardworkpaysoffs #postbaby #snapbackmomfitness #mombod #mombody #cltfitlife #charlottefitmoms #30minsaday #momlife #motherhood #fitchick

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Huge milestone for me on this #postpregnancy journey. ran 3 miles today, without stopping, at a 10:46 pace 👍👍 i know i am far from my #halfmarathon pace goal for april but i am getting more confident that i wont have to walk at each mile marker 🏃‍♀️ .
#postbaby #afterbabyfitness #fitatc #halfmarathontraining #revelmtcharleston #revelraces #runner #running #gettingbackontrack #babyrab #4mos

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I was so mad this morning. over something stupid. nothing seemed to go right and it was just one of those morning. then in a split second it all changed. we came up on a terrible accident right after it happened. it was a girl in her mid twenties. she was newly married, on her way to work when in a desolate road she collided with a truck carrying an rv. my husband raced in to help her. she was so confused and kept asking the same thing over and over again. she was trapped by the top of her car and the windshield that had collapsed in on her. it took a good 45 minutes for ems to arrive and get her life flighted to the nearest hospital. she had a compound fracture to her arm, severe laceration to the face and obvious head injury, who knows what else. she is blessed to be alive. even the officer said these normally end in a fatality. i felt so s****d for letting these tiny things that morning steal my joy. that could have been us if we had left on time like we were supposed to. i gave my husband a kiss and told him i loved him. i hugged my kiddos and appreciated them more than usual. god put us in the right place at the right time. what are the chances we’re first on scene and my husband used to be a paramedic? we helped save a life today. please lift her up in prayer y’all! and count your blessing in this life because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, or even another hour of life.

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#throwbackthursday to this day last year. almost 7 months pregnant on the right, and today 8 months post baby in the left. thankful my health and the things my body is able to do❤️💪🏻 .

#iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #wedothework #duespaid #postbaby #postpartumbody #mombod #fitmom #veganmom #motivation #inspire #bodiesbybarbie #thankful #tattoo

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these protein balls are highly addictive 😭
• 1 1/2 cups rolled oats
• 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (i use a plant based protein powder)
• 1/2 tsp cinnamon
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter (or any nut butter)
• 3 tbsp natural honey
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1/3 cup almonds (or your preferred add-in; chocolate chips, etc)
• 2–3 tbsp almond milk or oat milk

mix all ingredients except for milk together first, then add in milk 1 tbsp at a time until a nice sticky consistency

roll into balls and let set in fridge for at least 30 mins

store in the fridge

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9 months in ⬅️ & 9 months out➡️ just nine months ago, i was pregnant and counting down the days until we would finally hold our little leo. fast forward to today, i’m chasing my sweet fun-loving boy around the house all day, belly laughing constantly, and embracing mama hood more each day.😇🤗🥳 #postpartum #mama #babyboy #plantbasedlifestyle #postbaby #9monthsold #beforeandafter #pregnancy #babyfashion #snapback #momsofinstagram #momlife

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Sometimes we need to be pushed a little in order to even realize we need to change. i remember like it was yesterday, a girl kept coming to work day after day looking healthier each day and talking about the shake (🙄) she was drinking, workout she was doing and was making money just for doing it. i was pregnant at the time and it was in that moment i decided...this was going to be my plan post baby. get in shape, yet again (my kids are 21 months apart and 2 years apart), but this time i was going to do it with others and make some extra cash while doing it. it’s changed every part of me and it could do the same for you. you never know until you try!
also, i’m fully aware my socks aren’t helping my fashion game but my feet are freezing and i can’t take one more day of winter 😫

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Todo la ternura.
toda carita sonriente.
todo el contenido de bebés.
toda la toda la diversion.
toda la amistad.
todo el sudor. .
aquí venimos a desnudarlo todo, un programa que refleje y respete las necesidades del cuerpo de la mamá y la mente postnatal.
nada de lo que hacemos es por casualidad.
estar más fuerte, más cercana a tu bebé , más feliz.
#postbaby #mamaenforma
#creandohabitos #amomicuerpo

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How cute is this set! i can live in it! editing my video right now for my mini fashion haul with @sheinofficial all are so comfy and breastfeeding friendly and so affordable! shop this look now before it sells out! link is in my bio!

