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Made for the spotlight 🐥🌟🐥
in their previous relationships, these two were both the dominant bird. together, they’re both equals. each one can be both sweet and super sassy. some days they want space from each other and then other days they’re the biggest cuddle bugs. they both love me, sometimes preferring to hang with me over each other 🤷🏻‍♀️ i find their relationship so fascinating. animal relationships aren’t always as simple and straightforward as some might think 💙
finn is holding steady. it was very hard to leave him yesterday as he stood at the glass door barking at me. i’ll go back to see him next weekend. i’m overnighting some of my and my husband’s shirts so he can have our scent with him in the meantime.

i’ve come down with a cold or something 🤧 hoping i can get through it before heading back to osu 🤞🏼

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Missing this little face everyday 😓 love you peewee 💚

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mommy♡ (dew)
甘えんぼうのツクツク デュー
学校に許可をもらい 数日早く春休みに入り 娘が昨日カナダ🇨🇦へ3週間の短期留学に旅立ちました
新幹線に乗るところまで送り 愛知から羽田 そしてトロントまで全て1人
大きなスーツケースにリュックを背負い 今朝無事にホームステイ先に到着しました
幸いなことに ホストファミリーは素晴らしい家族のようで すでに
自分でできるだけ頑張ってみたいと 自ら決めた事
たくさんの刺激と人の暖かさに触れ 多くを学んでもらいたいと思っています

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🍀✨happy st.patrick day 🍀✨ very nice pennywhistle tune with a special 🦜 guest! @charlietheparrotlet
#repost @charlietheparrotlet
happy st. patrick's day! i like to sing along. 🍀full video on my youtube channel in my profile.

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I was a good birb and actually bathed, rather than just wet my face and call it a day. 🐦🛁

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iago trying to "ring" the dogs downstairs to say hello. 😂
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Winner winner nuts for dinnerrrrrrrr 🎉🎊🎉 (yes those hearing protections are there for my screaming 🤣)
credit :@lewis_the_caique
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