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Hello monday!
our weekend was a ripper, it was full of the simple things we love like sunshine and family leaving me feeling extremely happy and recharged to take on this next week ahead. yesterday marked 19 weeks pregnant ✨
when i was pregnant with alina i found myself feeling very nervous, self conscious and ‘not myself’. this time around i feel like extremely grounded and self assured. i look at my daughter and am always overwhelmed with how much i love her and how proud of her i am so i just feel so d**n lucky and grateful for this healthy pregnancy carrying my son and the fact that bringing him into our family and the world is going to be magical for us all. we’re very excited. we’re off for my 20 week scan tomorrow and alina can’t wait to see her baby brother on the ‘tv’ as she says haha. it’s the act of practicing gratitude that i love to start my days off with and today i am feeling ever so grateful! have a beautiful day guys xx .
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Enjoying these days where she still thinks i’m a cool mom 😎

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Anyone else have a monkey?! 🐵🙈🙉🙊

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“god is so faithful that he will wreck your plans before they wreck you.” •
i don’t know about you, but that sure as heck is speaking to me today. 💓

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After an initial resistance to bango’s charm, bowen decided she loved him... much to the chagrin of her pacers-loving dad.
@kristenbeillack thanks for such a fun party! i don’t think we’ll stop talking about bango for a loooooooong time. 😂❤️🦌

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Another amazing year at @wanderlustfest 108!! it was absolutely gorgeous weather in boston. we had fun walking the 5k, and the yoga was the perfect flow and easy going, but challenging! i'm not the best at meditating, so i took the time to journal for a little bit, while i listened to the peaceful guided meditation. it was fantastic!!
☀️ then we got more free samples than we know what to do with! i'm excited to go through and try everything!! ☀️
i already can't wait for next year!!

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One of my favorite vendors at @wanderlustfest, @pukkaherbsus! their tea is amazing, i can't wait to get a box. not to mention the stunning bamboo travel mugs... i'm putting that on my present list! 😍☕

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Soaking up every last ray of summer sun with my girl before the semester starts and i’m back to work ☀︎

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Ready to crush my no recipe meals this week 👊🏼that’s how i cook most of the time- no recipes and every once in awhile will follow something new. anyone else feel me on this?
all about convenience and ease, especially as a full time working mama.
on the menu this week
➡️ salsa chicken, rice + veggie
➡️ chicken sausage + pasta + spinach side salad with fruit and feta
➡️ sweet potato + black bean burritos
➡️ fruit, yogurt, bars, plantain chips and avocado as snacks.
what are your go-to meals and snacks?

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When does this ever happen??! there are so many things i love about this image... the smoke making the lake look like an ocean, the birds (i mean common!!) and how genuinely happy everyone is. such an amazing family portrait!!!

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Confession: my favorite photos are the ones where they aren’t looking at the camera. that’s when i get to see a glimpse of their soul.
p.s. sometimes you forget your church shoes #fifthchildproblems

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Third trimester summary:
1. green smoothies, blueberries & dairy free yogurt 🥥
2. wearing the same 3 outfits on rotation 🤰🏻
3. back pain & having to p*e all the time 🛌
4. so much more energy 💃🏽
5. reading beautiful books about mamahood 📚
6. doctor visits every week 👨‍⚕️ 7. getting kicked in the ribs every 5 seconds (and loving it! 💕) 🤸🏽‍♂️
8. singing to baby boy 🎶
9. planning his nook/sanctuary 🏡
10. so ready for him to be earth side 👶 .
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Besotted by bubbles 🕊 she was just standing there giggling and singing tiny tim as they popped all around her! the $5 bubble blower from kmart was the best investment ive made in a while...clearly! #bubblebubblepop

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me: finally hit the single digit-week countdown until this nugget makes his grand appearance (9 weeks to go!! 💃🏻) and not fitting into any of my clothes... so i’m wearing all of alex’s and i’m feeling all kinds of 🔥 sexay 🔥 in them... jk ⠀
grace: counting down to the start of her ballet class ✨ and transforms into a “real” princess 👸🏻 hoping she won’t make this face at her recital... but then again here’s to braking the mold! ⠀
emory: found out that if she says “mom i’m scared” in the middle of the night, we’ll actually sneak her into bed with us... she’s sneaky... so sneaky and cuddly so it’s ok. ⠀
haddon: boycotting naps, smiling his way into getting anything he wants (because his dimples melt this mamas heart) and refusing to join our club... can you tell 👆🏼??? he too is waiting for his brother to arrive and even out the girl-to-boy ratio! ⠀

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We had a 9 year old take our photo today and she killed it!! such a fun family beach day, and we even added a couple kiddos to our family adventure!! it’s so fun to see jaymison with other kids.... he cherishes and enjoys family and friendship so much already (love this about him♥️). check out my stories to see the two littles jaymison got to hang with today!! happy sunday ✨!

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Happy sunday! this happens so rarely these days that harper would fall asleep in my arms, so i made james snap a quick photo.
this can officially serve as harper’s 7 month update. she’s at such a fun age where she’s past baked potato stage, but not able to move around on her own quite yet. she thinks james and our puppy are hilarious. if i could freeze her at this age, i absolutely would. #sundayfamilyselfie

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