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Happy friday friends! i hope everyone’s weekend is as chill as this little dude! 😎
ps. why is he so much cooler than me? 🤣🧡

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Seems to me like a little someone is teething already 🐼 b***s i urge you to check out @upsimplesbaby towels. they’re a must! the material is to die for and honestly does it get cuter than this 🐼 take advantage of my code it’s good until the 25th code: karla100

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The cutest brothers i’ve ever seen. kaden just loves being a big brother and (for the most part) is very helpful. if kallen is crying in the back seat of the car kaden will try to comfort him. if he spits up and i miss it he try’s to clean him up. when kallen is crying at home he tells me “he needs milk mom”! sure there are those little moments where kaden questions why kallen gets so many packages and he gets none 😂but he mostly loves his new role. i can’t wait to see them grow together. 💙
📸: @estanleyphoto

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It took me 4 days and several internal battles to finally decide i would post this picture. why? because this photo was never intended to be seen by anyone, in fact, when my husband took it my first words were “omg delete that now!” you see, this photo highlights so many things that are deemed “wrong” with the postpartum body.

stretchmarks, loose skin, and a big, round belly. surprisingly, though, none of that bothers me. the reason why i hate this picture is because it shows the giant, sagging bulge of f*t that hangs off of my midsection. the “mom pouch” that makes all other mom pouches look like an ad for the perfect body. the mom pouch that i always hide behind high waisted bottoms. the mom pouch that made me hate myself for several months postpartum. this photo reminds me of that hate; how i used to stare in the mirror, rub that pouch and think “i’m hideous, this child destroyed my body”. i hated those days and this photo is a reminder of who i was before i truly loved myself.

i want to be clear, i love my body. now, more than ever i had embraced every “flaw” and i truly love myself and how i feel. becoming a mother helped me realize that i am made of magic and no matter what i look like on the outside, i am worthy and beautiful. we all are.

just because i spread body positivity and selflove doesn’t mean i’m perfect. far from it, in fact.
i still struggle with that mom pouch; yes, i wish it wasn’t so saggy and maybe just a tad smaller, but i no longer hate myself because of it. i no longer look in the mirror and call myself names or try to push it in so it won’t sag down as much.
i am no longer defined by that d**n pouch.
it doesn’t hold me back anymore or make me feel inferior.

this mom pouch is a much a part of me as my arms, legs, breasts…so i have chosen to embrace it because hating it means hating a piece of myself, and that just won’t be tolerated.
once you go down that road towards self love you realize that although you may have bad days, you are still worthy of all the love and magic in this world.
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I'll never forget when i was pregnant and making small talk with an older lady in the grocery store, i told her i was having a boy. and she replied, "ah, boys. they really are different than girls." ⠀

she didn't mean it in a mean spirited way, she was speaking from experience. raising five children herself, she told me the story of coloring with her girls versus boys. she said her girls would color nicely on their pristine papers. her boys would rip the paper off the colors, tear up their coloring paper, and then grind the crayons into the table or the floor. ⠀

i laughed and i think i told her "we will see" as i walked away with my groceries. she wasn't wrong. i am already starting to see the "nature" that is little boys. ⠀

destroy all the things, rip everything off of any shelf, crumple any paper he can get his hands on, and crush anything he can find including dead bugs he finds on the floor. he tears leaves off my plants and goes on missions in the yard to destroy every dandelion he can find. ⠀

i love watching his sense of adventure and i love learning about raising him as he grows. i know that it'll only get more challenging as we go and the lessons i'll have to teach him about being a kind, loving, and respectful man won't come easy. for right now, i'll stick with crushed bugs and crumpled paper. ⠀

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Happy half birthday, babies! we love you so much! see some of our fun festivities on today’s vlog (link in bio). thank you so much for sending these darling party hats @littleblueolive! they made the day extra special.

