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The snuggle is real!

life just isn't complete without an oink, oink, mini pig tucked in close to your heart🐽💙🐽 repost@spotted_phoenixpig


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This was early 2017, a slow f*t sow caught by my bull terrier and jack russell’s. huge lesson learned that day, finding and catching pigs is one thing, dragging them out of the woods is a whole different story ! specially when your by yourself. this same day my bull terrier got sprayed in the eye by a skunk and went blind. notice the little dog in the back trying to get that s**t off her. #englishbullterrier #bullterrier #bullterrieringles #jackrussellterrier #pighunting #pigdog #workingdog #huntingdog #boarhunting

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We went pig hunting yesterday here in florida, no luck.. it rained, it shined and we had a blast! we’re gonna get after it again today and see what we can get done! .
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Nothing better than a pretty sunset while hunting. if you don’t already watch deermeatfordinner go subscribe to them on youtube. they are the most humble and real people in the hunting/fishing world. got to thebinoharness.com to get your bino harness. #deermeatfordinner #hunting #thebinoharness #binoculars #pighunting #hornady #frogtoggs

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💖good image!
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T a g s
a right of passage for every hunter is filling out their first tag. having your harvest beside you as you punch the holes, emotions flooding over you of both sadness and triumph. i am so greatful to share in my sisters experience on her first pig and help her with the whole process from the field to the freezer. i'm hoping on the next visit she can cook up an awesome dish!
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S e c r e t w e a p o n

california is a big state with a large population of hunters, making regular scouting a challenge.

add onto that the state's general mismanagement of it's wild game population and the fact that nearly all it's deer seasons end pre-rut and it adds up to a difficult public land hunt.

but this year i have a secret weapon.
this month @postpursuit moved into the heart of our deer zone and now has the ability to regularly scout our hunting area.

i have a feeling this deer season will be a great season.

until then, i'll keep drooling over the gorgeous 200 lb. blacktail @hup1hup harvested last year.


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Loving this new app from @accubow !

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Incredible footage! it would be so hard to stand your ground when face to face with a 12,000 pound angry animal! 🎥 by @huntingsouthafrica

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Another addition to the grendel build! it’s getting closer to being finished!!😀

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Polly and opal hanging out on this sunshiny day☀️🍁🍂🐽. polly’s greeting oinks are the best lol! opal is doing very well after she was cleaned out(poop) by the vet last week. she was very compacted! for the ones that don’t know, opal was born without a butthole. the vet made her one and although she still has trouble pooping she still manages to get poop out but not as much as we would like! she will have another surgery this summer.❤️.
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