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New zealand’s southern alps are so so breathtaking it’s hard to walk away with a bad image, what’s even harder is standing out from the crowd but time and time again @jasoncharleshill does just this! have you got any alpine adventures planned this winter? 🏔

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Still dreaming in gold and blue!! for more magic moments like this one in samarkand. .
where have you been this year that it was your first time there? let me know in comments. in my case, i can say it has been czechia and uzbekistan.

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Exploring in the philippines with @ninjarod

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Efes herzaman oldugu gibi yine kalabalıktı..fotograf cekebilmek icin farklı acilar bulmaya veya kalabalıgın azaldıgı anlarda cekmeyi tercih ettim..seyahatimizde herzaman oldugu gibi @ersonmezalp @mosyosokola ve @sunexpress_tr ile birlikteydik..🏛

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Icelandic highlands are the most naturally beautiful place on earth, who’s with me?
photo by @paul.watson.photography
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@jordan_robins // ‘resilience’. from the day a sea turtle is born they are faced with immediate hardship. for every 1,000 sea turtle hatchlings born, only one individual will survive to make it to adulthood!
even as adults they still face the daily challenge of avoiding predation, avoiding entanglement in fishing nets and the unintentional consumption of discarded plastics floating in our oceans. this unfortunate hawksbill sea turtle has had a run in with a predator and as a result has been left with a major portion of its shell and limb missing. much to my amazement the wounds has fully healed and the turtle was swimming along, going about it’s daily life without a worry in the world demonstrating the resilience of these truly graceful creatures.
we can’t really do much about preventing sea turtles from being preyed upon, that’s just the course of nature. however, as individuals we can help protect our beautiful marine life and keep our oceans healthy by the simple tasks of making more environmentally conscious decisions, such as not eating fish, minimising our use of single-use plastics and always remembering to pick up and remove any rubbish or plastic that we find washed up on our beautiful beaches and shorelines.

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