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I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again; as a mama to 5 under 5, i simply don’t have time to go shopping for myself... or i get discouraged/ distracted and end up only buying things for the kids.
my favorite non-athletic pieces are started to get worn or have too many unnamed kid related stains to even bother rescuing, so it was time to put it a call to my trunk club stylist!
i asked naomi for classic and timeless pieces, that i could chase after kids in without wardrobe malfunctions, that were breastfeeding friendly, and that would also work in this much milder savannah fall/winter season. .
check out my ig stories to see what she came up with and help me decide what i should keep!
and if you’re like me and could use a stylist to pick out clothes for you, that you can try in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about __________ (screaming, overtired, hungry, too tired to walk, you fill in the blank) kids, i’ll drop her link in my profile!
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We have been lagging behind on his third month milestone photo because this mister keeps turning over. he is obsessed with his newly acquired motor skill and wont stop showing off. 🤣 what else is three month old a***n obsessed about? kisses on his chin, long chats with ceiling lights and sticking out his little tongue.
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Most perfect housewarming/pre wedding party for my precious sister! 🏡🎉so excited for her and michael and their wedding tomorrow! 👰🏻🤵🏻
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🥗 salad anyone? 🥗
happy friday guys! 🤗 hope your weekend is filled with cake 🍰 and donuts 🍩. just pretend it’s salad and you’ll be ok 👌🏼. •
👉🏼these veggies are my favorite play food! 🤗 they are by @melissaanddougtoys and are called melissa and doug cutting food set. i love them because they come with a wooden play knife for kids to practice hand placement when cutting through the velcro pieces 🍽. i’ve added them to my amazon shop under toys 3+ 🤩. 👩🏻‍🍳 the spoons are also from @melissaanddougtoys . they come with the wooden pots and pans set. i’ve listed them under toys 2+ ❤️. #mothercould #takebackchildhood #countlesswaystoplay

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So long summer. 💫 next time we meet i'll have an 8 month old on my hip and a glass of rosé in my hand—out of pleasure or necessity i'm not sure... 🙃 love & thanks for a beautiful last season with just our #sweetlittlelacey. 💛

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In honor of the last day of summer, here’s riley living her best life.
we had lots of pool days & sunshine but we are looking forward to sweater weather & all the fall things!☀️

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6 hours, 6 stops, 10 bathroom trips...we’re finally home! now i have a problem. do i hang the new fall clothes in their closets and hope for the best? or stash them away somewhere? i’m afraid they will try to wear everything, despite it being 100° outside. 🤣

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My beautiful first born is 2.5 years old tomorrow! i can hardly believe how fast she is growing up! emy is so smart and brave! she has an extra bit of sass and definitely knows how to press my buttons, but gosh, i can’t imagine our lives without her laughter and smiles! she is everything i ever imagined in a daughter and more! i am one blessed mama! 💕

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It's rainy. we rented movies so we can have an at-home date night. i look like a thumb with a messy bun. 😝 i'll just pretend i have my hair done and lipstick on. 🤷‍♀️

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✨surrounded by so much love! and sass. and feistiness. it’s always a real party🎉, right mamas?!
sweet diaper deal! click the link in my stories to buy the @pamperspure bundle, which includes 4 packages of diapers and wipes, and you’ll receive a free $10 @walmart egift card and free 2-day shipping. deal ends sept. 30!
#pamperspurepartner happy friyay!!!

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And target has all the goodies so i’ll be there from now until spring ✌🏻

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My little entrepreneur. yesterday, out of the blue he said i want to sell lego necklaces. we made some to sell at a coop homeschool group a few years ago. he had some money saved and went to @michaelsstores and bought string, clasps and, this fun necklace rack for a display using a 30% and 40% coupon. he is so excited to make them at home. after school he made 10 and couldn't wait till 6:00 to meet his friends at the playground and set up shop. he sold 2 at a playground. proud mama!! he said, "i love owning my own business." aww, so cute!! dm me if you want one $5 plus shipping. •

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So once we had the right baby formula the next challenge stroke, figuring the entire bottle feeding process out. in the hope of helping you not do the same mistakes we did, today at the organic baby food wholesale store we want to share our learnings.

visit our new organic baby food wholesale website to read the whole article!

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Seems to me like a little someone is teething already 🐼 b***s i urge you to check out @upsimplesbaby towels. they’re a must! the material is to die for and honestly does it get cuter than this 🐼 take advantage of my code it’s good until the 25th code: karla100

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