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Dinner time is their favorite! #ad go! sensitivity + shine™ limited ingredient diet duck recipe by @petcurean is a complete, nutrient-packed food with zero growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives. this means happy tummies for them, and a happy mommy for me! no matter which diet your dog is on find your recipe and a $6 off coupon at http://www.petcureango.com #petcurean #foodforthat #petcureango

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Petcurean understood, by choosing the name of his food, that we cats don't wait. so mom it's "now"! by the way, thanks to the generosity of petcurean my neighbor eliott could also taste the wet food for dog "now"!. 🐶
if you would like more information on this yummy cat food "now", here it is 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 www.petcurean.com
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petcurean a compris, en choisissant le nom de sa nourriture, que nous les chats nous n'attendons pas. alors mom c'est "now" !
en passant grâce à la générosité de petcurean mon voisin eliott à pu goûter lui aussi à la nourriture humide pour chien "now".! 🐶
si vous désirez plus d'information sur cette délicieuse nourriture pour chat qu'est "now", c'est ici 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 www.petcurean.com

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Swipe left to watch whisper's food dish takeover! 😂 #mine .
the tabbies obviously never had wet food in their former home. they've been completely uninterested in it since they arrived. but i'm so pleased to see them totally enjoying the new flavours of pate. thank- you @petcurean for making such irresistable food! 🙏🏻 #ad #petcurean #petcureanpartner

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When the food is just too delicious and you can’t even contain your excitement 😛🧡@petcurean #ad .
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@ mom i don’t think this is how i’m supposed to wear this bandana... 🤪 but no matter because i’m repping my favourite brand, @ petcurean !! i’ve been eating their all natural, all organic gather food for 6 months now and never felt better! #petcureanpartner #ad *
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It's always touchy to advise on pet food because each animal is different. but since atchoum has eaten @petcurean cat food, i can only share with you his pleasure of the meals. when he hears kibbles falling into his bowl or opening a wet food container, atchoum hastens to come all happy to savor his meal. each type has its characteristics, so go to the site of "petcurean.com" to choose which flavor and type of food will suit your cat, as well as the pet shop where to find it. ** special mention that petcurean donated 500 pounds of food to the favorite shelter of atchoum 🙀 @reseausecoursanimal . thank you very much 😽 and encourage everyone on adoption in shelters!
il est toujours délicat de conseiller de la nourriture pour animaux domestiques parce que chaque animal est différent. mais depuis que atchoum mange de la nourriture pour chat petcurean, je ne peux que partager avec vous son plaisir des repas. quand il entend les croquettes tomber dans son bol où l'ouverture d'un contenant de nourriture humide, atchoum accourt tout heureux de venir déguster son repas. chaque sorte a ses caractéristiques, alors rendez vous sur le site de " petcurean.com " pour aller choisir quelle saveur et type de nourriture conviendra à votre chat, ainsi que la boutique d'animaux où la trouver.
** une mention spéciale pour souligner que la compagnie petcurean a fait un don de 500 lb de nourriture au refuge préféré de atchoum 🙀 ( réseau secours animal/animal rescue network ). merci beaucoup 😽 et encouragez tout le monde à l'adoption dans les refuges !
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Hi furriends!! i am helping @petcurean raise awareness for the adoption of shelter dogs through their uplift the underdogs campaign!! i am so excited to be a part of such an amazing campaign. read below for some details!! 🐶
a recent study found more than 35,000 dogs are living in rescue shelters. while some get adopted very quickly, others with “issues” have a much harder time getting adopted.
petcurean’s uplift the underdogs contest is meant to bring attention to dogs in rescue shelters, and to encourage people to consider adopting them.
we encourage local rescue organizations to submit details about their most deserving dogs for a chance to win a lifetime supply of petcurean’s go! solutions® food for the winning dog, a 500lb donation of pet food to the shelter or rescue group and the opportunity to be included in a future marketing campaign. dogs can be submitted at www.petcurean.com from may 14 to june 1.
from the dogs submitted, four finalists from canada will move to the next round, along with four finalists from the united states. all eight finalists will receive a year’s supply of petcurean’s go! solutions dog food, free doggie grooming, 500lb donation of petcurean pet food to the winning dog’s shelter and a petcurean gift basket filled with supplies, toys and more.
during this final round, the public is asked to vote for their favorite dog on petcurean’s facebook and instagram accounts. the dog that receives the most comments and likes over one week will be awarded the grand prize!!
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Ad - as a mom it’s really important to me that all my kids (human, furry and feathered) eat healthy balanced meals. that’s why partnering with @petcurean was such an easy decision. gather dog food is all those things as well as being organic, non gmo and sustainably produced. and the dogs enjoy it so much, they practically inhale it 😅 if only my human kids felt that way about their meals 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️ #petcurean #gathertogether #organicpetfood

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Ready, set... go!
the finalists have been chosen for @petcurean’s uplift the underdog contest. please help by voting! #ad .
visit petcurean’s facebook post for each dog’s full story and comment with the name of the dog that you think should win the grand prize. so hard to pick just one! they’re all so cute! .
✨you also have a chance to win! three randomly selected voters will each win a 25lb bag of any petcurean recipe of their choice. (open to canadian and us residents only). 💛

the underdog with the most votes will win a lifetime supply of petcurean food, and a make-over grooming service, plus a 500lb donation of petcurean pet food will go to the winning dog’s shelter/rescue group.
petcurean is trying to increase adoption consideration for “underdogs” who are traditionally less likely to get adopted due to age, appearance, or other issues. let’s look beyond these so-called imperfections and focus on the amazing heart and spirit of the dogs, and find them the loving homes they deserve. (( please share! ))

contest closes sunday, july 17th. (11:59pm pst). winner will be announced monday, july 18th.
swipe right to meet the underdogs:

lulu: 10 yrs old going on 2, she’s a massive bundle of energy who’s been waiting 4 years to find her forever home.

cranston: an old dog that still has a few tricks, a love bug who’ll be an amazing, fun companion if you look past his age.

floyd: this gentle giant has overcome a mountain of hurt and has a mountain of love to give to you.

clutch: don’t let the wheelchair fool you! he’ll race in and grab your heart if you let him.

ali larter: blind – yes. does it stop her – no! energetic and full of love – heck yes!

mia: beauty is in the eye of the beholder and mia knows her forever family will see the true beauty inside her.

buckley: he’s overcome digestive challenges, now his only challenge is to find his forever home.

asher: his sweet and gentle nature triumphs over his allergies and signs of an abusive past.

#uplifttheunderdogs #foodforthat #petcurean

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