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Meille tuli viikonloppuna joulukuusi 🎄 tänään oli vaan niin pimeä päivä että en saanut siitä kuvaa 🙄 meille ei näy ennusteissa ainoatakaan lumihiutaletta, mulla on jotenkin sellainen tunne että tänä vuonna tulee musta joulu 😩 mutta pimeydestä huolimatta, tulppaaneita saa taas ja nehän onkin mun lempparikukkia 💜 ihanaa uutta joulukuista viikkoa jokaiseen kotiin 🌷

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Happy monday, friends. one by one, the rooms are being cleaned, reset and readied for another week. hope yours is a good one ☺️ (thanks @kimberly.stavros for this tree basket idea!)

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Я вирішила написати 10 справ, які давно хотіла зробити.
Є такі справи, які постійно плетуться за тобою, немов нав‘язлива муха. Вони ніби і не дуже важливі, але не дають спокою і заважають думкам.

Якраз до нового року буде чим себе тримати у фокусі і круто розпочати новий місяць і рік.
Звісно в кожного свої 10 справ, а може в когось їх 3 або 5.
Суть лише в тому, щоб позбавитись того, що тебе тримає - і забирає енергію.

Перша справа - розібрала купу пластику і паперу і нарешті установила контейнери для сортування. В нас це коробки від переїзду і потім повеземо на сортувальну станцію.

Виконання хоч і маленьких справ дає дуже багато заряду до більших досягнень і одразу відчувається легкість і задоволення від зробленої роботи. Захотілось іти далі по списку.

Якщо є одна річ, яку ви давно хотіли зробити - зробіть її сьогодні.
i decided to write 10 things that i wanted to do for a long time.

there are such things that constantly distract you, like an nasty fly. they are not very important, but always are sitting in the back of my mind and interfere with thoughts.

these 10 tasks will be a perfect way to keep myself focused and motivated and get the whole bunch of things done.

you may have 10, 5 or 3 things that has been keeping you behind - number don’t matter.
the feeling of accomplishment and success over this little things will give you enough energy and drive to move on to bigger tasks. i just did one thing and it felt so good!

i sorted out the whole bunch of plastic and paper that we were keeping forever and finally installed sorting containers at our balcony. we used carton boxes from the move and later we will take all of it to the recycling station.

if there is one thing you have wanted to do for a long time - do it today.

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With its rugged landscape, ancient ruins and quaint towns with long histories, northern arizona is a diverse region perfect for a slow day of exploring.

i spent a few days on arizona's narrow highways, stopping in the old mining town of jerome and browsing indie bookstores and antique shops in prescott. the trip was an uplifting look at what's best in small-town american life, and a spirit that's harder to find these days but still there.

click the link in my bio to read the full story, and tell me what are your most memorable road trips?

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Credo nelle doti del rosa pastello per dare pace e serenità

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This was my calendar's quote of the day, and it couldn't be more timely! a lot of times we have places for a lot of the big pieces in our home but what about all the little things, the ones that cover the table and all those flat surfaces in our home. the ones that continually get moved from room to room bc they have no permanent place? #purge2moveon

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We're travelling back home today, what a fab weekend with some of the best people, here's our sunny trip to the needles yesterday #isleofwight

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Oh the avery slip dress. ten days of wearing her (minus that little bout with the flu), and i’m still not bored — good thing, because i’ve got 21 more days to go 💪🏼⠀
a little #dressember campaign update for those of you who are considering donating or who are on the team:⠀
our small but powerful team has raised almost a third of our $3,000 goal! but my personal fundraising page? crickets.
i’m hoping to change that today though! a sweet friend i met here, @givinghopewithhannah, has offered to host a @tradesofhope party tonight only to benefit my campaign and i’m so excited. ⠀
do a little research on trades of hope (they’re a beautiful fair trade brand perfect for getting some last minute holiday shopping done) and comment here or message me if you want the link to the “party”. it starts at 7:30 pm mst tonight and will be via ig chat and another in a facebook group.
i would love to see you there. ✨

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•calendario dell’avvento #gioiedinatale•
{giorno 10 #calmfluencer}
lunedì libero, fuori sta per piovere, tuta, apertura produzione regalini homemade e matisse che dorme: non conosco più calma di questa!

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B i g g e s t c h a l l e n g e o f 2 0 1 8

these guys, or rather, a lack of time with these guys.

i’m pretty lucky when it comes to family and siblings. every single one of them keeps me in the loop on how to be way cooler than i really am. they each have a unique personality that speak to different parts of my personality which keeps life very full and interesting.

as an extremely anti-social introvert, i’ve put most of my social energy into family. so now that we’ve moved away from everyone (and continue to move farther away), i’ve felt the distance very strongly this year. the distance from parents and siblings and niece and nephews has been a struggle. we’ve found creative ways to keep in touch that always brighten my day, but i still look forward to the few moments we get to visit and spend some quality time together. #decemberreflections2018 📷 @maryrobinson .
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Oggi, mi trovate sul blog di antonella clerici (sì proprio lei 😊) a parlare di natale. ho scritto un post-tutorial su come realizzare 5 decorazioni natalizie facili e veloci che potete fare in questi giorni. nelle storie vi mostro altre foto e vi lascio il link al post. ok, il clima natalizio si è finalmente impossessato di me e stasera, albero di natale con le mie bimbe! ❤️🎄
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Házikók az asztalra, füzér a falra, apró díszek a karácsonyfára és már indulhat is a karácsony! 🌲😊💫 #readyforchristmas .
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Greenery ☆
⋆ have a warm and cozy weekend ⋆
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I have this thing for dead plants, especially when i find them on a random toilet!? 🤔

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