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Went ahead and splurged a little with the fettuccine, but it’s ok life is good. #30_daycleaneatingchallenge #30daycleaneatingchallenge

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•• spend time with people who are good for your mental health & want to see you succeed 🖤 @arielle_ward

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Assieds toi à la bonne table 🌟
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Repost from @wilhite_kevin .
so, i fit comfortably into an xl shirt for the first time in over a year yesterday.
i’m also starting to see muscle and definition a little bit better. i think i’m starting to make that transition from just getting skinnier to showing off more tone now.
i’m still very happy the way things are moving, and i’m getting more excited every time to see the complete before and after.
more plan changes (diet, workout & supplement) to come next week.

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The gorgeous san francisco bay gal, pictured here, has truly morphed with us. she’s become a lean and mean fighting machine, switched to plant based eating, inspired many around her, set sights on the stage and also has her sights set on the day when she says “i do”. congratulations on another awesome week alissa!

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“i was able to train comfortably while wearing the ainis angel leggings, without feeling any stressful wrinkling or tightness even after completing my entire long distance run. i believe that this brand is great not only for indoor use such as weight training and dancing, but should be used progressively outdoors. i hope that all the athletic women of the world will wear ainis.”
words from triathlete / swimform consultant @miho.nico811 after 45km running training.
トライアスリート / スイムフォームコンサルタント @miho.nico811 (45kmラントレーニング後のコメント)

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Post nº 💯!!!!🙆🏻‍♀️ ✨projeto 2039 - ep. 10✨ #projeto_nutricao#nutricao#nutrição#nutrition#food#likes#love#comerbem#comida#alimento#feed#aula#class#qork#saúde#happy#projeto2039#fit#fitness#gym#academia#music

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Dinner doesn’t have to be difficult and full of 20+ ingredients. it can really be so simple.
our dinner for example were italian sausages that were frozen and we thawed out and cooked in the oven with some broccoli, rice that only took 10 minutes to make, and some bread i put in the toaster.
i was in the kitchen for a total of 10 minutes. it wasn’t hard or stressful and we both loved it.
eating doesn’t have to be stressful either. i put what i wanted on my plate. i personally was craving bread so i added it to my meal. i ate mindfully and ended up leaving half the rice on my plate.
you don’t have to clean your plate around here. you don’t have to ignore carbs at dinner or eliminate food groups. you can eat what you want and let your body help decide how much you will eat.
it’s okay. be you. listen to you. enjoy life and enjoy your meals. 💕

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Willow likes to drink her veggies 🧡. did you know? 4 out of 5 aussie adults are not eating enough fruit + veggies to meet minimum daily guidelines and only 5% of aussie kids are meeting the daily minimums...we’re on a mission to change this 💚 grab your organic veggie hit on the go from our elixir bar and #drinkyourveggies

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Amo este producto rebuild strength, es lo que alimenta mis músculos luego del ejercicio 💪🏻🌿😋 #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivation #herbalifenutrition #herbalife24 #rebuildstrength #postworkout #wedoherbalife #nutrition

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Dns gals at ibukun's last spin class of the semester! the only thing better than ibukun's music are the margaritas enjoyed afterwards ☀️🚴‍♀️🍹 #gradschool #nutrition #phdlife #summerinithaca

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Back to basics 👌🏻. i feel my best when i eat whole plant foods in simple meals like this👉🏻 brown rice, @traderjoes fire roasted corn (at @freshleesh’s recommendation), fresh greens, black beans, salsa, cilantro, black olives, and lime. i also drizzled over my homemade vegan cheeze sauce after the pic (because i love a good healthy sauce👍🏻). rice and beans are not only versatile staples but some of the cheapest foods on the planet! that makes them good for the body and the budget. heads up: starting next monday i’m challenging you to eat whole plant foods with me for 2 weeks straight. monday because (1) i’m going to boston this weekend and plan to indulge a bit in the best of vegan they have to offer (please feel free to leave your suggestions below) and (2) it gives you time to meal plan and grocery shop for success! who’s in?!🙋🏻‍♀️. details will follow soon!

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