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We're ready to serve up the most epic coffee, baked eggs, bbq pulled pork, avo, and brisbane's best halloumi; and of course our insanely good freshly baked treats: 🔸sticky pecan scrolls 🔹purple yam donuts 🔸pineapple and chocolate donuts, and much more...

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Saturday salad extraordinaire with homemade parmesan crisps -- just add a hard-boiled egg and some #kimchi #salmon #compliantplusone #whole9 #whole9life #paleo #paleolife #goodfoodhealthypeople #homecooking

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Culinary lavender has such an incredible, distinctive flavor that makes it perfect for creating really special, unique dishes! if you haven't tried it yet, i hope that you'll put it on your list of ingredients to experiment with! and, watch out for a few of my new lavender dishes coming to you soon! 💜

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If you are in the #socal area you gotta check this place out! it's sooo good! yummy cali-mex. from left to right, steak quesadilla, brussel sprouts, pollo rico tacos, steak fries. everything was super fresh and so flavorful! they also had healthy options, i just didn't partake in them at this moment 😬 @tltfood

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Sugar free bliss balls or healthy nutella - you pick!! 💜 guys, you have to make!! this is a great option for those of you who are trying to reduce your overall sugar intake but still want a lil somethin somethin 😉 most raw treats/bliss balls are made with dates and gosh i love dates, but they are high in fructose and let's be real.. you can never stop at one because they taste so d**n good!! these balls of goodness hit the spot without the high fructose content. i made the recipe up as i went with what i had in the cupboard (you can omit a few ingredients if you dont have them) and it turned out sooooo delicious - it can satisfy any sweet craving 👏🏼 recipe: 1/3 cup sunflower seeds 1/3 cup pepitas 1/3 cup cacao 1/3 cup coconut oil 3/4 cup of nuts - i used a mix of almonds and cashews 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1 tbsp tahini 1-1 1/2 tsp stevia - i love @natvianaturalsweetener 💜 1 tbsp brazil nut spread 1 tbsp flaxseeds add everything to a food processor and blend until smooth. note: the mix is quite wet because of the coconut oil. in saying this, you could pop the mix into a jar and keep as a healthy sugar free nutella alternative instead of making bliss balls 🙊 or do what i did and roll the mixture into balls and place in the freezer to set. makes about 15 balls 🏀enjoy xx

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Keeping dinner simple tonight with some delicious roasted chicken from sam's club!

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T r u e r words... 🙇🏼‍♀️ ---------------------------------- i don't talk about my story often enough, but i'm going to start putting it out there more. ------------------------------------ my chief passion in life is helping those with neuro-immune and auto-immunity disorders improve and heal through targeted nutrient therapy. ------------------------------------- it's the reason i went back to school for my graduate degree and dietetic internship {i'll be graduating this year, hopefully}. in the recent past, however, i've questioned my vision, at times. ------------------------------------- but as i think more about my future and my purpose i am recognizing that voice in my heart ❤️ that keeps pulling me towards my cause. ------------------------------------------what you eat affects your cognitive function & mood. your gut is unequivocally connected to your brain by neurotransmitter, neuro-peptide and steroid hormone modulation via microbial interaction, your immune system, and barrier permeability of both the gut and the brain. ------------------------------------------now, we can even go beyond how diet affects brain function & study specific nutrients and how nutrient therapy can modulate neuro-immunity {autism} & auto-immunity {lupus}. these are unfamiliar and choppy waters in the nutrition community, though. it takes about a decade for clinical practice to catch-up to research, but the research is happening and the way we treat and prevent disease is changing. there's stronger scientific reason and less side-effects involved in using nutraceuticals compared to pharmaceuticals in treating innate immune system issues. ------------------------------------- this is the future of healing and my purpose. . . . . . . #keto #organic #nongmo #fitlifestyle #healthandwellness #holistic #superfood #antioxidants #paleolife #lowcarb #sugarfree #glutenfree #grainfree #cleaneating #biohacking #longevity #cbd #aspie #asd #spoonie #autoimmune #lupus #nutrigenomics #lovelysquares #invisibleillness #neuro #foodasmedicine

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The way this amazing girl shows off her food.... 😲😲😲😲😲 speechless! 📸 @the_sunkissed_kitchen

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Eats at jane on larkin - curried cauliflower, peppers, fingerling potatoes & eggs - sans the bread #paleolife #janeonlarken #sanfranciscolife #sanfrancisco

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Joy vs. hate + @sealfit on 4/29 # do you ever notice that you are simply just not enjoying your workout? it's really easy to get caught up in the doing of exercise rather than enjoying the feeling and the being. tell me what you think my friend!❤🤘🏻

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There is a tension between being vs. doing. _____________________________________ this week this idea has been on my mind a lot. i was thinking about @bobgoff 's tradition of quitting something on thursday to make space for the more worthwhile parts of life. and then read his guest post on @annvoskamp blog this thursday... i hear you loud and clear, god. _____________________________________ and then the tears came. _____________________________________ i realized that sometimes i go into my doing/accomplish mode to control and avoid the places where i'm vulnerable. i'm trying to lean in and rest in a place of grace. and the thing to quit? less projects, more presence. _____________________________________ maybe the thing you need to quit is running away from yourself or holding onto on forgiveness. a heart unburdened leads to a vibrant life. ❤️

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