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Harmony in between 💦

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Your life experiences are only as powerful as your ability to turn them into life lessons.” - @cleowade bikini from @69slamofficial #underwater #yoga #menorca

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The last and best sunset we had during our time in capri, italy. we nearly missed the sunset that evening but thanks to @larswyder's drone skills we were able to catch the last light just as it touched the tips of faraglioni

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The lure of the wilderness never goes out of style. spending the weekend in the backcountry of arizona. thanks to @pinecanyonaz and a beautiful stay.

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How it feels to be a fish 🐟 environmental art project no 1 socio-economic effect millions of people rely on fishing for their livelihood and nutritional needs. for decades, oceans have provided us with a bounty of seafood for these needs, but there is a limit to everything. unsustainable fishing practices and overfishing over the last few decades have pushed our oceans to the limit and they may now be on the verge of a collapse, thereby affecting the everyday way of life and source of income of those who depend on them. with no productive fish left in the sea to fish, fishermen and fisheries are bound to go out of business in no time. honolulu - u.s. officials say the first-ever assessment of hawaii’s reef fish shows that 11 of 27 species are experiencing some level of overfishing. researchers with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration’s pacific islands fisheries science center announced in a statement monday that 11 species including ulua, five surgeonfishes, two goatfishes, and three parrotfishes are being overfished. scientists say the most susceptible species are those that live the longest and are popular local food sources. you know what to do - 🌿♻️🌎🙏❤️ plant based diet recycle enviroment friendly products shop organic go plastic free take care of the ocean do your part to keep this world beautiful! your grandchildren will thank you, aloha 🐟

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Au grès du vent ⚓️🌊 #seagull#seabird#mouette#oiseau#bird#nature#seaside#sealife#seascape#blue#ocean#water#bretagne#breizh#landscape#pale#grunge#minimalism#explore#travel#travelphotography#travelblogger#photooftheday#photographer#latergram#dayoff#sunrise#sun#vscocam#vsco

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