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Killed my morning 👊🏼 i woke up and showered hair b**w dried make up on a little lippy all by 7:30 a.m 🙌🏼 who even am i 😂 got some work done for some new clients. meal prepping prep went down. but it’s 3 o’clock now. lip sticks worn off i got a half bun going on and of course throw up on my shoulder🤪 still crushed my morning !! #momstrongsquad

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tell your story, introduce yourself through @milky.way.brand and support breastfeeding
follow & like @stylepregnancy⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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thanks @beyondbrinson :
they say, "breast is best" & while yes, i agree, but i also think there is no right or wrong way, you do what's best for your situation.
lol but for real...😂🤷‍♀️ know i speak the truth... the struggles with breastfeeding.
are you a b****t or formula??
(btw sorry i'm not sorry if this offends you, i'm quite excited it's legal to not have to cover up here in the states😊)
p.s. giveaway coming at cha some time this week😉 keep your peepers peeled!!***comment 👀💕 to show me your anticipating the reveal***
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Mama selfieeeeee💁🏽‍♀️ i’m definitely feeling back to my old self now and loving being a mother! still can’t quite believe i’m someone’s mother! top @missguided gifted*

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Join us this saturday at agnes scott college. pregnancy aerobics + h2o baby. link in bio

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Do have have a new mom girlfriend 👯 that is struggling with postpartum depression?

here are a few tips of how you can help: ✔ have patience, understand all her canceled plans, don't take it personal. just continue to be there whenever she needs you. ✔ offer to help her at home: do the laundry, dishes, babysit, cook dinner. ✔ keep reassuring her that she is not crazy, or alone; her mental health is not her fault she is not to blame. and regardless of her mental health she is still a great mom. ✔ listen, don't offer your suggestions, just let her vent.

ultimately, they just need your love 💜, support, and understanding.


my 1:1 90 mins mom support intensives are now open for bookings at only $297 (beta pricing). check out the link in my bio for more details.

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What it’s like tapering for a marathon as a mama...🤣🤣. non. stop. moving. with kiddos!! #fableticspartner even with @coachcliffpittman trying to keep me rested. there is just no time for down time with a busy household and if there was... i wouldn’t know how to stay still anyways.🤦🏻‍♀️😂#busybody .
and of course, we all know “yoga” is just the runner’s way to convince themselves and their coach that they’re recovering and tapering too.😉
outfit today is from @fabletics. i love the bright green and how free and comfortable the tights are. the sports bra has great coverage with the netting too - a must for me these days as a nursing mama. #moveinfabletics #myfabletics .
oh yes... and three. more. days!!!! .
#marathontraining #marathontaper #fabletics #motherhood

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First pair of jeans that aren't super high waisted (post c section mum's will know) and a size ⬇️ from the last pair i bought in december (although i know every shop is different for sizes, i know that these would have not fitted me a month a go) also, i have the shortest legs ever 😂 5"2 life 🙈#postcsection #14weekspostpartum #3monthspostpartum #mum #mom #mumof2 #momof2 #postpartumbody #postbaby #caloriecounting #healthyfood #jeans #fashion #weightloss #postpartumweightloss

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Boa tarde meus amores, dei uma sumidinha mas voltei com tudo, estava dando uma viajada nesse carnaval rsrs.
e vocês oque fizeram de bom ? .
laço : @lacos.dalu.940
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White gummi protein shake 🥤💪🏽 i eyeball everything so i can’t really give a detailed recipe 😓 but it’s good! definitely forgot to add my chia seeds but next time 😋

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#repost @thegirlsgonestrong with @get_repost
diastasis recti (dr) is the natural separation of the abdominal muscles that commonly occurs during the 3rd trimester and persists for some time after childbirth.

it’s a hot topic — with a lot of misconceptions.

here are 5 fast facts about dr from pelvic health physio and ggs academy curriculum developer dr. @carriepagliano: .
🤰🏽almost 100% of pregnant women develop dr by trimester 3, and nearly all women have a diastasis of >16 mm by weeks 35 to 39 of pregnancy. dr is not preventable by avoiding certain exercises or movements, using certain creams, etc.
. 🤰🏾dr has been historically defined by “the gap,” or the distance between the two sides of the abdominis rectus. however, recent research is finding that closing the gap is not as important as regaining tension in the linea alba, thus redefining what “healing” dr means — and making interpreting research tricky as the definition of “healing” changes.
🤰🏼dr research is still limited compared to other concerns such as low back pain. but it’s a growing area of research, and the quality of that research is improving. .
🤰🏿as research and evidence progress, there are fewer limitations on the types of exercise women with dr can do — meaning on average, women can do more than previously thought without worsening symptoms. yay! .
🤰🏻every woman’s postpartum healing is different. some women’s dr will “heal” (i.e. gap will close) with no intervention — assuming no additional stress or aggravation of the separation exists. more than half still have a wide separation 8 weeks post-delivery, and although some “recover” by 6 months, many haven’t “recovered” at 1 year.
if you suspect you have dr and want to learn the best ways to treat it, we highly recommend contacting a pelvic health physiotherapist (physical therapist if you’re u.s.-based) for an evaluation.

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