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Our sensitive skin (baking soda free) natural deodorant is available on amazon prime, as well as greentidings.com! it is a skin soothing, odor fighting solid stick, containing calendula flower, jojoba, sage, probiotics, and soothing, silky plant butters. 👏 have you tried it yet?
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Rub-a-dub-dub, self-care in the tub! 🛀 @skyorganics.us [ad] testing out the peppermint and tea-tree #skyorganics natural liquid castile soap tonight! 💦get this: it was used to clean my tub and as my body wash! since it contains zero chemicals, it can also be used as laundry detergent, hand soap, and household cleaner. ⚡

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Eat pretty // is a thing! it’s about enjoying your food on every level, for a lifetime of health & wellness ✨
food that looks & smells good immediately has an effect, stimulating your senses and appetite - you want it 😍
colorful food looks pretty but it also means there is a variety of nutrients present to nourish your beautiful body.
eating was never meant to be boring or a punishment, our food is a creative element in our lives to entice and excite us, to nourish and nurture us. no one ever got sick from eating a healthy, balanced diet 💚☀️🌱
fresh & fruity and so green vegan smoothie bowl made with love & compassion by #veganangel @alexbeckett_ 🧚‍♂️
if you’d like the recipe:
almond milk
hemp seeds
@mayellaorganics nourish formulated blend + optional: vegan vanilla protein powder + peppermint drops
topped with choc buckwheat granola and more h**p seeds ✨☺️
follow the link in our bio to join the tribe & subscribe to receive more delicious recipes, healthy tips & exercise info, upcoming events & special offers 🙌🏻✨
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#texturetuesday // power balm™ 🍃
let's talk palm oil. it has a horrible reputation for being unethically sourced from malaysia and indonesia where the clear cutting of rainforests has destroyed the habitats and ecosystems of thousands of species. 🌲 that's precisely why skincare companies avoid using this controversial ingredient at all costs.
✦ after learning about the horrendous environmental impact of poorly sourced palm oil, @thekindplanetcompany set out to create a fair trade, organic and cruelty free alternative that contains purely ethically sourced palm oil that is beneficial for the communities in africa, the environment as well as our own delicate skin. 🌱
✦ the kind planet company owns a cooperative smallholder farm network in ghana and sierra leone so their palm oil carries the rainforest alliance certification and the farmers in their network are paid a fair for life premium. 🌾 not only is the balm full of wholesome, plant based ingredients that are highly beneficial for the skin but tkpc is a business heavily focused on protecting our ecosystems while empowering women in impoverished african communities. .
✦ now let's talk about the balm itself. it is a luxurious concoction that melts into the skin within seconds of contact. it helps repair and protect the skin barrier while leaving a healthy, glossy shine on the surface. it is nowhere near as greasy or oily as most balms i've tried in the past and i've actually been loving using it on my dry cuticles and on my legs after shaving. .
has your perception of palm oil changed? how important is it for you to support sustainable & ethical companies? 🤔 p.s. most palm oil on the market is still not ethically sourced so be sure to look for the rainforest alliance certification.
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Completely free of gmos, toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and colors, our products include ingredients like sunflowers, chamomile, lavender, carrots, and tomatoes from organic farming.✨❤️🙏 #morethanjustskincare

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Meet lynne, our co-founder of #wellwithinbeauty💄who already has an impressive legacy in the luxury beauty industry! she's no newbie. she's spent over 20+ years leading and growing the globally-heralded luxury skincare brand la prairie 🌎
recently, lynne shifted her goals to focus on living a healthier, less stressful and more rewarding day-to-day and life 🙌🏽. so, she and co-founder renee started the well within beauty site 🌿 and the luxurious and equally efficacious planted in beauty skincare line.
fun tidbit: lynne is an amazing chef 👩🏻‍🍳 and she can cook up a delicious vegan meal like no other. some are on our well within blog so try her healthy, #plantbased recipes at home 💗

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You don't have to smell like a flower to be clean or "feminine" — your natural scent is more intoxicating than any synthetic fragrance out there. ❤️

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