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🇺🇸 grilled salmon, sweet potatoes & greens 🍃 quick and easy dinner from yesterday using some @food4good_fr salmon as it is still the sustainable fishing week 😋 hope you all have a great h**p day!! 🙌 🇫🇷 saumon grillé, patates douces & légumes verts 🍃 dîner simple et rapide préparé hier soir à base de poisson @food4good_fr car la semaine de la pêche durable @mscpechedurable est toujours en cours 😎 bonne journée à tous ! details 👉 grilled salmon (cooked with @terradelyssa_fr olive oil for a few minutes on each side in a pan) + roasted japanese sweet potato squares (baked in the oven for about 30min with @chosenfoods avocado oil at 390f/200c) + steamed garden peas + steamed broccoli + steamed green peas + @naturalia_magasins_bio sesame seeds

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When your toast is pretty and tastes amazing 🙆🏼‍♀️ since i’ve been wanting to show you all how i make my turmeric poached egg, i did a little tutorial on my stories yesterday. i think you all will be surprised at how easy it is 🍳🤷🏼‍♀️ let me know if you give it a shot! but lesssss be real, the best part about doing the tutorial? getting to eat it on hummus loaded marble rye after (my fave whole foods bread 😍) lunch was done in 6 minutes 🕺🏼head to stories to see how i made it! happy h**p day! ♥️

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We recently showed you how to make ghee and why it was good for you, and now we stepped it up a notch and made infused ghee! three different flavors to be exact. 👏🏼👏🏼we have a sweet, savory, and herby option to satisfy all palates and incorporate with different foods. #ontheblog #yum⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #gheebutter #nutrition #remedies #wellness #cleaneating #butters #goodfat #goodfats https://wp.me/p5slgy-mmb

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Happy wednesday! waffle nachos on the menu today!🍯 . for my waffle, i combined 1 egg, 1 scoop @collagenforher , 1/2 scoop @pescience vanilla protein, 2 t @bobsredmill coconut flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder. then mixed in 1 @jojoschocolatebark & half a red apple & lite maple syrup 34p, 31c, 17f: 405 calories✅ . i would never tell you about a product i don't use myself. collagen in good for the skin, joints/bones, hair, cardiovascular health & much more! i've really noticed it in my skin after using it for a couple months🙌🏽 @collagenforher is unflavored and mixes well with waffles, coffee, & pretty much anything under the ☀️ i'm excited to partner with them to offer you a 10% discount using code "angela10" 🎉🎉 #collagenforher #healthyskin

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Good morning all and happy wednesday 😊 i woke up and instantly craved carrot cake oatmeal. when the body knows, it knows 😉 i topped this bowl with hot berries, h**p seeds, and crushed walnuts! (find the recipe in my ebook) ❤️ i’m feeling a bit stressed at the moment. keeping up with school work, other activity and staying active on this platform does get tiring sometimes. i get down on myself if i’m not responding to people and posting. i shouldn’t feel like that because it’s okay to take a break and step away from things that are causing us stress! instagram is great but sometimes i get caught up in all of it. i compare myself too easily with others and that’s always a recipe for disaster. sorry if i’m not as responsive today. but i’m gonna take some me time. sometimes that’s all we need. hope you all have a wonderful day 😌

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Happy h**p day!!🎉🤗 started off the week a little stressed and overwhelmed but a few good workouts and checks off my to-do list and i’m feeling much better! i’ve been adding some workouts on the bike (still no running/impactful exercise) and it sure feels great!💪🏼 • smoothie to start the day over here - @lovemysilk cashew milk, strawberry @nuzest_usa clean lean protein (fitfoodieg for a discount - my favorite protein!!), @betterbodyfoods pbfit (fitfoodieg for a discount!!), @biohmhealth super greens powder, @thenaturalcitizen energy powder and blackberries blended and topped with @purely_elizabeth granola!😍👌🏻

