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"this book saved my life. it's easy to understand, easy to follow, and has great recipes. if you struggle with crohn's/colitis/ibs i highly recommend this book. your life will completely change for the better." . . . #therealpaleodiet #paleo #thepaleodiet #diet #glutenfree #paleorecipees #healthyhabits #paleofood #paleodiet #primal #instafood #healthyeating #healthyfood #eatclean #cleaneating #paleolifestyle #paleoliving #paleolove #paleochallenge #paleoapproved #paleorecipes #beyourbestself #beabetteryou #respectyourbody #ingredientsmatter #bookreviews #awesomereviews

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Losing weight has so much more to do than calories in versus calories out… ⚖️ sure, in the short-term you can lose weight by depriving your body of fuel through food, but in the long term you want to be able to lose weight without damaging your metabolism… ⚖️ the reason i mention this is that i see too many people starving themselves of good quality nutrition and as a result their hormones begin to suffer, which then causes other health issues as a side effect… ⚖️ on today’s #cabralconcept 698 i share with you how to lose 5 lbs in 7 days the healthy way without sacrificing future results – enjoy the show! (link in bio) ⚖️ show notes & resources: stephencabral.com/698

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More and more people are becoming interested and aware that there are different body types in life… 🙆‍♀️ we are not all born the same shape and size and while it’s nice to believe that we can reshape our body into anything we’d like, that’s not totally the truth… 🙆‍♀️ the good news is that we can all enjoy a positive self-image and the self-empowerment that comes along with creating the best body for you… 🙆‍♀️ tune into today’s #cabralconcept 713 to discover your ayurvedic body type and learn how this knowledge will lead to a greater acceptance and peace of who you are and how amazing your body really is – enjoy the show! (link in bio) 🙆‍♀️ show notes & resources: stephencabral.com/713

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It’s official... we will be at the gluten free & allergy free expo at the del mar fairgrounds on february 10th & 11th. we will be raffling off 5 tickets on february 1st! stop in the store to get a raffle ticket with your purchase between now and jan 31st. #gfafexpo

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Cbd is getting close to becoming a “mainstream” topic and nutritional supplement with good reason… it works! 👱‍♀️ however, not all cbd products, dosages, studies, and research are created equal, which is why on today’s podcast i want to share with you the truth about what cbd works best for based on clinical results, as well as how to use it for anti-aging purposes… 👱‍♀️ tune into today’s #cabralconcept 711 for all the details on the 7 little known anti-aging benefits of cannabinoids (cbd) and how to use it appropriately – enjoy the show! (link in bio) 👱‍♀️ show notes & resources: stephencabral.com/711

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This easy chicken marsala recipe is made in one pan in less than thirty minutes! just fyi, there’s white rice in the photo which is not aip. however, cauliflower rice goes well with this dish too. #foodphotos #yummy #recipeoftheday #forkfeed #tastespotting #aip #totesaip #aipdiet #autoimmuneprotocol #aippaleo #gloobyfood #paleofood #glutenfreefood #eattheworld #paleolifestyle #droolclub #hautecuisines #paleofriendly #gfree #glutenfreeliving #paleoeats #foodblogfeed #paleoliving #glutenfreelife #paleorecipes #paleolife #nobsfood #cookit #autoimmunepaleo #wheatfree

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I’m excited to bring you another #fridayreview where i’ll be answering your questions on the most popular topics that have come up throughout the week! 🤒 one of those questions is if it’s too late to get the flu shot and whether it’s even a good idea... 🤒 i’ll also share what to do if you end up getting a cold or flu this year and how to boost your immune system naturally! 🤒 plus, i’ll share a brand new highly absorbable form of vitamin d3, as well as our super nutrient of the week! 🤒 tune into today's #cabralconcept 707 for all the details - enjoy the show! 🤒 show notes & resources: stephencabral.com/707

