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A hair cut for the start of school. not gonna lie, i cried during. i can’t believe that time is going by so quickly and soon she’ll be making new friends & living her own little life. a life not revolved around her mama.
i am excited to see her learn and become more independent. this will be a new journey for both of us.
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Our newest organic sleeper colour in our @lovedbaby lineup! 😍 available in 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m and 9-12m. 📸: @_kyporter

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Sometimes, you get up early and get both you and your girl ready for church only to have her throw up on the way out to the car. so we spent a morning like this, working through a little stomach bug with cuddles and extra naps. and while she’s back to her happy self this morning, i’m thankful that when she feels under the weather mama’s lap is comforting and safe. #thestoryofclaire

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So glad i took an hour out of my family vacation to photograph this beautiful maternity session on the beach for friends of mine. although i try to disconnect from work and social media on vacation so i can be present with my family, i can’t pass up an amazing location to practice what i love. *
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Being in pictures with my kids in a bikini showing my belly....y’all his would never have happened three years ago! .
i would never have put myself into a picture let alone a picture in a bikini!! i had zero confidence! i was overweight and unhappy! .
do you know what is so sad about that? i don’t have many pictures with my kids. isn’t that terrible? .
now my kids roll their eyes when i ask for a picture! i want to make these memories last forever. .
so what changed...my mindset! .
i am so glad that i decided to make this crazy leap into this amazing fitness community because, as cheesy as it sounds, it changed my life! it gave me my confidence back and made me realize that no matter what i am imperfectly perfect! .
now that the kids are in school i am so glad for these little moments and will document them and embarrass these kiddos for years to come! .
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Star 🌟 legging with ribbed velour and faux fur bow tunic is fun and comfortable.  a great combination. 😊😊

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A child’s story starts long before they are born. ⠀

maybe it’s two parents over the moon to discover the news of a much prayed for pregnancy. ⠀

maybe it’s a long and complicated, but beautiful adoption journey. ⠀

whatever it may be, it’s a story worth capturing and cherishing for years to come.⠀

our free app asks you simple questions about your pregnancy or adoption story and compiles them into a chapter of your baby book, entitled “waiting for you.” ⠀

this, along with the 18 other chapters of the short years baby book combine to make a beautiful keepsake of baby’s first year that will be cherished for generations to come. ⠀

get started documenting your little one’s story by downloading the short years baby book app (free), link in profile. ❤️

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We celebrated our mama’s birthday yesterday. we are so very thankful for this woman. she means the world to us. i’m sharing our celebration and a life lately over on the blog! link in profile 👆🏼

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I can safely say they are well and truly worn out - and so is mummy! we have had the best few days spending time away as a family - not gonna lie there have been tears and tantrums and part of me needs a holiday alone to recover from this one haha! but i guess thats parenting!
i am definitely looking forward to getting back into a routine and getting ready for our flashsale thats taking place tomorrow morning so stay tuned for that later! .
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This poor little guy has had a rough morning so far. after all the hive + rash breakouts he has had over food these last few months, we finally did some allergy testing & found out that he is allergic to milk (which we already knew), eggs, peanuts & cats. there are a few other mild things that he needs to stay away from, but we will re-test him next year & see if they are better. he is also mildly allergic to dogs, so as long as we don’t have him pet our saint bernard- he should be okay🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ food allergies are definitely new territory for us, but we just adjust & make it work! looking at nutrition labels is going to take on a whole new meaning for me as this guy starts eating more foods too. any of you mama’s have allergy baby’s? •

and don’t worry- we made the day better by going to target🎯 & getting chick- fil-a 🐓🤗

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Have you ever wanted to join this tripe of women, moms, students and more trying to juggle wild children, jobs or homework all while staying healthy?!?

for the next 3 days our team is having a flash sale on tons of products! it’s an amazing way to try a superfood shake you have always wanted or pop into a workout program you maybe thought was out of your budget!

how about a detox/cleanse? maybe a healthy smoothie for your kiddos? how about some healthy snack bars?

the inspiration crew's end of summer flash sale has everything on sale and it’s starting on august 20th!

are you waiting for a catch? there isn’t one! •
want in? just comment below and i’ll get you added! all workout programs also pop you into my accountability group where we all work together to support and motivate each other!!!

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