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One day they are little, then in a blink of an eye they are all grown up❤️
so many memories 🥰so much fun!
so many laughs😂
although our loved ones move away it’s the special moments we spend together that are just priceless ❤️

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Eiiii gente!
passando só pra mostrar o tamanho do joão pra vocês 💙
agora o meninão resolveu crescer e a ansiedade só aumenta.

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This is my gorgeous mother. 👩‍🦳 she recently hit a milestone. 🎂 🎈
last year, we did this shoot together so we’d always be able to capture and remember our special bond. because it sounds cheesy, but i’m the age she was when she starting being a mother…and so it feels as though our dynamic has officially changed from parental figure to true friendship. i don’t think there’s been a time in our lives where we’ve felt closer.
i could write over 100+ blog posts about how much i love her and go into sappy details about the amazing woman she is. but i’ll keep it short (ish). it’s funny that as you get older you just really really appreciate your parents. are you with me on this?! i think i stop to think about it on a daily basis.
we can all count our blessings in different ways. i haven’t yet had my dream destination wedding nor have i solidified my career…but i can say with absolute certainty that i’ve been extremely blessed with how lucky i am to have such a loving and supporting mom.
you are the single person i look up to be a more kind, thoughtful, and selfless person. thank you for being someone that strongly inspires me to be so.
love you. 💫 🌎😘

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One glass is enough...i’m a lush ;) i hope you have good aim mom.🍷 .
🎵“red red wine you make me feel so fine, you keep me rockin all of the time”🎵
mom and i often spent the sunsets sipping a glass of vino. other than that this trip was pretty b***e free! it was our little night cap :) 🥂🌅
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