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When a stranger offers to take a family picture for you, you say yes 😄
i know i place a lot of importance on the aesthetic but sometimes we have to pause in our pursuit for happiness and just be happy 🦋 {if you know who this quote is attributed to please let me know!}
yesterday’s news taught us that life has a sad way of reminding us of these things sometimes so just leaving this right here.

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finn, shaking his head with a bewildered grin: “ughh...i cannot imagine a world with five sisters.” ⁣

me: “well, can you imagine four?” ⁣

finn, still bewilderedly grinning: “i mean - two was enough!” 😂 ⁣⁣
in case you aren’t aware, he has three. ⁣⁣
(aka one too many, apparently bahaha 😆🤦🏼‍♀️🙈)⁣⁣
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In case you were wondering, i’m still pregnant 🥴😂. 39 weeks today! 👏🏻. maybe it’s time to wash baby clothes and pack hospital bag? 🙈. i had what felt like prodromal labor yesterday, these were definitely not braxton hicks contractions, but they didn’t progress to active labor, instead stopped after i drank water and went for a walk 🤪. doctors say this likely means my body is preparing for labor, but it could take days or even weeks for active labor to begin, so it’s time to remain patient 😄. i’ve been eating an enormous amount of dates, since recent studies suggest they may help shorten labor time 😆👏🏻, how far along were you when you went into labor?
p.s.: living in my new pair of jeans from @1822_denim - more about them on my stories today ☺️
ainda tô grávida, gente 🥴😂. 39 semanas hoje! 👏🏻. talvez esteja na hora de lavar as roupinhas e fazer a mala do hospital? 🙈. ontem passei o dia com pródromos de parto, as contrações eram diferentes daquelas comuns de braxton hicks, mas não evoluíram para trabalho de parto, ao invés disso pararam completamente após eu caminhar e tomar água 🤪. médicos sugerem que isso só significa que meu corpo está se preparando para o parto, mas podem levar dias - ou até semanas - para trabalho de parto começar, ou seja, o negócio é permanecer paciente 😄. vocês não acreditam o tanto de tâmara que eu tenho consumido 🤣🙌🏼, vários estudos sugerem que tâmaras auxiliam no amadurecimento do colo do útero e por isso poderiam ajudar a encurtar o tempo de trabalho de parto. aí já sabe, se existem evidências eu to dentro, comendo umas 10 tâmaras todos os dias 😅. com quantas semanas você entrou em trabalho de parto?

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I was definitely not up for doing maternity photos. belly shots are not only way out of my comfort zone, i also feel way out of control of my body while pregnant. my friend and photographer, @daniellelopezphoto insisted we do a few. i can’t thank her enough for pushing me outside of my normal. you are very talented my friend 🤍 #34weeks

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No makeup, dirty hair, tired eyes but we had a reeeeally good day and it should be documented 🧡 #girlgang

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As i’m churning through our homeschooling journey, i’ve realized what we need and that’s to keep homeschool simple. knowing how much is available to us can be vastly overwhelming. there’s so much out there, how could it possibly be kept simple? i’m gonna explain for those in the trenches of the fear of the seemingly complicated. i hope families who are starting out know that it is possible to homeschool while being a busy family. 💫
📚 essentialism. no need to go crazy buying all the supplies. all the fun stuff sitting in your space can leave you feeling as though you have to be doing it all everyday.
✏️ try not to focus and worry about what you don’t have. borrowing from the library works well to tone down that feeling. so do audiobooks and free read alouds online!
🏡 your kids will learn what’s necessary without that huge poster of information hanging in the school space. not having every homeschooling item is okay. they will learn.
🎨 if you use a curriculum, stick to it because that alone tells you only what you need. the core is fine! books. basic school supplies. basic art supplies. library card. basic developmental games. imagination!
🤸🏻‍♀️ realizing the importance of play. schools are killing creativity. make plenty of time for it.
📒 it’s okay to let go of what isn’t working, even if you’ve invested. not everything is meant for us.

