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Words to live by this week. shed it all off and keep your heads up.

yvadney x #mumsthatslay 🤜🤛⭐

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Imagine being so small that your daddy can make you fly 🚀

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I’ve got a dirty little secret. .
my baby still sleeps on me.
not every day, but frequently.
oh, and i like it. .
she’s almost 11 months and most books or so called “experts” in the western culture tell us by now, my bubba should be independent, self soothing and holding down a small part time job (i may have made that last bit up). .
for years, i used bambi, my cat to help me to sleep. her warmth and purrs were an amazing antidote to stress and a big bed alone. she would sleep right beside me in my bed. more than once i woke up with her sleeping on my heart. .

after that, @leeyousitch has provided much warmth and helped my busy mind to wind down, helped me to feel safe and supported. i sleep better now when he is beside me than when i am away from him. .

now my little bubba falls asleep on me *sometimes* and i let her stay here. our heart beats merge as one. our breathe syncs. and we both feel intune and comforted. .

she is unconditional love incarnate and her heart beams healing into mine.
it’s also a time for me to stop and be. #radiatmamahood demands this. .

i’m her home - nourisher, protector and a big part of her whole universe right now.
yesterday luna started standing on her own without assistance or hanging on, about to walk. i know it’s close. my baby is turning into a toddler. already. it’s gone so quick. .
it really hit me that this time - of heart to heart cuddles daily and afternoon chills on the couch aren’t forever - they’re a mere dot in our lifetime and human experience together. and i have no desire to rush her independence - i know she’ll be pushing me away soon enough for play, friends and adventures.
for now, i’ll relish in this beautiful heart connection time. that’s what it is. heart to heart energy as both our cups get filled. .
we’re often in such a rush to get to the next place, or goal or fit into this very masculine world, we’ve forgotten the joy in presence and experience. sit. breathe. this moment.

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Evenings can be hectic in our household with after school clubs, homework and hobbies to juggle! sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and it's a mad rush to get everyone fed, bathed and in bed at a decent hour! that's why it's so good to know that @birdseyeuk chicken is made with 100% chicken breast, zero artificial additives, flavours or preservatives, and makes a delicious, quick dinner when my family need it the most! #winnerwinnerchickendinner #birdseye #ad

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How did i get so lucky? ✨ my favourite place to be with my absolute favourite people 🙌

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Monday just stop please

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Oh monday! in my sleepy state you were mistaken for sunday!! boo! but what a lovely weekend it was! today it's sports day so as long as isabella doesn't stop and walk the rest of the race when she realises she's in the lead like last year i won't need to shout and scream like that over competitive mother!! 🏃🏼‍♀️😂 have a lovely day everyone!

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Some weekend’s are pretty epic. this was one of them. and seeing as i’m my own biggest stalker on these here squares, the memories are getting a worthy grid space! plus 2 weeks...only 2 weeks to work of my notice and then i am freeeeeee 🦅

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Taking his big brother duties very seriously 😂

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Growing up i only had sisters. there were three of us and when we weren't fighting over each other's clothes we were thick as thieves. then when we started having our own babies they are all boys and looking at my nephews i see just how strong the bond is between brothers and coby really does see his big brother cayden as his superhero. so i want to know what is the best thing about having a brother?
#rosalillaoninstagram .
card available on rosalilla on etsy & amazon

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A good mama has bad days & great days & overwhelming days & perfect days & trying days & supermum days & a whole lot of love & real & crazy motherhood days. we’re all just winging it ✌🏼🌿❤️

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Look at that cheeky face! 😛
another day another walk 💙💙
you might already know if you follow my personal insta @_daniellegavin but just incase you don’t 😉
wesley really loves going for walks, i’m sure it’s because he’s so comfy in his pram! we try and go for a walk every day; i find it’s so good for my state of mind and it’s not bad for my thighs either 😅
i’ve been loving the redsbaby jive pram. wesley is 10 months old now, and it’s really serving us well. i’ve put together a review for you on my blog (link in bio). i share my likes/dislikes, and also share my tips on what to look for when trying to choose the right pram if you have no idea where to start (like me before i had wesley 🙃) hope it helps!
dan x

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I always feel super smug when i manage to capture all four of the offspring in a shot and while getting one where they’re all smiling is as rare as unicorn poo 🦄 i much prefer images like this.
on saturday we went strawberry picking at @liftonfarmshop there’s a video up of our adventures on my youtube channel
gully ate so many that i think he’s turned into a strawberry 🍓
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På midsommaraftons morgon kl 8.04 kom lillebror till oss💙 3412 g och 48cm lång ( tyvärr var det ingen som gissade rätt datum i kommentarerna på min förra bild 😜) däremot gissade både farmor och morfar rätt dag🙌❤️ #lillebror #v38 #tvåbarnsmamma #tvåbarnspappa #flickapojke #babyboy #midsommarpojke #sommarpojke #storasysterochlillebror #motherhoodthroughinstagram

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Such a lovely weekend with this one 💛 #love #mygirl #thatsmile #sunnyweekend #mondays #mgb

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I think i may have a slight obsession with statement trousers at the moment... these being my current fave! .
i’m not sure if it’s the ability to look ‘put together’ so effortlessly, or the fact they feel like pyjamas - either way, i’m all about it!
we’ve another day in the house thanks to the dreaded pox, which still seem to be quite mild. could we be lucky enough that she isn’t going to get covered, or is the worst yet to come? .

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