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And let the world wait..🖤

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Happy saturday morning, 🌟
noah was overwhelmed when we turned his artwork into a work of art! 👈🏼
i choose to enhance his drawings to create a personalized duvet cover with @artcadabra 💫
from a piece of paper to a masterpiece! this is by far the best gift to your child!
needless to say it remains a wonderful memory to cherish forever!♥️
noah is super proud of his masterpiece!✨ more details on my stories 🔎 . . . . . . . .

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Author @veter.s.severa 🎄🎅❤️
♥️chosen with love by @irilika

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Ugye nem én vagyok az egyetlen, akinek felnőttként is a “gyerekízű🙈” orbit a kedvence? 🙋 ebből ráadásul jó nagy boborékot is lehet fújni 🎈 (sikerült ennél nagyobbat is, csak azon a képen nagyon erőlködős lett a fejem 😁) @orbithungary #ittazidőhogyragyogj #reklám

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Received this lovely tea set from @ohhappygift.co putting it to good use for a cozy saturday in bed. it even comes with yummy cookies 😋
looking for christmas gift ideas? check them out for other great options!

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Kiedy życie matki polki wejdzie za bardzo, i nie masz kiedy zrobić nowych zdjęć na insta. znajo to uczucie, czy nie znajo ? pranie, sranie, sprzątanie, gotowanie. jestem pochłonięta mini remontem. tak, ujebał nam się remont tydzien przed świętami w polsce. gaz do dechy, i ogiiiiń, do odcinki. można by rzec, że odpaliłam race w czterech literach, i nie ma na mnie mocnych 😂 mąż w szoku i głębokim niedowierzaniu (słownik chcial podpowiedzieć "mąż w szoku i głębokim tłuszczu - nawet słownik wie ze dobrze karmię męża? 😶😂), pewnie nadal myśli że żonę ktoś mu podmienił. no proszę, jednak po prawie 6ciu latach bycia razem, zwykła matka polka potrafi jeszcze męża swego jedynego zaskoczyć! czy ktoś prowadzi program "nju hołm "? zgłaszam się! tak odjebałam salon, żem sama w szoku jeszcze 😂 tera nic, ino jeść w podłogi, tak lśni! dzięki laski za "przepisy" na te moje nie poradne panele, ujażmiłam je!😂 .

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There is a special pre christmas offer on this ‘bear and cub’ screen print in our shop (56cm x 76cm). we are posting everyday, and send these by special delivery in the uk. (shop linked in profile)

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This looks like the cover of a christmas card. only missing kids building a snowman out front. after 15 months, i continue to find it surreal that we live here. .
wandering the aisles at a local shopping center, i was struck with the reality that this isn’t my culture. nothing is familiar to me. i am functioning like it is.. but it is not. .
there are times when i struggle to know where to buy what so i wait for amazon to deliver next day. it feels shameful to have something as simple as cellophane bags for £2 delivered to house. but i don’t know where to buy them 🙈 my neighbor @notes_from_a_farmhouse_kitchen can attest to the amount of times i ask her where to buy what. 😉simple things like knowing what cut of beef to order at the butcher (different terms for cuts) to the correct postage (1st or 2nd class?) for a letter leave me confused and insecure. .
in sharing this with cory, i realized what’s help sustain me has been the revolving door of friends & family visiting us. instant community. cherished friends. what an honor to have all these people choose to take off time and spend money to cross the atlantic to see us. we’ve delighted in all the company. it has fed me and our family, each leaving a different imprint. so grateful to all of you.
i’m excited to share we purchased our tickets to nashville for the summer. twelve glorious weeks home! .
and yet.. i know a part of my heart will be back here. missing my dahlias and the view with that one tree on the hill.

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