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Steel couldn’t get enough of this @heypuppo food! he ate it straight out of the measuring cup. makes sense since it was perfectly created for his needs. @heypuppo formulated this personalized kibble just for him to improve his shiny coat and strong bones. swipe 👈 #puppopartner #mypuppo #ad

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Hey did u know that i am a v unique and special creature (at least that’s what ma says) ☺️ @heypuppo makes custom food formulas for pups — a diff food for every #nyc doggo, and an #ad for every dog too 😜 #mypuppo

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Thanks to @heypuppo steel has his own personalized kibble bag. i built steel his own custom nutrition plan through @heypuppo . since steel is a couch potato 7 year old siberian husky, he got a delicious grain free formula with salmon and lentils that's high in nutrients and low in calories. #puppopartner #mypuppo #ad

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Who's that handsome guy on the bag? oh, it's me!

recently, i started feeding wrigley @heypuppo . it's a personalized blend of food uniquely tailored to your dog's individual needs, delivered right to your door every month! best part is, it's delicious - wrigley loves it. he's growing up to be a big pup, so he needs the best nutrition he can get! wrigley's special blend helps him build stronger bones and a sleeker coat. be sure to check them out! @heypuppo #mypuppo #ad

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@heypuppo , you had me at “huuuuge dinner!” 🤤 loving these personalized dog posters by @heypuppo around nyc. i found mine in williamsburg! #mypuppo 🐶 an ad for every dog #ad #brooklyn 🐾

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Look at that cute face on the bag 😍 i recently signed jack up for @heypuppo and we are loving the customized formula made for his nutrition needs - strong bones, healthy digestion, healthy skin & shiny coat! he loves the taste, and i love the convenience of having it delivered to my door 😉 sharing more info in stories! #mypuppo #ad

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I swear santa ate the cookies..not me🤷‍♂️🍪 follow @ruff.de.tails !! thanks for the outfit :)
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Jack has been loving his personalized dog food, and i’m loving the health benefits he’s getting! we’re so excited to team up with @heypuppo to give one of you 3 free months of puppo and $100 to amazon to pamper your pup! 😍
to enter:
1. follow me and @heypuppo
2. tag two friends in the comments below
for a bonus entry, comment a fun fact about your pup! 🐶

official rules: http://bit.ly/catherinegreysweeps
#ad #mypuppo

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Oh, das me and my bear food 🤗 i’ve always had a sensitive tummy, and have tried many different name-brand kibbles, raw foods, human-grade cooked meals, you name it— the soft poops always came back 🤭 so mom is super happy we discovered @heypuppo, a unique food specially formulated just for me, delivered straight to our door! it has been great for my tum 🥰 pet nutritionists on staff are readily available to answer your questions, they made sure i got the fiber i need 💩 your pup will thank you! #puppopartner #mypuppo #ad

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