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Forever one of my favourite quotes🌹
let's get into the habbit of discussing business plans, ideas, future goals and less about people!

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Y cuando pensamos que nunca nos levantariamos, dios nos da la fuerza necesaria para seguir. .
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Sometimes we get greedy and get too focused on us and forget the creator who makes it all possible for us. tag someone to this message who needs to see this.

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my self-worth mantra for today:

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“your mind is an instrument. don’t let it play you!” schedule a holiday special (reiki session with dr. marina kostina and get your mind in check. -à>>click on the link and enter: *iampeace* code for the discount:


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Oh hey! i'm just here boosting up my immune system and warming up with the tea ingredients: honey, lemon and a few drops of thieves essential oil!
🍃 pss... it's included in your premiumstarterkit
how are you staying warm and healthy in this brrrr weather?
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This is a very personal post, so please forgive me, but i wanted to share as i’ve decided yet again to make a personal journey of improving myself and i realize, i cannot do it in private and succeed. i need support. many of my followers are my personal friends, so this is my post to say i’m doing it right this time, and i need your help. because i’ve done it wrong before and never reached my goal. i am approaching my 31st birthday in january. i’ve been obese since the age of 4. i’ve always felt inadequate, ugly, useless, worthless because of my weight. i now know none of that is true, and this time i don’t want to lose weight so i can finally get that boyfriend, maybe get married or have that attention i’ve always craved. i know now those are the wrong reasons for wanting to lose weight. i’ve always wanted to lose weight overnight. i also know that’s not the right way to do it nor is it possible. and that mindset lead to me becoming anorexic from 2011 to 2014. in those years of eating only one meal a day and working out for the rest of the day, i only lost 60 pounds, going from 232 lbs, to 180 pounds. i am now currently 233 pounds. my original resting weight after my recovery was 204-205 from 2016 to 2017. in 2017, i got a job at a place that was unhealthy for my soul, and i began eating to medicate my anxiety and depression. i gained 27 pounds and didn’t do anything about it. now i’m ready to try again. and this time, i know what to do to do it right thanks to my friend @blackcatjackster , who taught me what i needed to do this summer. my main reason for this post is accountability. i will not regularly post my weight loss progress as that isn’t the point of my instagram, and i feel like it would dilute its purpose. but i will occasionally give updates when i hit big milestones (and i will). though my fridge isn’t stocked at present, i will be preparing for my full dietary needs and begin going back to the gym by the end of this week. i’m going in with the right mindset this time! and that’s the most important thing above all else. wish me luck!!!
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Mercury is the smallest planet, 18 times smaller than our planet earth. even though it is really small, it's impact is great. coming friday mercury will be in retrograde. this can have impact on everything that has to do with transport and communication. be aware of this tiny troublemaker. and meanwhile, enjoy the ride! 🌕

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Trying to skate by won’t get you anywhere.

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Good day beautiful ones 💚.... rise and shine... ☀️🌼! make it a goal to start each day with a positive thought. being grateful for each new day, is a great way to change your old mindset. 🙏don’t take your life for granted and enjoy each new day. 🌼🦋💚namaste! ☀️🙏🦋
get out and spread love and light👣💛🦋☀️!
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