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A moment of calm between getting the perfect shot for a product shoot i'm currently working on ✨on another note, this morning while editing some pictures, i realised all the 12,644 photos on my phone mysteriously disappeared. i kid you not, my heart rate went up in the fraction of a second and i was reduced to tears. i realised not all my pictures were on the cloud and i quickly grabbed my laptop and started looking for the nearest apple store. the pictures i click are so, so precious to me. the candids of my friends, that off guard picture i clicked of my sister looking at the ice cream with heart eyes, pictures of love, pictures of calm, pictures of some of the most breathtaking views in the world, videos that will leave anyone in splits, screenshots of the motivational conversations i have with my best friend and so much more, take refuge in my phone and it would be a shame to lose all of it.
while i was searching for the nearest place i could get my iphone fixed, all of a sudden the pictures started getting restored. one picture, two pictures and the number kept increasing. i can't explain the sense of relief and gratitude i felt at that point.
thank you, universe! except for a little shuffling around of the pictures - all my 12,644 pictures are back on my phone. what happened, how it happened - i do not know. but the moral of the story is, back up your precious memories, my loves! they're the only ticket we have to the bygone moments ✨🙌 #alishathinkingoutloud

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Mama and baby boy time! i am very big on being able to spend time with my kids. when i left from my last deployment in 2016, the months i was gone, my baby boy did a lot of growing up! and safe to say, by the end of this year, my little chunky monkey mini me here, will be as tall as i am for he is up to my lips now. all of my 3 boys pretty soon will be towering over me! they grew up so fast that you just got to make the best of the time you get the chance to just spend some quality time with them. -
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Lately i’ve noticed that i have so few pictures with my girl. mainly because of the stage we’re in, but also because they have to be requested. which is frustrating because time is a thief! she changes daily and in a blink - life looks completely different. to me, pictures are literally the only way to make time stand still. i will be able to savor this sweet moment together + endlessly reminisce those chubby cheeks. so dads (or grandparents, friends, really anyone accompanying a mama + kiddo) please take their picture!!! we need these snapshots of us + our little humans too. i know i’m wearing adidas, but seriously #justdoit.
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▪️looks good▪️
▪️do you like?▪️
🔻enthält werbung🔻
▪️gym lifestyle & more▪️
hey leute 🤓,
schöner 📸 shoot.
also ich muss sagen früher habe ich nicht so gerne bilder gemacht. geschweige denn shootings. fand das komplett bescheuert auch immer bilder zu machen. sei es im club oder mit freunden usw.
jetzt sehe ich es ganz anders.
fotos verewigen erinnerungen in einem bild. auch wenn ich jetzt alte bilder anschaue fallen mir gleich wieder 100 lustige storys von früher ein. deswegen macht immer bilder und haltet die momente fest,
im alter werdet ihr euch unglaublich darüber freuen. bizen ehrenwort 😄.
vielleicht machen wir ja mal ein tolles bild zusammen, würde mich freuen
meine halunken 🙂🙏🏼.
euer bizen 😊✌🏽
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To this scorching summer afternoon which was extremely harsh on us,
to that random stop over here by the road which was unexpectedly colourful to us,
to that white four wheeler behind which was unknowingly kind for a great support in the picture,
to that beautiful sky up there which was truly peaceful to watch in the torrid heat of the afternoon

to my mad friends who might have never expected such good pictures for themselves by randomly stopping by the road somewhere on the earth and also patiently clicking some of mine too after getting instructed how to take one. :d
here’s to some great summer afternoons, epic impromptu road trips and million dollar smile worthy memories. —————————————————
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ᴘᴏᴅʀᴏ́ᴢ̇ᴏᴡᴀᴄ́, ᴅᴏᴢɴᴀᴡᴀᴄ́ ᴡʀᴀᴢ̇ᴇɴ́ ɪ ᴜᴄᴢʏᴄ́ sɪᴇ̨ - ᴢɴᴀᴄᴢʏ ᴢ̇ʏᴄ́." 😍
sᴢᴇʀᴘᴀ ᴛᴇɴᴢɪɴɢ
#mysecondplaceonearth .
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Throwback thursday... 💭
this was on our mini-moon, me and doris were having a snuggle in the morning sun and i remember feeling so content, i wanted to take a picture to remind me and it’s so good to have it now to look back on! 🥰

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Draw yourself away cause the throne is mine🔥👌🌸❤❤❤

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We grow up and we forget we still have the right to dream and wonder. the reality is we can do that too ❤️ so please do.

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"i have one polaroid left what pose should we make?" senior night was a great way to wrap up the marching season with the @spiritofsaginaw. luckily that doesnt mean goodbye forever as i'm excited to get some help in preparation for student teaching by spending a few days in the classroom in the coming weeks!
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Cecilia said “nana, let’s take a picture together!” and even though i’ve been sick since saturday and looking frumpy lately... i said yes, let’s! because it’s been a while since we’ve taken a picture together and i now know how important pictures are. one day when i’m gone that will be all she has left of me and i want her to have many pictures of us together to look back on . i love her so much ❤️❤️ #thesearethedays #lifeafterloss #picturesarememories

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Always love this picture of the three of us. my mom me and my late grandma laura. ❤️
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Hi lovelies 🌸
i’ve had such a busy day, full of so many emotions.
so i’m done for today🥱
i took this picture a while ago at my grandma’s house. my grandpa’s picture is the first thing i see, every time i enter and the little flowers she put with them are so beautiful✨❤️

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