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This weekend we moved arlo into his nursery. my last baby is growing up too fast. time, you are such a thief. 😭🖤
(he also went from sleeping all night to waking up every two hours. 😑 if you have crib transition tips, send them my way🙏🏼)

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I’ve been listening to a lot of parenting podcasts lately because honestly, most of the time i don’t know what the heck i’m doing. i always thought i was really affectionate and showed unconditional love to my children. until i hit the toddler years. my continuous hugs and kisses morphed into continuous correction and teaching- which can be good, if paired with love and affection. it wasn’t intentional. i was just so set on making sure my kids were listening to me and following the directions that i had set for them, that i often forgot to celebrate their victories. i was too exhausted and frustrated by correcting them, to pour out as much love and affection over them as often as i should. sometimes when your kids are having a meltdown they don’t need you to “fix it,” they genuinely just need a hug. (or space😅) but they need to know that they are endlessly loved and they need to feel that. why would they want to listen to someone that they don’t feel loved and respected by? i’ve replaced a lot of correcting words with words of encouraging and building rather then continually correcting. our children are learning and we have to remember that. as parents we are there to coach them, encourage them, help them, not dictate them. yes, there is a time and place for different corrections but i’ve been finding that encouraging, loving, genuinely caring about the little things, and listening to them and their cares makes a world of difference. and goodness have they been growing (and thriving) since making these changes- there are more hugs and kisses to go around then ever and would you believe that mods are listening better then ever before? it’s okay to accept that as mothers, we are a work in progress. and that’s okay.🌱

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i'm partnering with @kytebaby , one of my favorite baby brands! they make the softest bamboo layette and sleep bags and they’ve agreed to give one of you a $100 shop credit!
winning is easy!
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Doesn’t everyone need a sparkly tiara on to do grammar? ✨ #oliviagrace #teachingtheedwardsthree

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There’s a certain roller coaster of emotions called motherhood. just imagine those rollercoasters with the most loops, the steepest free fall, and all of the twists and turns. yupp, that’s motherhood. 🎢

i finally hit publish on a blogpost i’ve been working on for some time now. i’m sharing about all things guilt after becoming a mom. link in bio. ⠀
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Feeling like our little baby isn’t such a baby anymore. he’s giggling, sitting up, playing, and chatting like crazy. we can’t wait to watch him grow into a little person, but will definitely miss these days. 🐣

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Motherhood is hard. it's not a secret but no one tells you that the hardest part about being a mom has little to do with your child at's the other aspects of your new title. balancing your work,maintaining your relationships,navigating your hormones,learning to live with your postpartum body,battling with your anxieties,working through your guilt,agonizing over parenting decisions or misteps,operating on little sleep,plus keeping this little person safe all while trying to figure out who you are now after this monumental identity shift. not to mention the isolation that tends to creep in when you least expect it .those are the hard parts .it's not your kid. it's you. managing yourself,this new you,that is the part that takes the work. i'm learning and evolving every day. i have days when i k**l it and days when it nearly kills me. when i say motherhood is hard,it is. loving my babies and being their mom is not.that's the easy part. "

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How is my baby boy going to be ✌🏻in a couple months?! we are keeping it super simple this year but i’m over here in complete denial 🙈 ps. i need more mom hairstyles... hubs thinks my top knot looks like a squirrel’s nest #dontmesswithmama 🐿😂🤨
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Ездили в прошедшие выходные на наше любимое озеро bear lake, впервые зимой поэтому сильно удивились, что местный городок почти полностью вымерший 🙈 работает только одна прокатная контора, где можно арендовать сноумобили, а все вкусные кафе и рестораны закрыты до весны. И фестиваль ради которого мы туда ехали уже свернули к нашему приезду, вот и получилось 5 часов в дороге (туда-обратно) и всего час на озере. Можно сказать мы туда ради этого селфи приехали 🤣 так что не скупитесь на лайки 😎😘

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When all else fails, take a bath. 😉
one of my go-to’s after a looong day of chasing around tiny humans is a nice hot bath. extra bubbles. (although mine are sadly not this luxurious 🤪) one of the best gifts i’ve given myself as a mom is realizing early on that i can’t pour from an empty cup - and neither should you! no matter what pursuit you find yourself in life you can’t, and i repeat, c a n n o t, pour from an empty cup. take time to recharge. to reconnect. make time for yourself. you are your greatest investment. think of how much more you can give when you are at your best 💪🏻 what are your favorite self-care go-to’s?! 👇🏻

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Did you know reagan has an alter ego? her name is susan. she is sassy, a little aggressive and hilarious. she calls me sweetheart, honey and chelsea blewett. i secretly love when susan comes out. do your kids have alter egos?! #itsarealthing

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〰️ 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 〰️ do you remember that first smile? sure, there were sweet little smirks while he was sleeping, but nothing could have prepared me for that first big smile and his bright open eyes looking happily at me. it warmed my heart so much!⁣❤️❤️❤️

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My teeny tiny muse.

