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Watching your child have fun is the most rewarding experience isn't it? 💕
our weekend away was much needed! it gave me time to stop and have fun with frankie. i can forget that sometimes when i'm drained and tired. when i feel like i can't think straight as i have a toddler attached to me constantly 🙄
this parenting thing can be hard but if you're reading this and feeling the same way, don't worry! you're doing an excellent job .
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During the school holiday, we visited @tayostation, the newest playground in the east. tayo station - the first tayo character-based indoor playground in southeast asia.
my two toddlers were so excited because they love tayo the little bus and their friends. they love watching the tayo cartoons.
tayo station is a spacious playground for big and small kids to enjoy, with several sections:
1. tayo’s road circuit - my kid’s favorite. it is a. creative child-sized street scene filled with fun spaces like the garage, wash n’ go and gas pump kiosk for the little ones to cruise around in their chosen vehicles. kids get to learn various road signs and basic road safety rules.
2. poco’s hanoki play - a sensory experience that emulate sand play using freshly-imported hinoki wood cubes from south korea. these aromatic and clean cubes, besides widely known for their health and skin benefits, provides an uplifting mood. also found at @pororoparksg
3. lani’s and rogi’s play room - spacious rooms perfect for themed parties
4. toddler’s play - a safe and spacious space for young kids to crawl and play with mini-slides and fun murals. my 2 year old would sneak to this area several times.
5. gani’s playground - this is my 4 year’s old 2nd favorite area. he love climbing in the 3-storey play area with two long slides. this is best for older kids.
6. cliff ball pool - found behind gani’s playground, this 10mm x 2mm ball pool is a place where kids can play and dive. there is a rock climbing wall beside it too. so if you fall, you will fall in pool of balls.
7. rainbow lounge - an sunken area in the middle of tayo station for a little break to catch the latest tayo little bus show.
8. chill zone - a space for parents and guardian to chill with free wifi.
9. tayo’s toy store - after a fun day at tayo station, going out of the play area, kids can buy some tayo toys bring home.
naj and fynn had an enjoyable time in tayo station. they can wait to go back. now, i would promise them a trip back to tayo station if they keep their best behavior & it works, haha. parents, do bring your kids to tayo station for a fun & wonderful time

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Experiments... egg in vinegar. totally following the lead of mr 6 who did this experiment at school earlier in the year. he's is confidently explaining to me... "look carefully at the shell, can you see those bubbles? its happening".. but apparently he needs to do an instructional video now to explain it to you all so i'll be off for the moment! stay tuned!
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Climb up the mountain, slide down over the river (watch out for crocodiles!) up the ladder and across the wobbly ropebridge over the firey volcano! #playtime by #fawns make every breaktime an #adventure bringing #children together in #imagination #creative #play & #fun

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