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💥💥6 awesome foods for f*t loss!!!💥💥 - i actually really enjoy creating these 6 awesome foods kinda posts. i really, really enjoy them, because i know with every single one of them i set one or two people from their anxiety for a given food. - let me tell you one thing right here. there is no, i repeat, no right or wrong, good or bad food. the only thing that matters is the overall context of a total diet. - your total caloric intake and protein intake is what’s most important. yes, carb and f*t intake matters too, but not as much as your total caloric and protein intake. focus on that first. - the first 5 foods on this list have their own reason on why they’re awesome for f*t loss. strawberries and asparagus are amazing because of their low cal high micronutrient values. chicken b****t and canned tuna are insanely high in protein. that’s amazing to get your proteins in. - coffee, because of coffee. in all seriousness, use the hunger suppressing working of caffeine to your advantage. - but chocolate?!!! what in the world? here’s the deal. if the overall context of your diet is on point, you can enjoy some chocolate. in moderation. don’t go all out on a binge, don’t eat it like a dog. in moderation. you can have it. - m.o.d.e.r.a.t.i.o.n. - ✌️i hope this gave you some insights and of course, as per usual, if you need me. email me to mazerfitness@gmail.com 💌 - ❤️much love, dennis . . . . . . . . #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossdiet #weightlossplan #diet #dieting #fatloss #fatlossjourney #nutrition #nutritiontips #nutritioncoach #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #dietplan #dietfood #dietstartsmonday #nutritionplan #caloriecounting #countingcalories #losingweight #howtoloseweight #highprotein #wholefoods #healthydiet #healthyweightloss #weightwatchers

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So, you know the mushroom and fennel hot p*t i was preparing on monday? i wanted to share a photograph of the finished dish in all its glory! it includes plenty of fibre which is great for the gut. 👍🏼 • • • #nutritionist #recipe #mushrooms #hotpot #onepotmeal #simplerecipe #emmanutritionist #winterrecipe #winterfood #digestivehealth #guthealth #vitality #glutenfree #wholefoods #hormonebalance #nutrition #reset #healthyfood #cleaneating #healthyrecipes #vegetarian #pescatarian #breakfast #lunch #dinner #fennel #eathealthy

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🎵 oh baby, why don’t you just eat me in the middle. i’m losing my peel just a little. so why don’t you just eat me in the middle 🎵 • this wednesday anthem is an ode to the banana 🍌 looking forward to some random warm weather today even though i’ll be stuck in my office for most of it 😑👩🏻‍💻 enjoy it, fellow new englanders ✌🏼 • 📷 @alvaradostreetbakery sesame bagel + @soomfoods chocolate sesame spread + banana coins + @salbachia chia seeds + creamy pb drizzle 🥜🍫

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Last week we talked about water and the importance of it. this week, we are talking about food and snacks. it’s important to know portion sizing, how much to eat, how many times a day you should eat, what items are good to eat, & why you should even eat?! if you struggle with any of those questions, you are not alone! come into nanaimo fit body boot camp and let’s talk about meal programming and snacks! #nanaimofitbodybootcamp #nanaimofitness #nanaimo #fitbodybootcamp #exercise #feelgood #nutrition #healthysnacks #burpeelife #fitfam

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There is no right or wrong way, there are only common denominators. wow i haven’t used that word since high school lol. - link in bio to full part 3 of the complete diet and fitness guide. this part focuses on weight and f*t loss. - calories matter. they just do. your body keeps track even if you don’t. we are in an age where this is our reality. food is more abundant and available than ever before. so to manage weight, we must manage calories. - protein is the closest thing to a miracle pill we’ve found. eat it with caloric surplus and training, build muscle. eat it with caloric deficit, lose weight or fat. depends on how you train. - over restriction and starvation are not sustainable and lead to worse results over time. good news for you! indulge occasionally and within reason and you’ll see your adherence go through the roof! - patience. don’t give up. it won’t come in a day a week or a month. it’s month and years guys... no sugar coating. . . #fatloss #weightloss #calories #protein #nutrition #fitness