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🧚‍♂️‘the woods are full of fairies! the trees are all alive:
the river overflows with them,
see how they dip and dive!
what funny little fellows!
what dainty little dears!
they dance and leap, and prance
and utter fairy cheers!’ - author unknown.
new fairy wands will be released with our autumn/winter collection. i have so many lovely plans for them!
imaginative play is such a big part of my children’s lives and i love that this is something i can bring to rosie bee. ✨
we all need a little magic in our lives right?! 🥰

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It’s none of my business what people say of me or think of me, i am what i am and i do what i do, i expect nothing and except everything..this for me makes life so much easier ✨

#matchymatchy with my girls in @arnhem_clothing

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Logan finally got to enjoy his christmas present...jazz tickets! love this kid! even if he tried to eat all my ice cream #teenager!! #jazzfansforlife

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Missing (grand)mama 🥰

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Half baked and finally feeling like i don’t need to spew lol #yay #halfbaked #20weeks 💛💛💛

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I love to mix blouses with denim jeans. when #cabiclothinggiftedme this beautiful thespian blouse, i couldn’t wait to wear it out. i am wearing a black cami underneath and i love the semi sheer floral fabric this blouse is made of. i especially love the bell sleeves because they give it such a great look.
what do you like to pair with jeans?
(ad) make an entrance in the thespian blouse, a flowy, dramatic number done in a decadent, black floral print. with long bell sleeves and ruffle detailing at the shoulders, all eyes will be on you. pair with the drama skirt for a coordinated, dress-like look.
midnight flowers
easy body shape, hits at the low hip, crew neckline with button closure, sheer
100% polyester
available in sizes xs-xl

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You’re fully walking now, and with it i’m seeing this independence, bravery, curiosity and strong will in you. grocery shopping will never be the same now that you’ve decided you like walking & pulling things off the shelves instead of riding in the cart. 😂 you fall down & get right back up again. you’re resilient and have a genuine love to experience new things.

and yet, as you’re seeming bigger & bigger, you still feel small too. you still sit on my lap as we go down bigger slides together. you still prefer to be held & grip my arm tightly when you’re feeling uncertain. you still let me rock you and cradle you like a baby as you drink milk before bed. i savor these moments, because i know they may be fleeting.

the love i feel for you is something fierce, my dear. 💗 motherhood, the dichotomy of cheering them on as they get bigger, and holding onto the moments where they feel small too.

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Following on from last week’s episode, we complete bridget’s home office and reflect on all the family patterns, the emotional highs and lows, the family dynamics that come up when physically clearing space…which of course is also metaphysically shedding layers and clearing space! we hope it inspires you to literally ‘create the space’ for the woman you’re so ready to step into being in 2020.

have you already created a space for you this year? 💁‍♀️ relevant links:


@suburbansandcastles – bridget

@thepleasurenutritionist – jules
the household advisor – tara
for latest podcast episodes, tickets to live events, and to join the wellness couch tribe on facebook, click the link in bio🖱👆

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Move your mama monday!
usually i post my ‘move your mama/mom hack’ monday in my stories but i thought i’d share on here today. •

i love working out with my kiddo, he’s the perfect weight & workout partner.(those intense faces🤣) both of these exercises are simple and affective. first one targets glutes with knees out. second targets quads with legs more straight & underneath. sit all the way back into your heals & press through your glutes as you press up and press your hips forward. •

feedback: how are you guys liking the themed days? any favorite days? a specific theme you’d love to see added. let me know, i love hearing from you guys!😘

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First day of y e a r • t w o !
we were ready super early this morning to ensure we got a park at school (it is utter mayhem!) and we could get gabe all settled in to his new classroom. he is so excited to be a big year two-er and knew lots of his classmates already (they swap the kids around each year into different classes). he barely even glanced up to say goodbye when i left 😂
his new teacher seems so lovely. there were little activities ready for them when they arrived, including name badges, a book for them all to keep, desk mat, find-a-word with all their names in it, and a colouring book. so sweet. she had gone to so much effort to make them feel welcome and special. ♥️🥰
#firstdaybackatschool #yeartwo #newschoolyear #backtoschool2020 #happysixyearold #happymama

