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They say it takes a village, so we’re getting the whole entire village together... a lot is happening, stay in touch... #newprojects #newseason #newblessings

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Every new level in your life will require a new you. it will require for you to go through new challenges, through some pain (sometimes a lot of it), through uncertainty, etc... embrace it, it’s supposed to happen. be excited and trust in god. this means you are entering new land. very soon you will be able to obtain god’s blessings on the other side of your struggles, and your fears. and it will make your story even more beautiful. ❤️
cada nueva etapa en tu vida va requerir la mejor versión tuya. vendrán batallas duras, un poco de dolor (aveces mucho), inquietud, etc. es normal. alégrate! y confía en dios. esto quiere decir que estás muy cerca a un mundo nuevo. muy pronto lograrás ver todas las bendiciones que te dará dios después de todas las cosas que sobresaliste. y tú historia será más bella. 🙏🏼❤️ #yougotthis #condiostodo #sinelnada #godsgirl #newyou #newblessings

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I know i’m extrassss w this video but cutting this hair is a new start. letting a lot of s**t go. bad vibes, negative energy, dead weight & even my dead ends ✌🏾... never be afraid to try something new. never get comfortable in any situation
#newyear #newbeginnings #newblessings #growth 🙏🏾
i’m a chicken head now 🤣🤣🤣

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Congratulations to my big sister tyronda and royal for there new baby boy. i can't wait to meet him. this weekend was amazing preparing for the shower and all that came along with it . i was stressed out beyond measure and over whelmed but i wouldn't take it back for nothing . the moments that we had where priceless and i would do it all over again to make her happy .. i love u sis and i'm so happy that u are happy 😘😘😘. #newblessings #blacklove #anotherbabyboy👶

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2018 has been a great year for my company and 2019 is already looking like it will be even better 🙏🏻#newchallenges #newopportunities #newpartnerships #newblessings #nothinggiven #360businesssolutionsinc #everythingearned

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Rise above drama & negativities ===== love more ❤❤❤❤❤❤ &
stress less!!!!!!! ve a blessed week shugas❤❤❤
#makingmoneymoves#stargirl⭐️ #positivityisthekey

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Congrats to @stan_bucks & his lady again on the babygirl 👧🏻🎀 they’re having on the way. #newblessings

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It’s officially official!!! move in date is 01/19/2019... #newyear #newbeginings #newblessings #newplace

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Baby krystal faith i love you!! 😍 you so adorable!!! 😘

#titaduties #newblessings #gigilmuch

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