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Typically, we make the mistake in life about assuming that finding a coach is reserved just for those athletes looking to improve in their sport… 🏆 however, finding a local coach, virtual mentor, or proven plan can be used in any facet of your life in order to enhance your performance in that area you want to improve… 🏆 the reason why this can be so powerful is that having an experienced coach can shortcut your time to getting results and save you a lot of the stress along the way to achieving your goals… 🏆 tune into today’s #cabralconcept 710 to discover the 5 different coaches your need to find in life – enjoy the show! (link in bio) 🏆 show notes & resources: stephencabral.com/710

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When it's cold af outside but you find that one ray of sunshine in the house. 😍 get that vitamin d and enjoy some paleonola while your at it. :)

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Meet john borntreger, one of our missouri amish shepherds. as part of our commitment to a fully regenerative business, we want to highlight the unique stories that help us make central grazing company possible. * * we asked john what makes his farm ‘different’. he explained that his farm is certified organic, uses no electricity, takes good care of his animals and uses horses to plow his fields instead of heavy equipment that compacts the soil. his community grows 16 acres of corn that is harvested by hand and grows their own hay that is stored loosely in their barn. * * he also grows organic corn, beans, produce, milk and lamb. by rotating his pastures he improves his soul and their environmental impact. john has been an animal welfare approved farmer since 2012!

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If you watched my stories this morning, you’ll see that i made egg muffins. perfect keto breakfast! this is also whole 30 approved (minus the sriracha). 💕

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You guys!!!! if you like tea and you like chocolate, this is for you!! i had one the other night and it tasted like hot chocolate!! 🍫. these are gonna go fast!!! click the link in my bio to order!

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How to make post-🥊 selfies more fun? obviously filters. i alwaaaays forget to take pics and videos during class. since the gym i go to is fairly new, there’s usually only 2-3 of us in class so i gotta be on my game. this workout ➕ #whole30day3 has me 😴 but let the productive friday commence.

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I love to cook big portions. the ratatouille from yesterday will last for days. today it was served with pork fried with lemon pepper. and a glass of wine since it is friday. 😉

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I’m excited to bring you this week’s #fridayreview on all things wellness, weight loss & anti-aging! 🐶 this week i’m bringing you a fun study on how owning a certain type of pet will actually increase your quality of life, mood, and lifespan by a whopping 20%! 🐶 next, i’ll be sharing some a pre/peri-workout drink that is all natural and can give you the “warm” boost your body needs to burn f*t and get ready for that day’s workout… 🐶 and finally, i’ll be detailing the “super-nutrient of the week,” which is a virtually unknown trace mineral, but holds the power to help you improve energy, detoxification, and remove candida waste… 🐶 tune into today’s #cabralconcept 715 podcast for all the details – enjoy the show! (link in bio) 🐶 show notes & resources: stephencabral.com/715

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Guess what we are baking today...leave your answer below ⬇️ 🍞🥖🍪🍰⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Alright here is the friday weigh in update! i know i posted to my story yesterday but i felt so good i was too excited! hopefully i can hit 171 by next friday! 160’s are so close i can’t wait! thank you everyone who has shown me love and support, your kind and loving words are helping me so much! this marks 48 pounds down, hoping to hit 50 by next weigh in😍

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “you guys take my gluten free diet from disappointment to delight! <3 " ~ bianca l

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Seven years between these photos and i think i look younger. 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . . . what you put into your body matters. on the left, i’m pretty sure i was drinking a quad venti carmel macchiato. on the right americano. i drink water like crazy, i’m paleo living and sweat almost every day. . #facetofacefriday #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossstory #weightloss #fit #fitfam #fitmom #fitmomsofig #fitlife #fitmomsinspire #fitmomsclub #igfit #igfitfam #igfitmoms #igfitlife #paleo #paleoliving #grainfreeliving

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Got a little heated about fake cravings in my stories. between the military, firemen (and womennn ✋🏼👋🏼) whose paychecks are about to be taken from them because of a govt shutdown.. i’m hoping all the corrupt politicians who are voluntarily supporting + funding the f****d up food companies that are poisoning our friends + family have the worst, most stressful week of their life. ⚡️🖕🏼🤞🏼

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