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Had an amazing time @boucherienyc new location last night! ny s***p with four peppercorn cream sauce 💯 check out the rest of the amazing things we got to try via my story 😋😋 thanks for having me! & @drew_blake15 great job on the pour 😉🥩💯#stillhungry4more #steak

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Cheers to friday and #nationalalmondday! 🌰 which means i’m about to go nuts on these caramel apple almond oats 😆 @truenutrition apple pie oats topped with cinnamon sautéed apples, @purely_elizabeth maple almond butter granola, @justins maple almond butter and @kitehillfoods [almond based] caramel greek style yogurt drizzle 🙌 after this bowl you think i’d turn into a nut... but pretty sure that happened long ago 🤪

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Just some mac and cheese to dream about tonight😴🧀 (📷:@lindsaypaulen ) #macandcheese #cheese #pasta #foodieproblemz

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The best chocolate mousse ever @boucherienyc 😍💯🍫 #stillhungry4more #chocolate

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It’s a snowy #smoothiesaturday over here! so of course i decided to be bold and go cold 😎 pretty in pink pitaya smoothie bowl [@pitayaplus frozen pitaya pack + frozen banana, frozen strawberries + @vitalproteins vanilla coconut collagen protein] topped with berries, cherries, @oatmygoodness starshine granola, @perfectbar almond coconut chunks and @laurelsbutter “coconutty for you” almond butter 💗 now brb while i go make saturday smoothie angels 🧚🏻‍♀️

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Warning: this bowl may cause happy dances 💃🏻🕺 . i used @fittcity to find a farmer’s market near me and oh baby am i happy with the results. just look at this bowl of locally grown rainbow 🌈 goodness! i’m born and raised in san diego and love to #shoplocal and support local businesses whenever i can. keep it in the fam, ya dig??? . . da goods: massaged kale in acv and @chosenfoods avocado oil, sautéed zucchini with @traderjoes everyday seasoning, roasted carrot fries and sweet potatoe rounds, chopped tomatoes and cucumber, and obviously some avocado (addict over here) #fittsandiego #fittnation

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A spoonful of peanut butter helps the studying go downnnnn💃🏻🎶 kicking off ze day with a big bow oats on a gorgeous day 🤗 @onedegreeorganics rolled oats topped with creamy pb, @purely_elizabeth pumpkin spice granola, fresh fruit & @wedderspoonofficial 😎🙋🏻 happy h**p day & valentine’s day everyone!!

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Just like i’ve always said, the only thing that gets me out of a monday bed... chocolate 😈 chocolate chip banana quinoa flake bake [seriously obsessed with this recipe by @dessertswithbenefits] topped with bananas, dark chocolate chips and @maranathanutbutters creamy banana peanut butter 🍌 and just like i like my pizza, i like my flake bakes.. cold 😎 although not really my weather so these oncoming flurries better scurry the f away ✋🏻

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Good morning beautiful 😍 // whole wheat everything bagel with eggs, bacon, and avocado #breakfastsandwich #nycbagels #allfoodsfit

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Stop ✋🏼 drop and 🍣 roll • sushi is the one thing i don’t think i could ever get sick of! is anyone else with me?! 🥢#sushilovers #bostonfoodies

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Another absolutely gorgeous day to enjoy some ice cream! #sweetstuffinc

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*☕️giveaway*☕️ . ok guys i'm so excited because i am officially a @foursigmatic affiliate☕️😄 . i am obsessed with their products & love everything they are about & promote as a brand. their coffee is a game changer for studying & being productive👌 . so with this exciting news i am doing a giveaway with them🤗 . the winner will get a @foursigmatic 25$ gift card 💳 so you can try their products for yourself & see why i love them so much😍🌹 . all you have to do is follow them on instagram: @foursigmatic & me @laus_healthy_life then comment below tagging some friends to enter too & tell me how you like to drink your coffee☕️ . thats it.. giveaway will run until feb 28th, good luck 🤗

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What’s better than 1 loaf of banana bread? 4 [mini] loaves of banana bread 🍌🍌🍌 happy h**p day! . . . vegan, grain, refined sugar & oil free banana bread inspired by @chocolatecoveredkatie

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Wraps at @justsalad 💯 #lovephillyfood

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Crazy clean paleo banana bread coming in hot 🔥 no added sugar, no grains, chock full of healthy f*t + potassium l*z go baby! . . i’m doing a little cleanse (no dairy, no grains, no sweeteners) and tbh it ain’t fun. but tryna see if it makes a difference after a week or two 🤷🏻‍♀️ will keep you posted. if you have any tips for survivors hit me up. . . paleo banana bread 4 bananas 4 @vitalfarms eggs 1/2 cup @crazyrichardspb almond butter 4 tablespoons @vitalfarms grass fed butter or coconut oil 1/2 cup coconut oil 1 tablespoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder pinch of sea salt . . blend wet ingredients with hand mixer. add in dry ingredients. pour into greased 8x4 pan and bake at 350 for 50-55 minutes or until knife comes out clean.