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I feel like it’s been so loud in the world. maybe it’s because we’ve stripped away a lot of the space and conveniences we’ve been used to, but somehow this last week has felt long and loud. but it isn’t just noise - it’s all so, so important. there’s so much turmoil in the world, so much painful loss, political discord, human suffering, and racial inequality. it’s a lot of heavy ugliness. it feels like alarm bells from all over the country and from all over the world clanging all at once and it’s overwhelming. it’s hard to focus my energy and my initial response is to block it out and create a calm bubble for my family. it would be so much easier to gloss over the hard stuff until later. but later is later. i want to be honest with my children about their world. ive promised myself i’ll always be truthful with them, but in practice it’s challenging to decide how much to share and how to engage. i want them to have the tools to be critical of their situations later in life, so i think it’s important to raise them in the truth. it’s my responsibility to have those uncomfortable talks so they grow up exposed to the world as it is, not as i imagine it to be. and let me say, it’s a privilege to be able to write about the challenge of this parenting act, because not everyone is afforded this luxury. it’s a privilege to be able to make the decision on how to talk about these problems and events because we’re not directly involved. how we tell them shapes their perspectives. tonight i’m asking you to check your narrative. hugging my babies and hubby extra tight tonight. .

#simplymamahood #ohheymama #thepursuitofjoyproject
#theheartcaptured #ourwhimsicaldays #purelyauthenticchildhood #let_there_be_delight

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No fr i know my son better than anyone in this world 🌎 when no one understands him... i do!

i know what he wants when he can’t say it, i know what he is doing without looking, and i get him when he doesn’t.
he’s gonna change the world one day, and i’m here for it rooting him on! 💪🏻🥰💙

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I've been so tired and off balance lately. today i felt like all i did was try to get christopher to sleep. he was exhausted and asking for a nap at 9am. but yet didn't nap till 2:30. so our day felt wasted. which makes me feel guilty and like i should be doing more with him. taking him out more, finding more projects to do, teaching him more. but when i stop to think of him today, i realize that we did exactly what he needed. we rested. we read stories, played some low-key things, and colored a little. tomorrow is a new day for new adventures. 🕯️
i want to try to pass on the lesson to him that it's good to listen to your body. and it's okay if you need to have a down day or week. it'll make those productive super power days that much more amazing!!

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Angels on earth
it all starts with excitement
we can’t wait to get in touch
so we can start this journey together
a chapter that means so much.
we have done the at home test
we know it’s a positive result
the next step is to see you
it’s you we trust to consult.

as a first time mum it’s scary
we are walking into the unknown
you are there to guide us
to make sure we don’t feel alone.

we don’t see you much at first
only to make sure everything’s ok
to get some reassurance
in the lead up to the big day.
pregnancy isn’t always easy
we tell you often as you know
you listen and give advice
more so as our baby grows.
as the day ever so quickly nears
we see each other more often
scans, blood tests, birth plans
all we think about is when?

when the big day finally arrives
you show up when it’s time
day or night, it doesn’t matter
you want to be sure we’re both fine.

you are there for it all without fail
prenatal, labour, postpartum
you’re invested in it with us
a team we do become.

when things go well and to plan
it’s always a relief for us all
but you know it’s not always like this
sometimes life thows a curve ball.

unfortunately things can go wrong
a miscarriage, scubu, a still birth
it’s not always rainbows and unicorns
you sadly see some of the worst.

you are there to help pick up the pieces
of hearts that break at pace
you help to find direction
in times that feel too hard to face.
it really is a hard job you have
often people forget that, they do
you help bring life into the world
many wouldn’t be here without you.

you truly are real life angels
you’re there through the good and bad
you work tirelessly for us mums
and on pittance, might i add.
this is a thank you to all midwives
the ones who do their best
we appreciate everything you do for us
because of you we are truly blessed.

tribute to @the_honest_mum_ . #rak4leo. everyone has different experiences with midwives but to date mine have been amazing.
today i dropped off baking to the midwifery unit in dannevirke. they were extremely grateful, as i am for them. i just hope this poem does them justice on behalf of those of use who share this view❤️

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I'm pretty sure if i was on a deserted island, i could subsist purely on your smile alone. |
they didn't have you where i come from
never knew the best was yet to come
life began when i saw your face
and i hear your laugh like a serenade

how long do you want to be loved
is forever enough, is forever enough
how long do you want to be loved
is forever enough
cause i'm never, never giving you up

i slip in bed when you're asleep
to hold you close and feel your breath on me
tomorrow there'll be so much to do
so tonight i'll drift in a dream with you |
lullaby by the dixie chicks
#motherhoodrising #parenthood #momlife #momsofinstagram

