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When we look to the future, we see ourselves looking back. the new 911. #timelessmachine #porsche #porsche911 🔥
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One of the fantastic 911 turbos at #rareshades showing off gulf blue. let’s talk a bit more about this color. as mentioned previously, gulf blue (328/gulfblau) is not actually the color of gulf oil company. instead, gulf blue came from the company gulf oil acquired, wilshire oil company, as gulf oil wanted a brighter blue to race with. as you may know, back in the 60s, ford was at war with ferrari. a failed acquisition led to the ford company deciding that it had to defeat ferrari on track. this led to ford’s gt40 and ultimately, victory at lemans in 1966 with one of the drivers having the familiar name “bruce mclaren”. the next year, ford would repeat the feat but ford decided to leave lemans. gt40s would continue to compete however and this is where gulf oil came in. in 1968, gulf oil backed jw automotive engineering to win at le mans. amazingly, this victory was repeated in 1969 with the very same gt40 chassis(!) instantly, gulf blue cemented its place in history. but that was only the start of this color’s incredible story. in 1970, the porsche 917 would wear gulf blue. the 917 was an amazing racer that gave porsche back to back 1-2 le mans victories, kicking off the most winning lemans record for any manufacturer. the 917 would also find great success at the rolex 24. just a couple years later, gulf blue was one of the colors porsche chose for the 911 iroc rsrs. these were same spec race cars driven by motorsport champions of the day with the only differences being their 15 colors. gulf blue’s history went beyond motorsport to even be featured in the 1971 steve mcqueen movie lemans. at rareshades, this turbo proudly represented this history next to some amazing colors such as diamond blue metallic (carrera 4) and horizon blue metallic (ruf 993 turbo). what a beautiful sight! these colors all have great stories, but gulf blue’s living representation of not only porsche history, but motorsport history, will always make it special. looking for more examples of porsches in historic or contemporary colors? hit the link in the bio- new examples across the entire porsche paint spectrum are being added daily!

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There is something so beautiful about a car built for purpose. are all 911 race cars the exception to the “all show no go” rule? opinions below! please tag the 🚗📸 #renneleven

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Another fantastic turbo from #rareshades, this one being a turbo s in fashion grey. swipe through to see fashion grey on a bright sunny day in florida. we’ve talked about fashion grey before but to recap, fashion grey (61h/modegrau) is vintage porsche, predating the 911 by a decade and going all the way back to the 1950-53 color menu for pre-a 356s. fashion grey also predates porsche’s own color codes. so it has a color code by reutter who assembled porsche’s bodies at the time. back then, fashion grey had been assigned reutter identifier 531. over the decades, porsche’s paint suppliers would attempt to continue to provide a match for fashion grey, even as paint technologies evolved. but in the 90s, it appears that porsche approved a modern pts fashion grey, as a color surfaced with fashion grey’s german name, modegrau. it received a color code assignment of 61h and a formula that is nearly identical to what paint suppliers had been offering as a match for the original fashion grey, with only the slightest differences. over the years, we’ve seen 61h fashion grey represented on some amazing porsches, with both the carrera gt and 918 spyder being noteworthy examples. but fashion grey’s popularity and recognition has gone beyond porsche. for example, bmw’s paint to sample program offers fashion grey as a color for new bmw orders. always looking forward, porsche has continued to innovate around this point of their paint spectrum resulting in a modern color called “chalk”. for many, chalk has negated the need for paint to sample fashion grey. perhaps that is by design due to porsche’s limited ability to meet paint to sample demand. but as beautiful as chalk is- and it really is stunning- chalk is its own color, being both lighter and cooler in hue. it is not fashion grey. perhaps at some point in the future, porsche will once again bring fashion grey back onto the main menu. but in the mean time, we have amazing pts examples such as this turbo s to admire. looking for more examples of porsches in historic or contemporary colors? hit the link in the bio- new examples across the entire porsche paint spectrum are being added daily!

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🚗 #992 turbo mule spotted near thermal race track @niqvuk

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Рожденный на гоночной трассе – porsche 911 gt3 rs
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