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This is not a drill!!!! peonies are back and looking and smelling better then ever! 😭 i walked into my local @mykingsoopers and was greeted by some colorado home grown peonies 😍😍
edit to add- after talking with the sweetest florist ever she added some baby breath to my bouquet of peonies and i think they look amazing together!!! 😍

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Little man has been acting fearless when it comes to the pool, we have been lunging like crazy trying to catch him before he jumps in on his own, he really seems like he wants to just swim by himself 😂 anyone else have a fearless toddler? if so how do i tone it down so he doesn’t actually jump in 😬 #respectthewater

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Many thanks for not calling the cops, brenda. you're a doll.
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Seeing moms graduate and slaying their goals one at a time is empowering, uplifting, and so satisfying! seeing you guys working hard, being a mom, a student, having a job, and succeeding is the best! proof that we can do anything we set our minds too. yes, motherhood is hard no doubt about it but it makes us so👏much👏stronger👏. so for all of you mamas currently going to school and trying to graduate or those who are thinking on going back to school you👏can👏do👏it👏 and we are all here rooting for you!

📚if you are currently in school know you are doing amazing. it is not easy juggling school, being a mom, and everything else in between but you are doing it. the hard part is starting and you are already past that so keep going, mama! walk at your own phase and enjoy the journey. you are doing this for you. for your children. for your family. you are working hard and we see you. we hear you.

💭if you’re thinking on going back to school know that it is never too late to follow your dreams. know that it is possible. know that so many moms were in your shoes at one point and they got through it. know you are not alone and we are all here rooting for you. you’ve got this mama!

huge shout out and congratulations to this gorgeous mama @rachellerae__ ♥️

‘tis the season! tag us in your pictures so we can celebrate with you🎉👏🎓

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Home just in time to use our new tabletop set from @neillanejewelry and head over to grandpa + grandmas house to set up a little backyard brunch! 🍇🥐 this collection is elegant and durable, but very affordable. it’s the best of both worlds! kid tested, mom approved! sold exclusively at @bedbathandbeyond #neillanebyfortessa #everydayelegance #ad

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Because is there a better way to spend a day besides eating an ice cream sandwich in one of brothers shirts? pretty sure zoey is living all of our best lives in this photo! 😍💛
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#ad i've had morning sickness since week 5, majorly triggered by strong smells. does anyone notice how many strong smells occur when you have a toddler? it's a lot 😂. i know how trying nausea can be, especially when you're juggling work, taking care of little ones etc. and you just want to be excited about your pregnancy! i was so excited when i found out about @cureeze. it's a portable lemon scented oil clip that fits into your nose! if you swipe over you can see what it looks like (or not) because it's so discrete! cue me popping this in before i change a toddler diaper! that definitely happened today. it's helped take the edge off for me with strong smells, and i would recommend giving this a shot! if you want to try it out, you can use the code bp30 for 30% off your purchase. 🧡 #cureeze

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Are you ready to be real and raw?
mama’s i’m talking to you!! don’t you feel like we never talk about what we are really feeling in motherhood?
how emotional and hard everything can be?

how you compare yourself to other mama’s when you shouldn’t? i’ve learned comparison is literally the death of your soul.
it takes away everything good and hurts your joy.

motherhood is a wild ride and magical journey and we learn so much about ourselves and are taught so much in such a quick time.
our babies evolve our soul and make us s***p away the layers, and find that real and raw self.

so that brings me to my latest project,
my new mommy podcast,
strptd down with ali levine.
yes i know, for those that remember me on @bravotv stripped... i felt like that was the beginning of my new journey with myself. i had to be real, i had to be vulnerable, i had to let myself learn and refocus and reset.
i believe that experience truly started it all for me. then motherhood came and wow!! this podcast is all about all about the real, the raw, and stripping away those layers to get to you.
it’s officially on itunes!! link is in bio!
i couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this with all of you, and having these vulnerable and real conversations.oh and it’s not just for mama’s, its authentic conversations as humans and sharing our raw selves.

please subscribe and check it out 💕
i’m grateful for this new journey and already have so much to share with you. 🙏🏻😭 comment below on what layers you’re working on!
i’m always doing work on myself 🙌🏻 #mindful is my big one right now!
buckle up, it’s about to get real!😯 #alistyle #strptddown #realrawtruth #alistyle #motherhood

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