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Bath room goals! 🌺🌸🌼
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Who's your road trip partner? tag them below! 👇🏻

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Nothing against all the other breakfasts... but we’re partial to the ones that float 😍🛶
🌍 samsara ubud
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"a stormy sunset at stokksnes"

this place is one of the most famous in all of iceland but for a good reason. i can't wait to visit this coast again. 😁✌
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I took a little walk around sutton bank at the weekend. i went after i visited the joe cornish galleries in northallerton and came away feeling inspired! joe cornish himself was there and i was hoping for a handshake and a chat but my son chose that moment to try and brake everything in the shop, so that didn't happen. i didn't take my full kit with me, just my camera, 55mm lens, and my filters. i used my @leefilters landscape polariser and just had a little wonder anound and enjoyed the view. nothing special photographically but it was a nice day out! :) @joecornishgallery

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It ain’t 2009 no more.. i know what’s behind that door.

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🌈🌾there are pieces of you in everyone you've ever loved or pretended to love they think of you they say your name when they go to make new choices they remember that you taught them how to how or how not to love you are thought of in every heart you've ever touched. remember that when you go to leave your imprint on someone we are all scattered petals blooming change across the world.🌼

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30 days without internet without gadgets. choose your 3 friends to take with you.

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Even if this isn’t pandora and none of us are na’vi, these machines look monstrous taking over the planet slowly!

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I've been keeping my eyes wide open 🍃

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There isn’t anymore ice, but it’s still cold 🥶🥶🥶

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Starbucks and stuff. ☕🍁🍂

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