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Mommy and me 😍 @princesslove

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Time flies 🌟一年快過去了🍁還記得1年前的今天,正瘋狂地rehearsal 演唱會,雖然已經1年,但倒數心情仍然興奮🥰 #最開心時刻 #小丁 #christmastree
#countdown #christmas #一二三三二一 #homesweethome #decorations #motherandson

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Доброе утро 😃По дороге в школу любовались заснеженными улицами,и в глубине души радовались,что школа находится всего в 5-ти минутах ходьбы от дома🏠Так как в связи с снегопадом,дороги превратились в сплошную "снежную кашу",желание пользоваться в эти дни личным,а тем более общественным,транспортом отпало напроч🤷🏼‍♀️.
Надеюсь,что такая погода продлится недолго🤞🏻

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Mumbai here we come 😘✈️ #airport #off #to #india #motherandson

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Sometimes, just sometimes, you found yourself trading places with your child. like this emotional conversation, which happened unpredictably between a 10 yo boy who sounded like 20, and 38 yo who felt like 6.
it's just about time to say that life is not always rainbows and cupcakes, and it's okay. and it's also okay to seek help. surround yourself with support system you really trust and comfortable with.

i know i might get various reactions by sharing this slightly different theme of what i usually do, but again those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind 😊

and to my boy @aradroid60, what have i done to deserve an angel like you? 💕💕💕 #illustration #motherandson #survivor #depressionawareness

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✨ so proud to be your mom ✨ @masha_070_0320 ❤️

#motherandson #momslife #proudmom #lovehim #shabnamashkar

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