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All of a sudden we have two boys on our hands. growing so big and independent with each day. ranger says “i’m a kid mommy but i am your baby too” when i ask him if he is my baby. ex still says “i’m the baby, not a kid!” 😂😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
soaking up the rest of our time as a family of 4...enjoying sleeping through the night 😂🤪

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My why, my real reason that i feel alive.
who my why is.
who makes me want to be a better person
who drives me just nuts 87% of the time
who take an hour or more to go to sleep and drive me just to the brink of a breakdown
but then i look back and see how far i've came.
and every bump in the road every single valley just makes sense.
everything i've ever gone through has led me to them.

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Today was our first day of intentional p***y training 🚽👏
majority of the responses i got, for help on p***y training, was to do the 3 day method. basically, locked at home over a weekend with loads of accidents.
in short, not exciting
so, i decided i'll start by buying a p***y and see his reaction. we spent a couple hours researching potties lol and settled on one. we got it, he was super excited. though, he decided it has to be in middle of his room and so we spent two weeks tip toeing around it.
i decided today, i had enough of diapers and of this p***y wasting space. and since eitan is in montessori, i went on youtube and googled "montessori p***y training" i watched @hapafamilyvlog and voila i got right onto it tonight. it may be a slower process, but this is what i'm choosing to start with.
did any of you try the montessori way of doing?
how many underwears should i buy to have for the week?😳

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"it's my responsibility as your best friend to make sure you do exciting things even when you don't want to." -sookie (gilmore girls)

comment 2 star 5 4 hours ago

It's time to go pick up by big school kids! i can't believe i don't have any kids at home anymore 🙊
our reusable first day signs are from kiki and grace designs on facebook.

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I don’t know if i am simply in transition, or if i am homesick, or this is just what postpartum looks like.
i didn’t know how much i missed ‘home’ until i travelled north, back home, only to then travel south, also back home, to discover the aching in my heart.
i don’t know this will ever feel like home.
but then i find it impossible to know where this new mothers feet belong because i have no idea who this new woman is, or what she wants, or where she will land.
it’s all so new.
baby flora lolly is new.
i’m new.
my marriage is undergoing waves of transformation; it’s new.
mothering the pooches is all new, and foreign, and really hard.
i miss home, but i don’t quite know what that means.
i also yearn for this very journey; i wouldn’t change it for anything, not one single aspect.
isn’t that such a strange feeling.
i trust that i will be sewn back up, glued back together with gold. i trust that this spiritual recalibration will make sense in the end, but it sure feels strange for now.

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We learn so much about ourselves when we are in unfamiliar situations. it can be scary, but through that fear, you will grow more deeply connected to who you are. the great news is, to get this benefit, you don’t have to do something scary you can just try something new. pick an activity that you have never done before and give it a go. this can be as simple as walking around a new neighborhood or as complicated as trying skydiving for the first time. either way, when you do something new, you’re going to learn more about yourself.

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My sunshine🌞 when it's cold outside. or inside. luckily she's been part polar bear since she was born and luckily i'm always hot since i had her. our heater broke and someone came out to fix it friday, they said, "it's running" but even i could tell it wasn't fixed. came out again today and said he had to order parts. i even told him what was wrong with it friday(gigi's daddy had looked at it before work). it hasn't been too bad yet, staying warm as best we can. she won this polar bear @sesameplace, and it is quite heavy.😉#myspringtimegirl #littlepolarbear #mysunshine #stayingwarm #gratefuleveryday #reallife #lifehappens #bethere #real7yearoldofinstagram #gggirl4ever -
- - -
- -
- -
- -
#momblog #mamahood #mindfulparenting #mindfulmama #intentionalparenting #mamafollowloop #parenthoodunplugged #motherhoodlife #motherhoodunplugged #oheymama #mynameismama #polarbear #lovethisgirl #mygirl #momlife #realmommyhood #realmomlife #motherhoodrising #motherhoodsimplified #dailyparenting

