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Good views with good friends 🙏😊 ⛺️🏔

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This hotspring was one for the books.

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One of the coolest places i’ve ever been. ⭐️ pools of natural hot springs tucked away in the mountains—it felt like a dream.
photo by @brendinkelly

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Rise and shine 🏃photo by @jhamilbader #pnwonderland

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@simona_br_photography - "listen to the waves"
sometimes, the waves grow hushed, but the sea is always there, touching, caressing, eating the earth...
- k. hulme

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This was the very first sunset adventure i went on after i quit my 9 to 5 job to try out travel photography full time. it was one of the most defining moments of my life, to see an incredible sunset on a tuesday no less, and realizing that now i could do this every single day. i figured i was just taking a taking a three month break from work and then i’d go back and get another “real job” again. well, it’s been six months now and i’m still out here chasing sunsets. go full force after your dreams guys. you won’t regret it.
#whpportraitoutdoors #whpuptome

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Change is never painful. only the resistance to change is painful.
captured by @sassyfabs 📍pnw
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