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Despois da tempestade o #sol voltou a #brilhar e a #vida voltou a #sorrir 🤗🤗 um #bomdia #lindo pra #você com o sol brilhando e a vida sorrindo 😚😚 #morning #life #happy #positivity #psicologia #paz #gratidão #amor #love #beautiful #instagood #goodvibes #photography #pscininhadeamor

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Growing up, i was always different. i wore coke bottle glasses, i had a goofy last name, and i daydreamed about wanting to be like everyone else. then one day, i started loving who i was. life changed dramatically for me.
the moral of the story: be yourself. be original. don't yearn for someone else's dream or follow what they are doing. create your own and follow your destiny.
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Enough is enough😠😤

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The mind is an amazing thing
changes and small shifts in thinking can be the gateway to so much more
positivity in all things can be seen if you look hard enough
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Grateful for the time i have had to spend with myself; my soul, my mind, my heart, my instincts, my inner voice, my human nature, my drive, my fear, my joy and my passion over these last couple of weeks. when we are constantly surrounded by noise it’s so easy to forget to give back to yourself, and to hear yourself speak, and also hear yourself be silent. we are constantly filling the air with words through conversation. sometimes it’s nice to be still, be silent and simply let your mind flow throughout the day. coupled with workouts, intellectual learning, and new life projects, it’s the best form of rejuvenation that i’ve had in a long time😊💚💗💜💛💙🧡❤️💭💭🌷🌷🌟🌟 #realtalk #mindset #motivation #blessed #destiny #borntodoit #selflove #confidence #doyou #mefirst #crown #instagood #notetoself #nobasiczone #selfworth #rejuvenate #life #time #relax #soul #goals #positivity #positivevibes

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Beach day 🏖🐠🐢 peru - los organos. a little town south of mancora with gorgeous beaches and no one around - nude sunbathing anyone? 😜

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Pray today for the people that feel like they aren't loved. next, go love them.

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Happy wednesday...let's go!
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Ideas, perceptions & opinions are often influenced by the media, circumstances and people. how do we look at the world? albert einstein had this intriguing question. "do you live in a hostile world or an open loving world? your answer would determine the course of your life." there is no stress in the universe. it's our perception that creates it. what you manifest is often the mindset you are in. shift perspectives and encourage yourself to look at things from a different perspective. from a perspective of fearlessness and love. and you will notice how the things that were roadblaocks earlier, don't worry you anymore. it's all in the mind and all you need to do is step out of the repeated patterns of your mind. welcome to your own soul revolution.

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Love your fabulous self ❤

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• s e l f l o v e •
did you know that as women we have roughly 75,000 thoughts a day, 30,000 of which are negative? crazy huh! my mind was blown at the ratio of this stat but when i thought about it some more it didn’t sound so crazy, it was actually pretty easy to believe.
having this notion at the forefront of my mind i started to catch myself having negative self talk. i knew i did it but i was catching myself question, doubt, sabotage, talk down and beat myself up about so much more than i thought i did.

having this intuition into my thoughts i was able to a lot of the time cut the negativity short and try turn it into a positive. i have felt a shift.

give yourself more self love, look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are smart, you are beautiful, you are bold, you are enough, you are worthy, you’ve got this 💕

love yourself the way you love others

thank you @drjessnaughton for ‘crazy stat’ which has an in incredible effect on my mental well-being. can’t wait for the next nourish night .
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Une vie.
on a qu’une vie.
et on va tous partir un jour.
le pire c’est qu’on ne sait pas quand
et encore, on laisse passer le temps
comme si nous allions vivre éternellement.
fuck that.
vivons, car nous sommes, peu à peu, mais sûrement, en train de mourir.
savourez votre journée, guys ! have a good day ! ;) #onelife #vivre #unevie #inspiration #positivity #senegal #motivation #goodvibes

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I was chatting with a friend recently and he was giving himself a hard time for neglecting his rituals and practices and needed to find something new to explore to enrich his spiritual practice. and i was reminded by something andrew bartzis always says; no amount of reading, study or workshop attendence will get us to that magic we are seeking!

what we are seeking is already there - inside us. we just have to believe it. it is about making an inner discovery, and this can take some work, one has to be patient. no about of knowledge compares to actual experience. you just have to feel your spirituality / awakening / getting back to the zero point / function of just being.
it is not a label to worn, or badge to wear. nor is this something exclusive. this way of being is there for everyone to access. we just have to know it, and be free of bias of conditioning and operate solely from the heart space.
instead of just reading about it and preaching about it, we instead just experience it. without that feeling it how can we make sense of it?
just because we have the knowledge does not mean we have the understanding or experience. when we want to be a spiritual person, we just our. it is our sole experience, so we can take bits from others, figure out what makes to us and follow our own unique path. it is daily action where we find happiness in doing it, in experiencing it. it is an action and an experience and a way of being. however we choose to get there is totally and uniquely up to the individual, with a sense of knowingness and action that the true wisdom is learned through all of those little actions and rituals.

we need leave our biases and dogmas which keep us locked in to this limiting shared reality of domination, control and fear. when we are in the heart space, there is no pain, shame, blame or guilt. when we are coming from a place of unconditional love we are divine. and divinity is really about having no polarity. everything washes over without judgement. only unconditional love and empathy will show us the way. the greatest of things in life are achieved with a light heart and totally forgiveness of ourselves.

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Positive thoughts of the day: "being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it." emilie autumn
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