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Hubby doesn’t think we should count how many months oliver is anymore now that he is one year old. 🙄

but when you make a milestone such as walking by yourself, you just have to! 🥰

just as he turned 13 months, our clever boy started to walk 👣👏🏻 #proudmamamoment

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💛 tips for pram sleeps 💛..... are you going crazy being stuck at home with a baby who needs to take regular naps? i hear ya so i have put together some tips to help you mama get out and about. these tips include getting your little one to sleep while you are out as well because no one wants to go out and be stressed because their baby is not sleeping. wouldn’t it be nice to go grab a coffee with a girlfriend while your little cherub takes their nap next to you in their pram? it can be done so click the link in bio to read my tips 👆🏻. share with your mama friends who are busy juggling motherhood.

have you got pram naps mastered? what are your tricks? tell me more.

photo credit @babyjoggerau

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I’ve been doing so good with not eating junk and drinking soda but now here i am, that time of the month and stuffing my face with ice cream cake 😂

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Mental illness is a disorder. it is not a decision. 🎤 drop.

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Anyone else ever spray tan a bunch of people and by the end you are dripping spray tan out of your nose and a dot of that tan lands right below the nostril so, it tanned a spot extra dark and it looks like you have a new faded mole?... no, just me? ok 🤔
tbh though, i think it's kinda cute. kind of like a funky placed beauty mark. 😘 you can see it right in line with my nose ring on my upper lip 😂
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His life inspired me as an athlete.
his death awakens me as a parent.
i am so sad, but i am so grateful for the profound reminder that every moment matters. every breath is a gift that i don’t want to take for granted anymore 🙏 .
hugging and loving on my babies extra hard tonight, and every single night/moment i get with them this side of life♥️#kobe

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Loving the colors of these workout tanks!

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A visual description of motherhood. ✨ and do i even have to begin to try and explain it? right down to wind blown hair somehow matching that of its environment. how is that simple act so full of grace?
hey mamas, i see you.

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This moment brought to you by the diffusing of all sorts of peace and calming. my oh my, my littlest is at the age where she now kind of fights with her siblings, taking things from them, throwing things. it’s spicy! i knew i just could not today so i threw one of the fancy oils, peace and calming into the diffuser. oh the peace!!!! seriously so thankful that dream oil is in the starter kit, which i just keep re-buying...because my kids for sure react well to that one! 😍😍

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☀️ backyard swim in the clam shell for my little water baby.

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Tonight we had our weekly family meeting. we started this almost a year ago and it has been life changing.⁣

here’s how it usually goes:⁣

- we may or may not be stuffing our faces with tacos⁣
- we go through finances (my least favorite part.), our schedule for the week, our weekly goals, we schedule intentional family time and a date night (sometimes that counts as eating cheeseburgers in the car wash while our toddler naps... i didn’t say we were fancy 😂💁🏼‍♀️)⁣
-then we talk through misc. things we want to bring up... goals, ideas etc.⁣
- we pray over our family and all the things we just discussed⁣

it probably takes us 30 extra minutes but it 100% changes the way our weeks goes.⁣

if you are looking to get on the same page, put more intention into your marriage and take down the overwhelm of feeling like you’re doing it all alone... please try this. i promise you won’t regret it. ⁣(if you want more info i wrote a whole blog post about it *link in bio @thelovelyadventure *

oh also, just for some perspective swipe to see a picture i snapped of us towards the end ... it isn’t fancy, we lose control of the toddler and the toys go everywhere... but we are there. god is at the center. we made the time. that’s all that matters. ❤️

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First full week on solids and she is eating like a champ! so far, we’ve only done rice cereal and some banana, but she is no longer spitting it all out 🤣 it’s amazing how quickly they can learn a new skill. >> our dr. encouraged us to start solids at 4 mos because it can actually reduce the chances of food allergies and can help them be better eaters by getting used to textures and tastes early on. can’t wait to start making my own fruit and veggie purées for her in the coming weeks! #4monthsold .

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Morning walk and a kiss

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No matter your age, you always need a friend. i wish i had a mom friend who think just like me and i met this inspiring girl ❤ a role model @lifestyle_post_kid

there is nothing on this earth more to be prized than a great mommy friend who make you believe that you too can become great. everyday i see her posts working out, spending time with her little one and managing work and i keep getting inspired. i couldn’t ask for a better mommy friend; in you i see perfection.

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These marks are proof of how amazing our bodies are - how they can grow a tiny human being, and then retract back to its original state. these marks are a reminder that we have carried our babies within us, whom we now carry on our hips. and now we will carry them for the rest of our lives.⁠ (@dymetaylor photographed by @g1avasis for @thenakediaries ✨)

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🎿 🐰

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