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Who was away and busy all weekend and didn't have to prep her meals? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ well ... here's payback. last night was busy in the kitchen, but i know it is well worth it, because i will not be doing any cooking for the rest of the week. because meal prepping on a tuesday is never as fun, i took the simple route. put together two super cheesy zucchini & mushroom quinoa crusted quiches. while i was devouring that, i had pineapple chicken cooking in the oven. my stomach has been iffy these past few days, so i had to make use of the pineapple i couldn't eat. isn't crazy what garlic, pineapple, soy sauce, and onions can do? . what are some of your go-to recipes for weekday cooking? . . . . . #nutriskulpt #nutrition #nutritionist #rd #mealprep #homemade #homecook #recipes #easyrecipe #pineapplechicken #quiche #weekdayprep #balancedmeal #sweetandsour #chicken #portions #mealplanning #healthyrecipe #healthyeating #healthy #lifestyle #healthylunch #dinner #lunchbox

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When you’re stuck at work but you’d much rather be snoozing at home with this little nugget 💕

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#wisdomwednesday well today's wisdom comes from my own son...this popped up in my memories on fb from 2 years ago today...and of course he is a little older now...and these words still ring true!! i remember the day he said it...it was as if he was the adult. i had been dealing with some #haters and this was the words that came from his mouth. #lovethiskid it's not your problem so don't allow it to rob you of any energy!! #fuelyourinnerbadass #healthymindandbody #innerbadass #nutrition #fitness #mindset #growthu #teamkendrick

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The first zinc-enriched maize variety developed for south america is being released in colombia in an effort to combat malnutrition in the country. developed using traditional breeding techniques, this biofortified maize variety has naturally higher concentrations of zinc, an essential mineral that plays an important role in human development. it is estimated that in some regions of colombia up to 50% of the population is zinc deficient, a condition that can lead to respiratory infections, diarrheal disease and a general weakening of the immune system. #cimmyt #cimmytnews #nutrition #health #ag4sdgs #sdgs #hiddenhunger #hunger #healthylives #health #nutrition #maize #corn #latinamerica #colombia

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Woke up feeling great💯✔.. i call this post whenever #wedsnesday enjoying this weather🌞☀🌡 #beastmode #nutrition #abs #flexing #nonutritionnoresults🍃 #summerready #summerbody #summer18

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Hi-protein nutrilite. produk yg mengandung protein tinggi cocok utk sehari-hari, mempercepat proses penyembuhan, regenerasi sel, cocok banget dan rekomendasi untuk buibu yang hamil. #protein #multivitamin #pregnant #nutrition #healthylifestyle #sehatalami #sehatkuat #hiprotein #nutrilitrindonesia #hamilsehat

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[refuel] if you're going to put the machine that is your body through the paces, you want to fuel it first with proper nutrition. right 😋. and did you know that what you eat after a workout is really important, too? i guess you did 😉! i got that covered! prepared this super healthy sponge cake to give proper refuel formula (or just before) can't decide 😂. after all this nutrient dense sponge cake gives body what it needs to recover! i'll say fuel your run smart way! 👟👟

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Hallo ihr lieben,heute habe ich euch ein super einfaches rezept für köstliche,kleine knoblauchbrötchen und meinem liebsten(veganen) tomaten-orangen-cashew pesto mitgebracht.die eignen sich nicht nur als tolles mitbringsel für einen abend mit freunden,sondern schmecken auch zu zweit auf dem sofa🤗das rezept und was das das mit der fastenzeit und dem alkoholfreien sekt von @henkell_de zu tun hat,erzähle ich euch auf dem blog😘*anzeige #henkell #alkoholfrei #fingerfood #lecker eeeeeats #healthylifestyle #nourish #nutrition #foodstyling #foodphotography #bhgfood #thedailybite #rezeptebuchcom #starvingtime #blogger_de #ichliebefoodblogs #love #beautifulcuisines #foodstagram #huffposttaste #heresmyfood #icapturefood #thedailybite #pgminseason #mycommontable #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #thekitchn #foodandwinewomen #yummy #gloobyfood #comfortfood

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Good morning!!! we all have the opportunity to be healthy. you choose!! i choose herbalife😍😍👌👌 #herbalife #energy #bussines #nutrition #tea #tè #loseweigth #gainweight #aloevera #macronutrients #micronutrients #creatine #burnfat #aminoacid

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