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What do you belong with you when you go camping👌
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The major risk in daily life, might be not taking one.

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During the winter season(s), canadians will occasionally emerge from their igloos to gather around warm fires in rustic cabins. #themoreyouknow #canadianfacts #knowledgeispower ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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I used to be f*t *swipe*. like +300lbs/136kgs fat.⠀
this isn't a #fitspo account however when the canadian men's health foundation reached out to me to collaborate their message hit close to home.⠀
#dontchangemuch in your habits, and you can change everything. for myself it was like a deck of cards began to fall as soon as i started to make the first couple of changes. it crumbled my past sedentary life filled with over consumption of unhealthy processed foods.⠀
over the next couple of weeks i'll share 2 more posts on simple steps i took that changed everything as well as a background about how i got to be so overweight and how i changed that.⠀
my first piece of advice is to simply move. you only burn an extra 20% in calories between running a km and briskly walking it. last winter i walked a lot. the weather was pretty miserable in and around southwest british columbia so i'd just load up an hour long podcast onto my phone and walk for an hour or more.⠀
it's a lot easier to just walk out the door and put on a winter jacket and snow boots than it is to fully switch over to running gear and prepare to get soaked and drenched in sweat.⠀
don't overthink it or over plan it. just get up and keep it as simple as you need it to be.⠀
what are some #dontchangemuch commitments you’re ready to make this new year?⠀
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The e-pack is on sale for the holidays. hook up your travelin friends and family with a bag that goes everywhere. #travelready 📸@meganhollenback

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What's next?
we live in a world where time doesn't stand still; whether you would like it to or not, your life is in a constant motion scheduling, planning and doing. are you following the path god has for your life or are you going your own way? are you moving forward or are you stuck in the present and looking back on the past?

god didn't create time to stand still nor did he provide us with the option to go back and redo what has already been done because god cares more about your future than he does your past. when we're standing still or living in the past we are living outside of god's plan and preventing growth in our life.

you were created with purpose and for a purpose. if you're lost and fear what the future may hold seek the lord and he will make that way clear. prayer and the word of god offers clarity to all who are lost and searching for their purpose in life.

christ gave us the perfect example of purpose when we follow his journey on this earth. he was constantly growing, learning, teaching and doing the work of god; even when he was tempted by the devil or discouraged by those close to him, jesus never once gave up and continued to fulfill his mission.

don't give up. don't stand still. don't let your past be a stumbling block or be afraid of what's to come. seek the lord and do his will. keep moving forward.

jeremiah 29:11
"for i know the thoughts that i think toward you, saith the lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

god knows your heart and desires the best for your life. there's no need to go through life alone, wandering or feeling lost. reach out and he will show you the way.

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When i shot sunrise at haleakala in 2017, visitors were required to make a reservation online via nps — and pay $1.50 to park in the lot by the main vista. i’m always happy to pay a small fee (and obtain a reservation or permit) to access a spot that needs maintenance and regulation. in addition to keeping public lands in good shape, reservations and permits enable visitors to have a more enjoyable experience, as they reduce overcrowding and help minimize damage to the environment. it sucks when you miss out on permits (and i have), but i still fully support the system. it is there for a reason, and you should always do your research — and have a backup plan.
in theory, nature should be accessible to all, but when you consider how many people are on the planet, it becomes clear that our wilderness needs to be managed. sometimes management means paying an access fee, and other times it means limiting the amount of people who can set foot in a place. there are still plenty of spots where i can hike and camp for free, but i also recognize the cost of enjoying nature — especially in the digital age.
this weekend, i camped on blm land to watch a big storm hit the sierra, and it was incredible. but just a few paces from where nicole and i set up camp were a few buckets worth of horse manure dumped by the previous visitors — and dozens of shattered shotgun targets. 150 feet from that was a pile of fresh human sh*t. while there aren’t as many rules on blm land (no quiet time, you can shoot guns, it’s free to camp for two weeks, etc.), it is expected that you be mindful of waste, among other things. that’s just uh, human decency, right? so, if preserving my favorite campsite in the sierra means reserving a spot online and paying $20 to visit from this point forward, i’d be all for it.
i am disappointed that many people seem to think the earth is a place for the taking. i am disappointed that people can’t follow rules put in place to keep our public lands clean and beautiful. i can only hope that continuing to pipe up on my little platform here will help educate others and show them why we need to put more of a value on caring for the planet.

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Wes pokok e tak pikir keri
seng penting usahane sek 😋
lan doa 😍
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. ..
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Don’t denature the nature; it is a gift from god to us 💝 -------------------------------- let's enjoy with me at @lovely_nature.ig for further pic. thank you so much and have a good day.! 💚
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Life is about making every step count.

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Рассвет на вершине горы Бештау.
dawn at mount beshtau top. russia. stavropol krai. pyatigorsk.
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