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Top or bottom? before and after pics of recent changes to my mk18 mod0 pistol. i made some changes, some more obvious than others. can you spot all the changes? for those of you who really liked the american sniper/punisher paint scheme, don’t fret. the paint scheme will return on a future project. you may have heard this saying before: “the only thing constant is change.” things are always changing including ourselves. as we grow old, our health changes, our jobs change, and even our relationships change. sometimes it feels like things are changing so much that it’s hard to find something that can anchor us. god does not grow old, he keeps all his promises, and his love endures forever! may you cling on to god who never changes!

“‘i the lord do not change. so you, the descendants of jacob, are not destroyed. ever since the time of your ancestors you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them. return to me, and i will return to you,’ says the lord almighty.” -malachi 3:6-7

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Not just any monday, but a #murderedout #mk18monday!
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Got my mk18 set up and painted today. #danieldefense #mk18 #eotech #silencerco #ar15

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Cobain mk-18 + hollow graphic sight ( cal 223 ) di pandu bu guru @_widikidiw_ , •

bosen main pubg chiken mulu yaudah cobain yang asli lah •

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Ini foto bu guru tangan kebelakang sambil ngemut permen, muridnya tattoan gitu , tapi ini gemesh si bu 😂😂 @_widikidiw_


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|i am not tall|

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