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Nautical twighlight from naples f l☀️r🌴d a. 🔥☀️double tap if you have seen a gulf coast sunset!☀️🔥

photo cred 👉🏼 @damon_powers
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Evie is at the stage where she must do everything berit does and she must have everything berit has...oh and her favorite word is no. then i’ve got ber who i’m fairly certain thinks she’s going into high school this fall and has recently start “blogging” from her (pretend) flip phone. saying things like, “look mom, someone wants to send evelyn and i unicorn pajamas!” and “oh look someone invited us to kalahari this summer, how nice of them!” 😂😝 both giving me a run for my money but at least they still think it’s cool to match mom. #girlmom

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Ready for all the summer days with her. this girl is ending her kindergarten year so soon, i can’t believe i will then have a first and second grader! she had her first friend sleepover last night and had so much fun. she’s growing up before my eyes and all i am is grateful that i get to be her sidekick as she does. reesie piece? you’re one cool chic! 😘 who else has a super awesome daughter? or hey, who here has a super awesome mom? i hope reese likes me as she gets older, ha!

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Acho que é a última dessa saga! hahahahahaha
uma 1/2 dentista pra vocêsssss ❤️

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"el arte en general, y naturalmente también la arquitectura, es un reflejo del estado espiritual del hombre en su tiempo" m.g 😌 ph: @purpurall 📸 #enamóratedebogotá ❣️ #bogotá #colombia 🇨🇴 #beautifuldestinations 🌃

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