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“hey dad, look at all these birds i retrieved!”😄

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My biggest struggle is feeling like i’m good enough. a good enough person. teacher. health + fitness coach. cross country coach. girlfriend. sister. daughter.
as of lately, i felt that insecurity taking over + making everything 10x worse than it actually is. something that i realize once the situation has passed and i’m able to reflect on it.
i have been a people pleaser and make people prouder since day 1. disappointing anybody (no matter who it is) has always been a fear of mine. i hate not being 100% + take even the slightest bit of feedback as i have royally s*****d up. again 👉🏼 not good enough?
i also stretch myself thing because i don’t want to say no or let anyone down.
i know i’m not the only person out there who struggles with this. my suggestion to you: take time for yourself (i’m unplugging tonight) and personal development. pd is literally life changing ✨ #teammindfullyfit

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“be miserable. or motivate yourself. whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” -wayne dyer

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Hi from this tree. that’s all.

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