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Kicking today off with a big bowl of @purely_elizabeth cranberry muesli which is way 👏🏻 too 👏🏻 underrated 👏🏻 paired it with a granola bar, some diced apple & allllllll the @wedderspoonofficial honey 🙌🏻🤑 i love love love adding this honey for natural sweetness without any weird ingredients, & it’s sourced from only the best places 🤗 they’re offering $10 off any jar of manuka honey with the code “meetmanuka” so get on it 💖😎

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Nameste acai bowl || kiwi, banana, blueberries, almond, h**p hearts

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Chocolate açaí experimentation and lots of toppings will forever be the best. i tend to make smoothies super thick and eat them with a spoon. toppings w/ healthy fats(nut butter, chia or h**p seeds) antioxidants (hiiii @navitasorganics cacao nips) a crunch (@purely_elizabeth granola as per usual), and a little extra fruit. 👍🏼

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Wine tasting to start the day off right 🍷 from left to right 👉 fetzer merlot | liberty school california cab sauv | chateauneuf-du-pape mommessin | penfolds bin 128 shiraz | #winetastings #morningmood #gbcchca

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Everyday i’m wafflin’ 💙 butternut squash waffles, blueberries, and almond butter from @fit.as.heck for the win! 🙌🏼 . i was scoping out the waffle section yesterday at @sprouts and realized - i should make my own! this stack of deliciousness is serious inspo. . what is your fave way to eat #waffles? i’m restarting @whole30 march 1 and looking for yummy recipes ✨🍴 . 📸 pc: @fit.as.heck . . . . . #healthybreakfast #brekkie #breakfastinspo #morningfuel #popsugarfood #wafflelove #whole30ideas

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We want to start our day like @gofitjo - topping her smoothie with @nanajoesgranola! we ship us wide, with free shipping for orders over $30! . . . . . . . . #granola #goodmoodfood #bestfoodsf #vscocam #wellnessblogger #thatsdarling #liveauthentic #healthyfood #sffoodies #fuelyourbody #cleaneats #eatpretty #healthyfood #ourcandidlife #mindfulliving #beautifulhealth #fitfam #nourishyourmind #strongnotskinny #tiu #foods4thought #bbg #realfood#kaylasarmy #fitfoodie #spoonfeed #healthyeating #goodeats #healthandwellness #missnewfoodie

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Excited for this warm weather so i can sit outside at jockey hollow again

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Giveaway with my new find @braingear ⭐️i recently discovered this product and i’m so intrigued by its benefits! one of you is going to win some so you can experience this for yourself. (( this is not a energy drink nor caffeine based stimulant)) @braingear is a brain performance formula packed with 1,845mg of brain-powering ingredients that feeds your brain exactly what it needs for immediate focus, clarity, and concentration. with daily use, you get long-term cognitive support, including memory support, restful sleep and mood stability. enter below for your chance to win! . 1. like this picture 2. tag some friends-each entry on a separate line~ 3. follow @braingear + myself . giveaway is open to u.s. residents only and will run until this friday 2/23 ⭐️ #braingear #accessmore #nurturingbodyandmind

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Wednesday morning views like 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 are hard to beat. today is my longest day of classes for the week-i have a 3 hour biology lab in the afternoon that takes up a a good chunk of the day.🔬📗 i’m def not a science person by any means, & this semester of biology is testing my limits.😫 first exam in that class is this friday!!☠️ • in the bowl👆🏻: oats cooked on the stovetop with @salbachia chia seeds + @bobsredmill ground flax + @mrm_usa cinnamon bun protein + extra cinnamon. topped it off with banana slices🍌 + pb🥜 + thawed blueberries@manitobaharvest h**p hearts + @navitasorganics cacao nibs + pumpkin seeds.

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@dani_nemeh and @fitstrongshann made me do it....plus it’s smoothie weather today 😎! i took out my @healthyhumanlife cruiser and made a variation of dani’s chocolate strawberry beet smoothie! enjoy the warmth today, friends!! . chocolate raspberry beet smoothie: 1/2 cup full f*t coconut milk 1/2 cup water 3/4 cup frozen cauliflower 1/2 cup frozen raspberries 2 small @lovebeets 3 tsp cacao powder 1 tsp @bulletproof brain octane oil cinnamon to taste blended in our @vitamix and topped with coconut flakes and cacao nibs. . #smoothie #food4thought #eatyourveggies #foodisfuel #mealprep #igfoodies #bgbcommunity #eatforabs #protein #dairyfree #paleo #eatgoodfeelgood #inspirehealth #healthyhuman #sugarfree #lovebeets #takeitwithu

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Gotta lox this down #spoonfeed pc: @sydshah_

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If you need a reason to bake today, it’s these chunky monkey pancake donuts 🍩(link in bio) happy h**p day!🙈😍🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷🔷 for god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 timothy 1:7) #changeyourfooditude

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