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To the mamas who have experienced and : you are not alone. we honor and remember your precious baby's memory, today and always. 💙 don't forget to follow us : @class.for.mother
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🧜‍♀️🤱😴sleep or goodnight sleep?😴 .
😴a good night’s sleep is essential for the mental and physical health, and overall well being. 😴an adult on an average requires 6-8 hours of sleep a night in order to maintain good health. infants however, require a full 10-12 hours of sleep a night in addition to several naps throughout the day.
sleep is a time of restoration for the human body and it uses these hours to regenerate fingernails, hair, and even skin cells. for an infant, sleep is a crucial time for the development and growth of limbs, muscles, and bones.
my goodnight checklist for advik:
- massage 💆‍♀️ ✔️
- wiped (lukewarm water)
- wear clean clothes - tummy full ✔️
- burped ✔️
- check crib’s bedsheet and mattress ✔️
- a goodnight soft story for him. ✔️
and then it’s my day 😂
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Originally posted by @just.baby such a great shot, do you agree? @newbornsocute |
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Start your day with a positive attitude 🌈
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As a child, my favourite time of the day was when my father came home from work. i would hear his footsteps coming down the stairs, the jingling of the keys and my sister and i would run to the door, and leap into his arms for a big hug! we absolutely loved doing this but i have a feeling my dad might have loved it even more than we did!

today as a mom, i watch as my kids run (or in sarah’s case, race-crawl) to the door at the sight of my husband, and go in for a hug. almost every time, they get kisses planted on their face too! i see the sheer joy on their faces and it makes my mama-heart very full. .

unfortunately, not everyone came from an affectionate family so it doesn’t always come so naturally. it is not too late to start but it is important to be intentional.

just like how we need to hydrate daily to keep ourselves healthy, we are filling our children’s emotional tanks when we are affectionate with them. it boosts their self-esteem, fosters trust, relaxes them, promotes bonding, comforts and soothes them. those who know my little girl, sarah, know how she leans into my chest at the sight of someone unfamiliar and somehow it reassures her. it is the sweetest thing!

showing affection with our children can take many forms - it could be patting them on their back, holding their hands, cuddling as you read a book, hugging them first thing in the morning, surprising them with a treat, writing a love letter to them and so much more!

there is no such thing as too many hugs or kisses! the earlier you begin, the easier it gets. no matter how old your child is, no matter how awkward you think it may be, no matter how long ago you last hugged your kids - take time to shower them with your affection. you’ll be surprised at how your little investments today will benefit them in the future!
. - gladys

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What do you do with your children’s old books 📚? 読まなくなった絵本、皆さんはどうしてますか?

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He has grown so much since this pic. i can't believe you will be 21 in 2 months dang 60 days. big things are coming your way. keep working, keep god first. you go be on tv. #myonlychild #road2nba #everythingislove #motherson #bond #21stbirthday #love #basketballmom #ipromise @easybucketz23_

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Истерики бывают у всех детей. Это факт☝ Хочу рассказать простой рецепт борьбы с детскими истериками, который с моим старшим ребенком отлично срабатывает, с младшим пока не пробовала. Он не мною придуман, но мною проверен👍
Итак... ребенок готов начать скандал😭... Повод может быть любой, дети легко находят повод даже там, где его нет, точнее сказать в основном там они его и находят😂 В это время я спокойным голосом задаю один вопрос: ❓Это большая проблема, средняя проблема или маленькая проблема❓
Далее ребенок начинает думать о том, что с ним происходит, это действует на него просто волшебным образом✨, он отвлекается от истерики, забывает о том, что надо сейчас кричать и плакать. Затем он отвечает, и мы находим способ решить проблему, причем ребенок должен сам предложить решение👦👧 Маленькая проблема обычно самая быстрая и простая. Некоторые проблемы он считает средними. Скорее всего их решение будет не в ту же минуту – это помогает понять, что есть вещи, которые требуют времени. Если проблема серьезная – а то, что ваш ребенок считает важным, совершенно точно нельзя игнорировать, пусть вам это и кажется полной глупостью, – такой проблеме придется уделить чуть больше времени. Когда ребенок придумал решение, оно устроило вас обоих🌞, далее нужно похвалить, что он смог сам решить проблему, потому что очень важно похвалить ребенка за то, что он справился, это поставит окончательную точку в ситуации, а также поможет ему стать чуточку старше и самостоятельнее в своих собственных глазах. Пройдя через множество истерик со своим ребенком, нашла метод, который пока работает, поэтому будем пользоваться им дальше. Надеюсь, что у кого-то этот метод тоже сработает. Но еще маленький совет напоследок❕, не злоупотреблять этим методом сильно часто и по мелочам, иначе ребенок будет переоценивать свои мелкие проблемы и считать их серьезными, и потом из мелочей будет выстраивать огромные препятствия😉
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Unintentionally twinning with my littlest today ❤️ i know i post about his tantrums and my struggles with mothering him sometimes, but he really is a light in this world. callum is smart and funny and such a lover- happiest in my arms all cuddled up. i feel like he’s got big plans for this life of his and i’m grateful that i get to be his person 🌟

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19/10/18 9:50am hey mummy, do not cry like yesterday, for the night was good to me. i think it’s all the prayers that are being said for me. i rested well as you can see, the best thing they can do at the moment is just let me be. i am back to having 2mls an hour of your milk mum & i heard you get so happy as i did a poo in the middle of you changing my bum! ..they are keeping me on morphine for a little bit longer as i am doing so well now breathing my own air on a low 24-26%. i think i couldn’t tolerate it being taken away so swiftly the other day & probably had withdrawals. i love when you talk to me mum & i love holding your hand.. when you read me toy story earlier the part where andy says “we stick together, because we are family” really made me feel comfortable because i know that your always there. i love you unconditionally like you love me #unconditionallove #motherson #sleepybaby #resting #closeyoureyes #mummyshere #reading #thisislove❤

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Mother son dinner night out.#motherson #mommasboy💙 #onlyson #oneononetime #cartersmybaby❤

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